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Angel Creek: Lock installed

Angel Creek: Blue cabin lock installed June 24, 2023

I posted this on my Facebook page: "The idea is that I will next put an uncuttable chain through the hollow metal bar and loop it through the two brackets. Then I will use a lock on each bracket to secure it to the door. If I ever decide I'm brave enough to actually camp here, sleep overnight in my cabin I've spent 4 years creating, I will simply take the steel bar off the front door and put it inside on matching brackets. If some idiot decided to bar me in then the bolts are on the inside of the cabin and I'd simply unbolt them. That's the plan. xo"

As a result I was asked: "Why are you scared…go and enjoy your property. Nature can be creepy sometimes but do not go alone."

It was one of my girlfriends from Lipscomb and I know she, herself, has land. She would also understand what I mean if I expressed that I am NEVER alone. My father, God, Yahweh, YHWH, is with me, always, through every second of every day of my life. Without him I couldn't do anything. I wouldn't want to. He is my security blanket, my protector, my confidant, friend, and basically he is my strong and powerful husband. My husband, Robin, died on Christmas Eve 1990. I write about everything in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." I was always safe when he was with me. I knew how very, very much he loved me. I admired him beyond all reason because he was himself unlike anyone else. My confidence in him was unlimited because he was unlimited. He knew I felt like that about him and it made him even more devoted to me. I was just getting to really know God, my father, on the personal, intimate, way I walk with him now. God has promised to be a husband to the widows who love him. I loved Robin. I love God. We walk together. Therefore, I am brave.

But I'm not stupid. God doesn't promise to walk with you if you are stupid. He does but it is never in the way you expect. He expects you to be honest in your devotion to him, to know his laws, to know his spirit, to commune with him unceasingly, and to look to him for guidance. I do. You have to put into practice everything, both physical knowledge and spiritual knowledge. I do. THEN you walk East together.

I know I am God's pen. I know he writes through me. I've known this pretty much my entire life. Here's one of my songs about this that I wrote at Chapelgate: HERE

I am aware that God uses me like a pen he owns, and writes through my experiences whatever it is he wants his other children to know and understand. He has done this for decades and I've been faithfully writing it all down for decades. My book series is called, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series," and you can find it in my Store tab on my website:

For the past 4 years God has been using me to write his stories about Cryptids. He leads me into whatever experience he has lined up for me. I write it down. Most of my stories are on my website. I'm writing my second main book, currently, "The Harvest of Chapelgate." So when my Lipscomb girlfriend said, "Why are you scared…go and enjoy your property. Nature can be creepy sometimes but do not go alone." I answered her truthfully but referring her to all my previous work. She is someone who could actually grasp what I am saying, overall, and instill the ideas into her own life. That's the whole point. So here is my answer:

Angel: "Because I have documented Bigfoot there. And yes, I do almost every thing I do alone. So I have to prepare.

This wasn't there when I bought my land and put my cabin there. I've since had it cut down. Bigfoot build these.

Take a closer look:

I documented it:

Bigfoot, a month ago, right in front of my cabin. 30% visible. He came up out of the ground like a ghost. I have all my Bigfoot stories, from the beginning, on my website.

There is a red rectangle on the far right outlining the Bigfoot. He is just before the light colored main tree.

The same one I documented at my Ozarks land followed me to Texas. This was in November at a friend's ranch I was at.

I documented these 2 in my front yard of my blue cabin just last week.

They built a sign for me just a couple of weeks ago:

My stories are called, "Angel Creek," and are all on my website: xo

The original report is HERE

I've spent 4 years figuring all this out. Nope, not going there until I feel safe. Not feeling safe yet. Still more to figure out. xo"

Then my friend, whose foot is next to the Bigfoot footprint in front of my cabin, that I just put in this same story, Lead Tracker E, looked at my post and pictures of my blue cabin she has been to before because she and her love, Jerry Williams, are the ones who originally tracked my land for me last year, commented: "Beautifully done."

Angel: "Tools bought one at a time and shipped to her through Amazon. Thanks my friend. xo"

Lead Tracker E: "You sure know how to get things done."

Angel: "Robin, my mom and dad and family, and God. I'm turning this into a story right now. xo"

Angel: I've documented that I also have THESE there as well. I fell asleep last night listening to this one. I'm learning. HERE Dogman Victor Gov't Cryptid Hunter Shares What the Gov't Uses Monsters For: by Dogman & Paranormal Research with Jeff Nadolny"

Here are the new pictures of my locking system for my blue cabin and supporting photos. You can find all my stories on my website under, "Angel Creek." I also have my original series, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series," links to my books that are for sale there. I also have videos I've created for my "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" series.

Ordered, will be installed next week. This will go on the inside of the cabin, door back. It is an outward swinging door. This is for me to use if I sleep there, to lock the door from the inside.

My favorite blue rug. I have one in my room and I've had one in my van, "Swan," before. I'll find another one like this one and put it in my cabin. Laileigh made me promise, "You will make the inside of the cabin look like a house, won't you, Grandmama." Yes, my love. xo

The road to my cabin. It is off-grid. Mine looked just like this when I first started.

The first time I went to see my land I crossed this bridge to get there, in a previous version of my van, "Swan." It was scary, scary, scary.

Eventually I will have the creek cleared enough that I can reposition the cabin to have a gorgeous view of the creek. My idea is to build a deck and screened in porch all around the final place of the cabin. This is just the starting place, I had to carve out by hand to have the cabin delivered. I measured the distance from the center of the dirt road to make sure it was far enough from the road easements.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written June 25, 2023 at 2:23 pm


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