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Pray to God, YHWH, our Father

Tomorrow is a Laileigh day (babysitting)! Yay! So please forgive me, I put a bunch of my short-stories for you on my page. I have an MDiv. What’s that? It’s a Master of Divinity. MDiv’s are for ordained Minister’s. My ministry is my writing. What I’m doing with my stories is teaching my flock about God. I call him YHWH. Yahweh. I’m not talking about Jesus. I’m talking about God the Father. Jesus himself was not teaching us about Jesus. Jesus was teaching us about his Father, God, YHWH. If you pray to Jesus then just stop. Mark said a prayer once with my 4 year old grandbaby, Laileigh, and me. I think he was driving my van and we were going to a Christian Country concert. When he said “Amen.” Laileigh said, “You shouldn’t pray to Jesus, we pray to God. My grandmother teaches me.” I was so proud of her. Jesus prayed to God, YHWH. I write about really cool things. It’s because of God. He takes you high, he takes you low. Both are really cool things. I just want you to see. Pray to God. xoxo Angel

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Written September 7, 2022 at 2:21 am


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