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Silicon Valley God kids

I'm now looking at homeschools. It is not the first time I've done this. The first time was when my four children were young. Now, my granddaughter, Laileigh, just turned 5 years old. So, I'm now looking at homeschools. Again.

I didn't know enough yet the first time around. I had hints. I vaccinated my kids. I vaccinated myself. I had been enrolled in free public school myself. I enrolled my kids in free public school. I had been taken to church religiously, 3 times per week for 18 years. At first, I took my kids to church religiously. I didn't know enough yet the first time around. But I listened to the hints.

Generation follows generation. Now that I am older and wiser my own children have copied and are copying everything I ever taught them, showed them. But that's the problem, right there, because now it is time to teach my precious grandbaby. And now I know.

I now know that public school produces children for the public. I now know that vaccines produce patients for the medical industry. I now know that Christianity produces Christians. I wanted educated children, healthy children, wise children. Instead, I almost reached my goal because when I had hints I tried to listen and learn.

I partially homeschooled. I partially took my children to church. I tried to partially vaccinate myself, later in life I was able, so far, to completely rid myself of those poisons. It is almost impossible to raise unvaccinated children. You are not allowed. So I studied detoxing and was partially successful.

I taught my children myself. I taught them school subjects in real life. I taught them about God from my own studies but also from my own real life experiences. I've managed to save all of my ideas, thoughts, writings, experiences for you in my "Chapelgate Adventure Series." I'm writing new works for you, for them, in my "Harvest of Chapelgate" studies and writings.

My first little one came along and I fought so very, very hard to be able to stay at home with him. I wanted to love him and teach him myself and I did it. He only had to go to daycare for about a year and a half while I became a Documentation Specialist at Dresser Industries in Houston, Texas. He was so miserable without his mommy. I felt so bad. He'd run away from the teachers and they'd find him hiding upstairs in the balcony of their church. I had fought from the day he was born to be by his side. I was almost successful. Then, when he entered first grade I was able to enroll him in our church's private school. Surely, he was safe there. He was.

I fought to help my other children too, as well as I could. I was able to partially homeschool them, and fully teach them all I was learning about God. I enrolled in my first Master's degree class when my 2nd son was born. He was born on Spring Break. Robin helped me because by that time we had founded our business and Robin was working at home. My first daughter was born on Christmas break the next year. Again, my husband, Robin, helped me.

Robin was literally a genius. I've seen his documentation. He was first tested when he was 3 years old. He was very unusual, each time they tested him his level of genius had increased. That doesn't usually happen. We were his second family. His first family children were geniuses. Robin had them all tested. He started testing ours as well. My first son was tested as a genius, my second son was tested as a genius, I'm sure my two girls are as well but Robin died before we ever tested them. I'm sure my granddaughter is as well.

Robin was curious to find out if it was genetics or environment that created genius. He and I shaped our children's environment to give them every advantage possible. We taught them ourselves. Robin threw his whole heart into it and I did as well. I continued doing it after he died and I was left to raise 4 children alone. I took them all on adventure after adventure, exploring the world in our white van. Today, I'm on my 4th white van - all named "Swan." Laileigh believes "Swan" is the ultimate vehicle on the road, the best of the best. We go on our adventures in Swan as I continue to strive for an educated, healthy, wise granddaughter.

Robin's first son, first family, went to Princeton. He eventually went to work for the New York Stock Exchange, and for the Federal Reserve, designing their computer systems. He was that smart. My first son, mine and Robin's, went to Abilene Christian University when he was just 16 years old. I had listened to the hints and homeschooled him through High School. He read 15,000 pages of school books I bought from my own Christian university where I was working on my first and second Master's degrees. They had a private High School. I bought all their books in their Bookstore. My son read and studied every single one. This is while we were traveling the world in our white van Swan and I was teaching my children through their adventures.

My son excelled. He entered ACU at age 16, he finished with a BS in Computer Science at ACU, followed by a MS in Computer Science from Texas Tech. He's smart. I mean really, really, smart, AND educated. A couple of years ago he told me that he and his wife were studying the Bible (while living in a $400,000. house he had bought, while he worked at home on his computers - like he had seen Robin do as he grew up - and while he created computer systems that keep the United States electric grid operational). They were studying the Bible every single night. Religiously. I taught him that. My other children are marvels, each of them, and my grandbaby will be as well, but I'm just saying enough to give you the punch line.

The punch line was a few days ago. My son and his wife of 25 years flew home for Christmas (we celebrated early). "What's new with you?" I asked him. His beautiful and dedicated wife piped in, "He's looking at jobs in Silicon Valley." I reacted with surprise, pride, and trepidation, because I am aware that not all things wise spring from Silicon Valley. Yet, it is the ultimate goal isn't it, of those who have received the finest educations. I'd done that, Robin and I had, he himself had. I'd done that.

I said, "So, you've decided to take on Silicon Valley, have you?"

He's quiet. He just looked at me proudly, and said, "Yep."

Pride. Trepidation. Would my training in the wisdom of the Bible, of God's Word in Creation - of going deeper than the deepest Christianity has delved - be enough? Did I get to him in time, to save him from Silicon Valley? I have to trust that I did, with God's help, his visible guidance, and his invisible guidance. I have to trust that I did. Because now, my wise God son, my genius baby I fought so hard to stay home with, to educate, keep healthy, and impart wisdom to has decided to take on the world.

He's still deciding. It is an idea in the beginning stages. Nevertheless, God is going to Silicon Valley whether or not my son stays home or moves. The President of Trinidad and Tobago made a television appearance a few years ago. He thanked my son for helping them with their electrical grid problems. My son solved them. That is the goal: excellence. Excellent education, real education. Excellent health. Excellent knowledge and understanding of God. The real God. That's the goal.

I also took my children with me through the Nighttime and showed them how THAT is done. It is not just about prosperity. God and I, all of us, walked through very, very painful sorrow and material loss together. It is also about teaching our children to hang on and keep the faith. More than that, to see and learn to know the stars in God's nighttime sky. There's more to a walk with God than teaching our little ones about prosperity. They need the full education. Daytime. Nighttime. Daytime.

Now, it is my granddaughter's turn. We've ALL been teaching her since birth. I'm sure we are on about adventure number 100 or more by now. I'm studying everything there is to know about what is being taught to our children in school. I've researched public school. I've researched private school. I have the curriculum for the schools the children of the 1% in the world attend. You know what? They are mostly going to their exclusive schools in order to network with other exclusive kids. That's not my goal. That's never been my goal. It shouldn't be any of our goals. The goal is: Education (how God's Creation really works), Health (how to protect our bodies from poisons and give ourselves good food, nutrients, and the best) and Religion. Religion - meaning what it should mean, what it really means - how to read God's actual Bible and how to read God's actual lessons in his Creation, his design of it all. If we can do that, if THAT is our goal for our children then lookout world. God is going to Silicon Valley. In us and ours.

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Written at 12:33 pm December 13, 2022

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