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Texas Tales & Shavuot

Hi, this is my page, (I wrote this just now on my page, "Texas Tales from a Lone Star,") HERE and I have another one for my personal writings about God ("The Chapelgate Adventure Series"). HERE I was raised as a conservative fundamental Christian in the Bible belt, multi-generational. I've written about God my entire life starting as a child with my poems and songs. I asked God in 1985 to teach me if there was anything about Christianity that I didn't yet understand. He did. I call the adventure he took me on, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series." HERE Basically, he walked with me for 5 years through the Daytime of prosperity and then 5 years through the Nighttime of loss. Since I had asked him to show me I just hung on to the rollercoaster and wrote it all down. That led me to both buying and losing a special beloved home I called "Chapelgate" near Nashville.

When it was over and I didn't yet understand what God was telling me I spent a decade studying the Bible through 2 Masters degrees and then by hand translating from the ancient Biblical Hebrew and Greek, word by word, verse by verse. In the process I retranslated the entire Bible, think checking the translation and figuring out what it was really talking about a letter at a time. I went through the entire Bible Genesis to Revelation twice. It took me 15,000 hours. I wrote it down on a wall calendar and quit counting in 2009. It's probably double that because I did the same thing every single day from 2009 until now, 2023, beginning when I wake up in the morning with my coffee. It is a habit intertwined throughout my daily life. Because I did that my life began matching the ancient Biblical Hebrew calendar in 1998. The essences of the holy days would match the essences of my life circumstances and events. God taught me like that.

I passionately love ancient Biblical Hebrew now and have no doubt Jesus knew it in this same way and depth. I see it in everything he said and did. Today is Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks. It started yesterday and lasts until tomorrow. How the essence is matching my life is that God showed me a You Tube guy who was studying passionately, the ancient Bible scriptures, and showing people what is really there. It is a system God designed for us called his Word. It is how everything works. Jesus understood it, I'm sure of it. You'll know too if you take a good look at it and start matching it up with what he was telling us and showing us.

So here's the link to my personal writings page, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series," HERE and here's the insight into today's holiday that celebrates not just that God gave Moses the Torah but way deeper than that, God gave US his Word. Boy do we need it right now. It's right there waiting for us. Watch the videos and read my writings of the journey God led me through to get here, today, May 25-27, 2023. xo The deeply insightful videos about the Torah & Jesus as God's Word videos I was led to on Shavuot are HERE and HERE (the entire channel).

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved Written May 26, 2023 at 9:54 am


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