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The Grand Unification Theory

Andy: “You’re a nerd, Angel, aren’t you? I mean you’re a serious NERD.”

Angel: “Yes.”

Angel (later in the day, to Laileigh): “We’re nerds, Laileigh.”

Laileigh: “What’s that mean?”

Angel: “It means we’re really smart, especially at computer stuff, and we like things that are interesting.”

(My 4 year old grandbaby who has had the internet and our iPhones mastered practically from birth, who has had her own tablet her mom has been paying for on her phone bill, practically from birth, looks up for a moment from whichever computer screen she’s on at that moment. “Grandmama, can you download another game for me…nevermind…” I see she has gone to the App Store and has found a game she wants. She is now pushing suspicious letters…

Angel: “What are you doing, Lai?”

Laileigh: “Typing in your password…”

Angel: “LAILEIGH!!! That costs money to buy those!!! Stop!!!”

Angel: “It’s not going to work anyway, I always hide the last letter from you.”

Laileigh (age 4): “What is it?” She sees I’m not going to tell her. “I’ll just watch you until I see it.” She hands my iPhone to me and I hide the final digit with my hand as I type it in to get her a new game. There.

Angel: “Andy says we’re nerds. I like that.”

Laileigh: “I do too.”

Angel: (later, googling the definition; actually, it looks like they’ve changed the definition of the word…hummmm…I like mine better…)


Email response to Doug of the Diehold Foundation (see video “Video series 1 Part 10, The Source of the Electrons for the Electric Universe”)

Doug, I’m watching now. I have all your books. It isn’t “information” it is “spirit.” The spirit quality is like parallel roads (male/female) that evolve in a mirror image. One path goes towards Self, one path goes towards Others. Inner/Outer, Physical/Spiritual. The problem with all Science has been that it was being observed primarily by those on the Self/Outer/Physical path. The paths are mates. Holiness is the key, righteousness based on Torah, true ancient Torah. That’s the key. When someone achieves Christ Consciousness they have mastered the inner spirit realm. From this viewpoint all physical science can be understood because it all exists inside the spirit of someone with that holy mind. That mind creates. That is what Genesis 1:1 is saying. In the beginning - no. It says Dwelling in the head place. It is talking about this. God created - no. The elohim create. The elohim are those who have mastered the physical realm and those who have mastered the holy spiritual realm. THEY dwell in the head place. The Heavens and the Earth. They mate. Heaven is over earth. Heaven, holiness, creates the superior mind and force. That is where Creation comes from. None of our scientists have walked the holiness path. Therefore they can’t see it with their minds. The holy mind creates. The spirit creates the physical. Angel Isaacs 2/17/22


It’s Robin’s “Grand Unification Theory” he taught me about that Doug is discussing. I found the answer. The answer is God’s Holy Word. The original thoughts in the original languages of our Bible perceived through the Christ Consciousness Jesus’ original true thoughts were teaching us before the Bible scriptures were translated and generalized.

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written at 6:10 am February 18, 2022


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