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"Seraphim Territory, Again"

After discovering, and pondering what to do with the information provided to me by "The Bigfoot Expert" and his Lead Co-Tracker, who just finished tracking my Ozarks' off-grid property, I changed my direction. My recent short-story about "The Limberlost Camp" - my likewise, off-grid, unexplored, unseen until now swamp property in Florida, an hour south of Orlando, where my family and I lived for a decade, 1998 to 2010, when we moved back to Austin, where my parents live - begins to tell the next part of my journey. Yes, that was too long of a description but it caught you up real quick.

My story begins at birth but the part I call, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series," began on Christmas Eve 1985 on the very day I prayed, "Dear God, if there is something about Christianity that I don't understand, would you please show me what it is?" That's how my stories and books started, I was already a writer from childhood, but that is the day I began counting by because I documented God's answer.

Unless you buy my books and read them you don't know that it was more than prosperity that God trained me with. My beloved husband, Robin, died on Christmas Eve in 1990 in our home, the Lodge, at Chapelgate/Evins Mill. For five years he and I had restored Evins Mill, the former 39.5 acre property of Senator Edgar Evins and Congressman Joe L. Evins in Smithville, Tennessee. I had found the property for sale in "Unique Homes" magazine during the period where I was passionately praying to God asking for him to show us our home. I had fallen in love with an island I had found as I had searched. It was actually an atoll and had 12 islets in a circle with a crystal clear lagoon filled with multitudes of colorful fish. No one lived there. It was 30 minutes in a helicopter off the coast of Tahiti in the Polynesian islands. I had requested the sales brochure and had it, and my fantasy based heart had become totally enthralled with the beauty and the seclusion. Here is where I could raise my young children, away from the world, in a world of our own.

I was deeply in love with Tetiaroa. Tetiaroa was for sale. Well, actually, they were offering a 99 year "leasehold" for $2.5 million dollars and $4,000. per month for 99 years. I wanted it. I wanted my fantasy version of it, I had dreamed up. Robin, my genius husband who made my dreams come true because he loved me, was a bit wiser.

Robin: "I'll take you to Tetiaroa."

Angel: "I would love that!"

Robin: "Then you will be able to see for yourself that you don't really want us to live there."

Angel: "YES, I DO. I LOVE IT!"

Robin: (kissing me on the head like he loved) "Book the trip."

So, Robin and I had booked the trip not just to Tetiaroa but to Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora (known as the most beautiful island in the world) for 3 weeks. My mother and father, who lived near Austin, Texas, happily agreed to babysit Robin's and my 3 young children, ages 7, 3, and 1, or something close to that.

I still love and adore Tetiaroa till this very day. But I really can't go there again. A few years after we took our trip and walked on the sand and put our fingers in the water and got to see the rare white birds who nested on one of the islets we reached with a guide in a canoe, it sold, not for $2.5 million dollars plus $4,000. per month for 99 years but for $68 million dollars. NOW "The Brando: Luxury Resort" is there. Marlon Brando was the owner and had made the movie, "Mutiny on the Bounty" there earlier in his career and had fallen in love with it and had bought it for around $250,000. Today, anyone who wants to and can afford it, can spend $4,000. per night, or something more than that. They can walk on the sand and put their fingers in the water and take a canoe to the islet where the rare white birds nest.

The reason why I thought we could make Tetiaroa our forever home was because when I had first met Robin at Dresser Industries in Houston, Texas where we both worked in the Executive Office of the Vice-President of Research & Development, Magcobar Division (they made mud used in the drilling of oil wells), he never stopped working. Robin was there when I got to work. He was there when I left work. He never stopped. Robin, I didn't know, was the first person in history to use a computer to monitor the drilling of an oil well. Robin was the first person in history to create a world-wide computer surveillance and monitoring system for multiple oil wells being drilled simultaneously anywhere in the world, in real-time. One day, working there, my friend and co-worker, Debbie Rigdon, whispered to me, "Robin and Dr. Sample (the premier chemist) are BOTH geniuses. But Robin is smarter."

Over several months I observed Robin in action. He never took his eyes off the computer screen in his office, except to go get coffee. He walked by my desk dozens of times per day, going to the break room to get his coffee. I never saw him eat food. He put dozens of little packets of sugar in his black coffee. The computer programmers and geologists and people who worked under him would line up, sometimes seven deep, outside of his office, waiting for him to acknowledge them. They'd stand there and stand there and stand there, waiting to ask him a question. He didn't notice them. His eyes never left his computer screen. His fast, fast fingers never paused on his keyboard, the clicking sounds telling the people not to dare to interrupt his work. He was creating. He was creating his "Drilling Data Center" that was the first of its kind in the history of oil well drilling technology. When I understood what he was doing, years later, he told me it saved the oil companies $100,000,000.00 per year in the costs of drilling oil wells. That's why I thought we could buy Tetiaroa. We could.

