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One of my good friends on Facebook commented on my page his theories about how God's system works. In my stories I rarely use names or quotes, I just capture the essence of a thought (I create windows) and use my own writing and thoughts. So here is what I said to him:

Angel: "Ok, a piece at a time. You're so smart and intuitive. However, we all just use what we know and we've been taught wrong. So right off the bat: the earth is a plane. They have part of the concept of the firmament right, there is some sort of barrier above the earth. The earth is stationary, doesn't move. We've never been beyond that closed force field firmament. I think the only ones who can are those with true Christ consciousness and no one is born with that although genealogy does play a part in how long it takes to develop it. Like if you are born close to the finish line to parents and grandparents etc who worked their way closer to the finish line then you are born into a situation that is easier to reach it. Family and generations are important.

Ok, I googled "the sun is electric" and that can't be right because they are describing it as having substance. It is a light. Just a light. It is under the dome of the firmament, about 23 miles wide and I don't know, I guess, 3 to 7 miles above us. So is the moon, same size. They travel around in a circle that varies above the plane. I think the light is being shone on the sun from outside the firmament. The moon generates it's own light and is a reflection of the earth. It also does not have substance. You can't walk on it.

Yes, the sun is positive and the moon is negative. It works like Heaven and Earth concepts, as above so below. Heaven and earth mirror each other. They both exist in our spirits as well as in the physical reality. That's where I get some of my knowledge. I examine the blueprint that is inside me because I have the holy temple built. It works like that.

Ok so since the earth doesn't spin, that part is wrong. But it is sort of right as well. God designed the earth, physical, system to power the heaven, spiritual system, they feed off each other. The concept I unveiled in the ancient Biblical Hebrew is the concept of "facing" each other. It is like how the elite "face" God - like how Satan faces God meaning direct opposition. Jesus knew how to turn that opposition into food for his spirit. Water into wine. Walking on water concepts. So you do have part of that right but put it on a flat, non-moving earth. The physical earth IS the generator for the spiritual realm, it advances it, which is the concept of the firmament, an advancement of the heavenly, spiritual, realm, being displayed right above us so we can grasp the concepts that are inside us.

Ok yes the moon is reflecting the craters on earth which were caused from below, bubbling up, pushing up, not from meteors. No the moon won't become the sun or vice versa. They are both symbols for aspects of Christ consciousness, read, "stuff Jesus could do." The symbols don't change. The Pole Shift is too. The time involved is short, not millions of years. So the best I can tell the Pole Shift occurs about every 200 years. It is part of God's design to show that Jesus/Christ is the ruler. Heaven, the spiritual realm, holiness, righteousness, is OVER the flat plane of the non-moving earth. Symbolism. Christ is King. Time advances, Christ advances, the system announces the victory of Christ, Pole Shift. Judgment Day. Same thing. It happens forever. That's about the best I can figure out so far. Much love, xo.

PS What I just did, because the holy temple is built inside me, is LIGHT. Day One. Light. Genesis 1:1 The word "elohim" does not mean "God." YHWH is the only name for God in the entire Bible. So Genesis 1 is talking about the creation of the next age, like I just described. The elohim are the masters of Torah, of the heavenly realms, spiritual AND their mirror image, the elohim masters, "Elite," of God's physical realm, the Earth. They are mirror images. That's why we are instructed not to make an image. You have to get really corrupted to be a Earth Elite, an image.

PSS The firmament concept involves embroidery. The concept is that our understanding of God's System, his Design, never ends. But at the end of an "age" Judgment Day, Pole Shift, the Christ Consciousness that is on earth at that time displays ingenious "embroidered" masterful work because that is how God our Father designed it. Light. Day One. Firmament. Embroidered work. Gorgeous extremely beautiful designs displayed to advance the concepts of Heaven our spiritual understanding. Then Earth catches up. 200 years or so, by "Facing" the "Heavens" followed by a Pole Shift, and the firmament expansion: embroidered beautiful work from Christ Consciousness. The age starts over. Forever, Eternal life. xo"

After I finished writing this story I put it on my page & website and also copied & pasted it into my Flat Earth Bible Believer's Facebook group. When I looked up, on a hunch, and read my current Bible verse, the next one I just happened to have open in front of me on my computer, it was talking about how God's children who have understanding are bold, open, and honest with what they say.

I then went back to the current book I'm reading (of my 300 or so books waiting for me). I don't know yet what my response will be to this book. I'm just on the first few pages. Some of my books I've torn to shreds and promptly deposited in my trash can. But so far, this one has my attention. I'll put pictures of it, here. xo

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Written May 3, 2024 at 11:33 am


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