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A lone Sailboat can become a Beautiful Crafted Yacht

Updated: Feb 21

My friend, Mark (see my other short-stories), invited me to the 2023 Miami Boat Show, which I've never had any interest in and didn't know about. As a result I literally (Laileigh's new favorite word!) spent at least 20 hours this past week figuring out what it is and if I could actually go. I finally told him, "Thanks but not this time! Have fun!" (the kind of rooms I love which are facing the ocean with a balcony are $1500.00 per night (literally and by the way I now love a hotel called Eden Roc). There is literally no place for me to even park Swan and camp, campsites sold out last year and I don't have my own campsite "Limberlost" ready yet. It's 200 miles north of Miami but doable in a pinch and I told him, "just wait, Florida times are coming..." SO today, even though I'm not going (I don't think, I may hop in Swan anyway) I'm reading all about the actual show. I really want to see that beautiful beach. Plus a story wrapping up my book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate" about sailboats and yachts would be the perfect touch since I started the Prequel to my entire body of work with my sailboat tale, "Island." Just thought I'd share an amazing video I'm watching this sec. It is about the entire process of creating a beautiful yacht. Happy Valentines Day, everyone, and follow God to the furthest isles your fantasy can lead you to... xo Angel

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