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Arkansas, Masada, Brandon & Bigfoot

Arkansas. Did you know that about 5 years ago Christians began moving to the Arkansas Ozarks? They did. Mostly in the west. My land I bought 4 years ago is in the east. Why Arkansas? Why Masada? I love the story of Masada. It is a gorgeous fortress in Israel, the last refuge of the last true believers in YHWH during the period of time when Rome had conquered Israel. The Remnant went to Masada in Israel. …Arkansas. Why are they similar? We are the Remnant, that’s why. If you keep reading my stories and resonating with my passion and love for God then you are the Remnant. Here we are. Masada. …the South. …true Believers, wherever you are. It’s time. Again.

So. Today’s story is about Brandon. He said I could write about him. That’s why you get his name. Brandon answered my ad: $50 for 3 hrs. weedeating at my Ozarks land, “Angel Creek.” He did it. Yesterday. Now I have a new cleared of weeds spot beside my new blue cabin so I can park my van “Swan” there. That’s assuming I ever go back. Why wouldn’t I go back? Jerry tracked my land. Jerry and Ella tracked my land. They found all the proof Bigfoot, ummm HUGE Bigfoot, have used my land past and present. Dogman (Werewolves) too. And now I also have a picture of a Woman (ghost?) next to the tribe of Dogmen in the back of my property. You know, where the 18’ tree bends are. The kind of tree bends Bigfoot(s) is famous for. I didn’t tell Brandon.

I didn’t tell Brandon because my ad just said “$50. for 3 hours weedeating a spot next to my cabin so I can park.” I decided that was safe enough. After all, nothing has eaten Ed yet. My next door neighbor.

But Brandon wasn’t having it. He wanted carte blanche to go work on my land whenever he wanted to. I told him I wasn’t that rich. I said I’d give him a specific assignment (assuming I ever hired him again, no promises). Brandon said I could just pay him as we went, whenever I could. Nope. Impasse.

So Brandon explained, in true Arkansas fashion, in true Deep South fashion, in true Christian Remnant how-we-think-and-act fashion that he had SAID he’d help me with my land. That meant, to him, that he’d help me with my land. He said he didn’t have a lot of money either. He said he WANTED to help me with my land. He WANTED me to receive full value for his work, to be happy with his work. He said I could pay him what I thought it was worth. If it wasn’t enough then he’d just trust God to make up the difference however God saw fit.

And that’s Arkansas. So I told him ok we’d do it his way. And I told him about Bigfoot.

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written September 22, 2022 at 5:34 pm


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