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Angel: “Awake?” (text)

Gabriel: “Yes.”

Angel: “Can I call?”

Gabriel: ”Yes.”


Angel: “Tell me about your new band and about the rerelease of your 1990’s “Resurrection” album."

Gabriel: “Europe…Austria…New Mexico…indecipherable band name…indecipherable European label name…I think you’ll like this band…John…Tampa…maybe you can go…”

Angel: “I can’t understand the band name you’re saying, spell it.”

Gabriel: “I’ll send you a link…”

He does but I can’t write it because it’s unannounced to the death metal industry and fans still. “Oh, ok, got it!”

Gabriel: “Listen to this and call me back.”

He sends me music. I listen. It’s him on drums. I can decipher when it’s Gabe. It’s some of his best.

Angel: “Ok, I listened. Cool! You’re getting to show your best drumming skills, that was fantastic!”

Gabriel: “We’re playin’ the Crowbar. Hey, do you still have any photos or videos of when Resurrection played the Crowbar?” (Tampa Death Metal venue; 2007) “I have one band photo.” He sends it to me. Boy, he was beautiful. “YOU were there.”

Angel: “I remember. I’d have to figure out which computer I had at the time. We’ve gone through several computers now. Oh! It was on my phone. I videotaped it on my phone. I never throw anything like that away. I still have that phone.”

We say bye and I start reading about his new band and prayers spring to my heart, mind, and mouth. “Wow. Thank you God.” God has done it again. The same synchronicity I describe in my stories about Gigi and Mark is in this band’s bio. They write and sing about ancient paths and gateways. Hebrew anyone? Old School Death Metal ideas overlap my ancient biblical Hebrew Bible ideas. I noticed that years ago. The timing is God. The band is God’s handiwork. Even his old band’s name “Resurrection” is perfect. Story when I’m allowed. But for now. “Thank you God, amazing.”

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written September 5, 2022 at 4:51 am


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