"Can your computers connect to the oil companies' computers from anywhere in the world?" I had asked him, looking up from my Tetiaroa brochure. We were married and we had founded our own corporation and he had bought me the gorgeous townhouse I had fallen in love with in Houston. We had moved all of his computers home from Dresser Industries to our loft. He never took his eyes off the computer screen except to stop to kiss me or to explain what he was doing to me or to eat when I brought his food to him, or drink his coffee I brought him. He loved me more than the sun and moon. If I wanted Tetiaroa, it was mine. But Robin was smarter than that.

After we came back home from our 3 week vacation in the Polynesian islands, picked up our children, and had gone back to our beautiful Houston townhome with the loft that he worked from, I kept looking at my second choice for our forever home. I had found it in "International Homes" magazine and had ordered the brochure for it.

Like I said, I had prayed on Christmas Eve in 1985, the same year Robin and I founded our corporation to retain the intellectual property rights to his Drilling Data Center (he had kept the rights when he worked at Dresser because the technology he invented hadn't even come into existence yet, except in his genius mind; he created it for the entire oil well drilling industry) for God to show me if there was something more to Christianity than I understood.

"The Chapelgate Adventure Series," that I wrote in the years following and my main 800 page book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," document God's answer. Robin trained me, personally trained me, to be his Documentation Specialist. I documented all 7,000 pages of Robin's software code he created at Dresser Industries and implemented during the co-venture with Superior Oil. Superior Oil merged with Mobil. Mobil merged with Exxon to become Exxon-Mobil.

A decade after Robin's death Exxon-Mobil STILL hadn't been able to replace Robin's original software he created because it was too difficult to do, too hard to understand, and Robin had trained me to document it, unknown to me, in a way that didn't really document it, he didn't WANT anyone else to understand it. It was his.

He gave his software, his Drilling Data Center technology, to ME, his wife, the President of our Corporation, his beloved, while he was still alive and in his Last Will and Testament. I loved it fiercely. He had trained me to love it. His programs were our children, I knew them each by name. He'd stop in-between cups of coffee to explain them to me in ways I could grasp. Our companionship lasted for a decade.

Robin bought Chapelgate for me, Evins Mill, in Smithville, Tennessee. After coming home from Tetiaroa, I finally realized Robin was right so I had gone back to my "Unique Homes" magazines. Looking at the Evins Mill property brochure in my hand, as I lay on our bed, in the loft bedroom, with Robin's eyes glued to his computer screen and his fingers clicking fastly on his keyboard nearby, I had prayed, "Dear God, could I have THIS one?" and God and Robin gave me Chapelgate.

God showed me the peaks of prosperity. I had grown strong, really strong, after my 1985 prayer, in my passion for God and God's Word, in the 5 years I spent with Robin at Chapelgate, restoring it with our own hands and hammers. Robin moved his computers from our loft in our Houston home to our Lodge. For the first time he left his computer screen daily as we discussed what to do next in our restoration of the 20,000 square feet of historical property that was ours, and together we did it. Robin did both. He kept his computers connected from Smithville, Tennessee, to Irving (Dallas, Texas, Mobil's headquarters) in our forest in the Lodge overlooking our Grist Mill and pond and dam. His computers were connected to Mobil's 24 hours per day, to his Drilling Data Center, analyzing/monitoring the drilling of oil wells, up to 40 at a time, located all over the world, in real-time. (Real-time means the second the well is being drilled, anywhere in the world, it is showing up on our computer screen at our home and at Mobil's headquarters in Irving. This allowed Robin's software and system to catch mistakes before they were made, saving millions and millions and millions of dollars. His system predicted disasters before they happened and gave them time to fix their mistakes and told them what to do. It did lots more than that too.)

When Robin died, unexpectedly, on Christmas Eve in 1990 his leading technology in the history of oil well drilling belonged to me. I owned The Drilling Data Center. I loved it. I adored Robin. It was mine. God led me to this peak of prosperity. From birth, through my training at Abilene Christian University, in Bible, in Writing, in Mass Communications, through my parent's taking me to church 3 times per week my entire life, God, unknown to me, had prepared me. So, what happened next, is what most of my friends and readers don't even know because it is just in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." Disaster happened next. Suffering happened next. Despair, terror, the heart-wrenching loss of my forever home, Chapelgate, the soul-destroying financial loss of Robin's Drilling Data Center, happened next.

