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2024… The Year of Documentaries

I suspected my Facebook page got hacked again so I removed all my personal photos, posts, and info. So far so good. But if I did they won’t get much. Time will tell. … Where to in the next year? Documentaries. I am going to start by organizing the videos I’ve already taken mostly since 2010. I have tons. Then I will start turning them into new television episodes and submitting them to Austin Public Television. At the same time I’ll start creating new ones. So “Texas Tales from a Lone Star,” “Adventures in Swan,” "Angel Creek," and “Chapelgate,” here I come!!! Meanwhile, the Dinner with Dreamer’s cruise is all set for March. I’ll be joining my Dreamer friends as we explore Jamaica & the Grand Cayman islands - great Documentary film locations so I’ll be planning my ideas. Here we go! Welcome 2024!!

PS After writing this I assembled my “team.” First, I told my daughter Skye, then I took a screenshot & sent it to my best friends, Mark DeAlessandro and Gigi Erneta. Then Mark called me 20 seconds later, told me it’s a great idea, and reminded me we needed to finish his book, his Biography. I said yes we do. I also said I saw his post about a stunt workshop in San Jose and another in New York. I told him I wanted to see New York City if he was doing that. Then I wrote Andy Armendariz to see what he’s up to. This is the year I had to renew my driver’s license in person which took two months, seriously. Now to renew my passport for the cruise. Mark reminded me God directs our paths. I said I’d already prayed and “told” God what I was going to do. Christians have that backwards. I said I picked the path based on what I’m already good at. THEN God comes along and blesses the path and reshapes it. So here I go! …Oh, I forgot to write Gabriel, Debbie & Karen…and…..

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Written January 5, 2024 at 11:40 am


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