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Angel performs at a Hootenanny

In Texas if we own our own country property we build our own stage. This is at a private home owned by Austin area musicians. They built a stage and invite their musician friends over to perform. This is me performing at their "Hootenanny." I had met my friend, and the inspiration I built "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" on, Andy Armendariz, in 2014. He's pure Texan with enough Texas ways to continually capture an audience's attention. (Look in my photos and you'll find Laileigh and I performing a couple of months ago at his ranch, where he just built, guessed it.) That's why I added a few Texas Country Outlaw Songs to my list of normally Contemporary Christian originals I write. I perform some of them here at the Hootenanny. I start with Garth Brooks "Thunder Rolls" (I picked) then a couple I learned because of Andy. Hence I perform, "In Color," Jamey Johnson, and "Pancho & Lefty," Merle Haggard, (and know a couple more like "The Cowboy Rides Away," George Strait, and "Comal County Blue," Jason Boland. Then back to one I love, "Hallelujah." Guess who knows that one...Laileigh, our Hallelujah baby. (One of her first words at age 4 months due to Mark DeAlessandro). The property owner decides he wants to play his guitar with me on "Hallelujah." I rarely if ever perform with ANYONE. I didn't name it "Texas Tales from a LONE Star" without good reason, I'm extremely independent. I'm not used to playing with someone else so I switch over to a 2 chord song of my own, "Rained, & Rained & Rained." I usually choose that when anyone wants to perform with me, because then they can easily do so. This is Texas music. This is Texas Independence. Enjoy! xo Angel

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