For the 5 years, from Christmas Eve in 1985 when I prayed and asked God to show me if there was more to Christianity than I understood, God took me to the heights of prosperity. This lasted, like a sign from God, until Christmas Eve in 1990, when Robin died in our Lodge. Next, came 5 years, from Christmas Eve in 1990 to Christmas Eve in 1995 of disaster and hardship. From the day of Robin's death until 1995 when I lost in Federal Court in Austin, Texas what was rightfully mine, the fruits of Robin's lifetime of effort, the inheritance that belonged to me and our children, God and I walked together. I describe ALL of this, I documented ALL of this, day by day by day in my 800 page book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." God took me into the nighttime. I lost absolutely everything except the few items that I loved most of all, like childhood books and golden crosses, and my aquarium, and things of that nature. I lost every penny except just barely enough to survive and raise my children and take care of myself in a modest fashion. But what I GAINED was the understanding that comes through walking hand in hand with God, with our Father, YHWH, through the Nighttime. All my songs and poems and stories during this period, well, the ENTIRE period, are in my book, my book series.

The story is remarkable. At one point, full of the passion of walking hand in hand with God, full of his training, aware of his presence, I knelt down on the floor of the empty bathroom in the Federal Courthouse in Austin, just after my attorneys finished presenting my case about WHY and HOW the oil companies had defrauded me and my family of $690,000,000.00 (twice that in today's money) and our case on what should be done to rectify that situation. Robin's Drilling Data Center technology and software belong to me. Today they belong to me. They are mine, they've always been mine. BUT the cleverness of the judicial system and highly trained attorneys and businessmen stole the FRUIT of my tree.

I knelt down, at this point in time, in the story my Father God and I were walking and I prayed, "Dear Father, you KNOW I love YOU MORE than even a billion dollars. I love you more than Chapelgate. I love you more than The Drilling Data Center. I GIVE YOU EVERY PENNY, if somehow you can use it to glorify your name. In Jesus' name, Amen." Within an hour of my praying that prayer, EVERY PENNY was taken. SWOOOOOSH. Over.

Stunned, everything over, every penny taken, I sat outside the courtroom on a bench by myself. I looked up and a dozen of the world's most powerful oil industry executives, experts, and attorneys were in a circle laughing and slapping each other on the back because they had successfully stolen a widow's and her children's rightful inheritance. This is my opinion. They tell it differently, I'm sure. I documented it. "Dear Father," I prayed alone. "What do you want me to do?" Immediate answer. Flashed through my mind. "What would Jesus do?"

I rose from the bench, I walked over into the circle to the main Mobil attorney, I held out my hand and he took it. I said, "I just want you all to know that this was my FATHER's, God's, decision. Somehow it is for his glory. I forgive you."

I left the silent, stunned circle of men and took the escalator down, and walked out of the courthouse to my car. I got in my car and turned the key. I always, always had my radio set to listen to Contemporary Christian Music. When I turned the key in the ignition the radio came on. Music and lyrics FILLED THE CAR. It sang, "Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter in to the riches of the Kingdom of Heaven." That was a miracle.

For the next 12 years I was a poor mother, raising 4 children, on just barely enough. I wrote stories, the songs, the poems. I documented it. I had a FIERCE DESIRE, a BURNING desire to grasp WHY God had let them destroy me. I had dedicated EVERYTHING to God. Robin and I had hand-built a large, beautiful, wooden sign, with swans on it and the name, "Chapelgate," and put it in our driveway. On the sign we had engraved, "This property is dedicated to the glory of God." I had turned Chapelgate into a private hideaway for Contemporary Christian Music Songwriters and Recording Artists, like myself. I had GIVEN the use of my property to the writers of God's songs to unify them in friendship and in a close walk with the Father SO they could write his songs. WHY???????

I moved to Orlando because my eyes never left the computer screen. I needed the distraction of all the fun things to do to pull me away from my studies, my determination to understand the Bible. I raised my children in Orlando, with visits to my parents in Texas. I'd do the laundry, then go to my computer studies. I'd make a meal, then go to my computer studies. I'd stop and take the kids to fun and interesting places. I made sure they were happy and safe. I taught them about God. But I lived in my books and looking at my computer screen.

I write about how God decided to help me by putting a discounted software program in the Christian bookstore's bin. It was a program that had the entire Bible in English, side-by-side with the original Hebrew and Greek. I bought it and began what would be 15,000 hours and a decade of studying, retranslating the ancient languages into English. I enrolled in and finished TWO Master's degrees in Theology. I guess you could say that my love and passion for my genius husband, Robin, caused me to blend his personality and characteristics and habits with my own self. God had given me Robin to show me the path, and I took it.

