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The Other Box

I wrote a short-story yesterday called, “The Box.” It was about how when you truly seek God and God’s Word it places you outside the box of normal Christianity. It places you into a condition wherein God the Father, YHWH, teaches you himself.

I titled this short-story, “The Other Box,” as a play on words for the TV set. I just finished reading today’s post by the same guy I responded to when I wrote, “The Box,” yesterday. It prompted me to write this companion piece. Basically, he said television, movies, music, news, and media was created as a mind control tool. People copy what they see. This keeps most people from ever discovering the beauty of Christianity, Church, and studying the Bible. Yes beauty. But that’s not what I personally write about. I have that as my basic foundation. I write about what lies beyond.

So I said:

“If you yourself were trained as I was from birth to really love and respect God and God’s Word then another phenomenon occurs. In my mind as well as in our family we use their mind control teachings as a spring board for strengthening our knowledge and love for God and the Bible. Before anyone attacks with their anti-Bible views just stop. Yes, it is God’s Word. You have to dig deep and put it into serious practice to reap its unparalled benefits. So we avoid 90% of media in the first place, having been trained from birth that what you just said is 100% true. Then when we DO listen or watch something there is a constant analysis going on in our minds and even in our conversations about how this or that is correct or incorrect. Think of a really knowledgeable sports loving family watching football or basketball and constantly analyzing every player’s move. Like that. The result is that we grow strong from training and practice. At that point we know how to recognize truth, teach it, and most importantly, use it.”

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Written at 3:15 am December 9, 2022


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