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The Design of My Writings

I'm working on my website today. I just added a section, "Today's Interests." Over the past two years I've bought 100 or more books that I find interesting. My goal is, and always has been, to figure out exactly what God's Word is in the way his system is designed. I guess because I am a Documentation Specialist that is how my mind works. I first wanted to understand how the Bible itself works, is designed, what it says, and I dedicated decades to that goal. That actually ties in precisely with "how is Creation designed?" because that is what God's Word is describing. They go hand in hand. The "heavens" are over the "earth" as a working system. So every book I've bought is a color in that total design.

My late husband, Robin Isaacs, was one of the most elite geniuses to ever grace this earth. He trained me to be a Documentation Specialist from my early days at Dresser Industries in Houston, Texas and then through a decade of founding our own corporation, Isaacs Consulting & Development, Inc., and working side by side on his Drilling Data Center, first in Houston, then at our home, Chapelgate (Evins Mill in Smithville, Tennessee). Before that I was trained by my parents in the church and Bible, and faithfully brought up in church 3 times a week for twenty years, followed by two of our Christian universities, Abilene Christian University, and Lipscomb, pillars of fundamental Christianity.

My own story, documented in "The Chapelgate Adventure Series," led me to my interests today and my desire to document God's Word in both the Bible and in Creation. I've finished understanding the basic design of the Bible "heaven" and now I am turning that focus towards the "earth" - the physical realm's design. It is astonishing how they fit together in ways no one has yet even suspected. This fascinates me.

So as I study and learn I write. My writings span my lifetime and all are on the same path, which I've just described. They were all written as God showed me his design. In my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," I say, "I could hear God nudging me, write Angel, write! so I did." My writings are in the shape of the design of the temple, unknown to me, but guided by my Father, God, YHWH.

First comes "The Chapelgate Adventure Series" which is how God answered my prayer asking him if there was more to Christianity than I understood. He answered, "yes," and proceeded to show me. I wrote it all down, day by day, step by step, and that is captured in my Chapelgate books. That is the temple proper. Next came the courtyard of the temple, and those stories are "Texas Tales from a Lone Star." Study the design of the temple and you will find the pattern. Next, he led me into how the spiritual realm exists over the physical realm. He inserted Bigfoot and Cryptids into my knowledge, when I bought my off-grid Ozarks property, "Angel Creek." These creatures are symbols of how the heavens and the earth, in God's design, interface. They are both physical "earth" and spiritual "heaven." That path of knowledge is captured in my Angel Creek stories. Last, at this time, I am writing the sequel to "The Chapelgate Adventure Series" and instead of focusing on his showing me ideas about Christianity that I didn't yet understand, he is now showing me how to use those new ideas. That book is called, "The Harvest of Chapelgate." So this new category I am calling "Today's Interests" is just a deeper walk into how all of that works, which is in essence the one thing my late beloved husband, taught me to study: the grand unification theory.

My children's book, "Willie Worm & the Apple Tree," is actually about Robin and the grand unification theory (the design of how everything works). It was a book I started in 1978 based off a restaurant menu of a shiny bright red apple and a little green worm. I gave the worm spectacles, intelligence, speech, and a library in his condo inside an apple tree. I made him friends with an eccentric genius, "Gramps" - which was based on Robin - and the story is about a rainbow next to the old grist mill (Evins Mill/Chapelgate). The rainbow shoots out of an invention Gramps designs, located beside the apple tree and the dam (at Chapelgate). It is a mass transport portal, not yet perfected, that leads to a beautiful island (my first prequel novelette is "Island.")

So my stories come full circle and are all a part of an integrated set, which is how Robin designed his leading edge technology, the Drilling Data Center. That was also led by God our Father because if Robin hadn't taught me to be his Documentation Specialist on his multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art computerized drilling system I would have never grasped his ideas. God designed his Creation as an integrated set. He has had me documenting it.

"The Chapelgate Adventure Series," "Texas Tales from a Lone Star," "Angel Creek," and the "Harvest of Chapelgate," are my product lines, an integrated set, like I was taught. The new category I added today, "Today's Interests," is simply the next step in finishing "The Harvest of Chapelgate." "Adventures in Swan," is teaching the next generation to explore God's world, both physically and spiritually. That's what it is all about!


The Drilling Data Center Technology

Robin and I founded a corporation, ICDI, and he developed the first real-time computer monitoring system for the drilling of oil wells in history. ("...monitoring & ANALYSIS, Angel..." I can still hear him say, so I just added it, oh and real-time, alarms, plotting and database...). He trained me as his Documentation Specialist at Dresser Industries Magcobar in Houston and we worked together. It became the Exxon-Mobil legacy software/system, created and envisioned by my late husband, Robin Isaacs. Robin spent decades of his life as the leading expert in computerized oil well drilling. His Drilling Data Center is documented in Federal Court as saving Exxon-Mobil 100 million dollars annually in the cost of drilling oil wells. My husband invented this in Houston and then at Chapelgate. I write about it in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." His state-of-the-art leading edge Drilling Data Center technology became the bedrock foundation for the entire oil industry, the first of its kind in history.

Love, Angel

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