At the same time as I studied, God caused my daily life events and simple choices to affect my mind and spirit and open the understanding of the scriptures to me. They matched. They matched because I was doing exactly what it was teaching me in the Bible. As I studied the tabernacle, the wilderness, the tribes, the sacrifices, the system, I took it into my own mind and spirit and life. I obeyed. If I messed up I asked for forgiveness, I repented, I washed myself, purified my self, and I went back to obeying and walking with my Father leading me.

It became supernatural. It is still supernatural. God answered my heart-felt little prayer in 1985, "Dear God, if there is something I don't understand about Christianity would you please show me what it is?"

I've now finished writing my 2nd main book. My 1st main book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir" contains all of my writings from 1985 to 2009. My new book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate," contains all of my writings from 2009 to 2022. It isn't published yet but I have it all printed out and it is waiting for me to turn it into a physical book.

I keep writing though, because God keeps answering my question. It never stops. Right now I have over 100 books on interesting subjects like electricity, Tesla, electromagnetism, anti-gravity, mass transport, the Unified Field Theory, all subjects Robin was interested in that I am now reading through the eyes of my Bible studies. It is so amazing, so astounding, on a day by day level, matching whatever occurs in my life, BECAUSE I have soaked up scripture and the original meaning of the scriptures, the Bible, INTO my mind and thoughts and knowledge and spirit and constant obedience.

When I sat down to type this, several hours ago now, I INTENDED to write about my story that I wrote in Orlando in 2007 about Gabriel, called, "Seraphim." Last night I was messaging with Debbie Rigdon, who knew Robin because she was there in the same office at Dresser Industries. I was telling her pieces of our story I didn't think she knew, we were talking about Robin's and my children. I was showing her pictures.

So, today, when I sat down to write about the next phase of my journey, the 2022 phase, I wrote about this instead. I meant to say I've decided to go explore my little property I bought for $500. down and $138. per month for 5 years that is located in the midst of 44,000 acres in Central Florida. I decided to take that path yesterday. I was on my Ozarks property path, but I think that story has ended for now (see my stories). I want to see my Limberlost camp I bought. It is an hour south of Orlando.

I met Gabriel, while living in Orlando for 12 years. Gabriel has been coming to Austin since I moved here in 2010 and helping me with my "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" television series I've created on the Austin public access television studios/stations. Gabriel was the most skilled musician I met during my 12 years in Orlando and he and I are close friends. I met him in 2001. My boyfriend, Bax, and I were part of the music scene in Central Florida for 12 years. Now, I'm a small part of the Austin, Texas "Live Music Capital of the World" local music scene and Gabe has been flying from Orlando to Austin off and on for a decade now helping me with my shows.

If I'm going to start writing about my property in Florida, the Limberlost camp, then I'm going to naturally start writing more about Gabriel. That's why I wanted to sit down today and write "Seraphim Territory, Again." God has his own timing. He takes our paths the directions he wants us to go, to learn, to experience what he has in mind for us, when we are walking hand-in-hand with him. Last night, unexpectedly, I had the conversation with my old friend, Debbie, from Dresser in Houston, about Robin. He's never far from my mind but that brought him to the forefront when I began writing today. I guess you needed to see the bigger picture first.

God is supernatural. The experiences I just went though and wrote about with my "Angel Creek" Ozarks' farm were supernatural. See my stories. My story, "Seraphim," about Gabriel and me, is supernatural. That's normal. If you understand the foundation, that's normal. I think I will post my 2007 short-story, "Seraphim," right after I post this one, in a minute. That should give you the entire bigger picture for whatever it is that God has in store for my next phase of my journey, "The Limberlost."

How do I know Gabe will be in those stories?


Mark: "Angel, I'm going to Tampa on Monday for a week. Do you want to go?"

Angel: (a few hours later) "I bought a ticket from Austin to Orlando for next Wednesday through Saturday. I'm not PROMISING I'm going. But I have my ticket.

Gabriel: (even later, same day) "Angel, I've joined a new band. Also, my new European label plans to release the music I did in the 1990's with my band, "Resurrection." Call me and I'll tell you all about it."

Angel: "Ok, cool, I bought a ticket to Orlando for next week. I want to see my property I bought. Mark invited me, he's going to Tampa. My property is only a few miles east of Tampa. Oh, and here's a picture of Laileigh. I bought her a new guitar. Laileigh KEEPS telling me, "I want to MEET Gabriel!!!"

Gabriel: "You need to buy Laileigh a drum kit."

Angel: "Her reflexes are super fast. We give her the flyswatter and she zaps them in an instant. She's 4 years old now. Drums. You may be on to something. You could give her drum lessons."

Gabriel: "Call me."

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written August 28, 2022, finished at 4:00 pm


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