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AT Aleph Tav Judgment

My latest aggravated comment which I'm sure I'll erase in 5...4...3...2...1....

(I use my Facebook to write, then I turn my writings into short-stories, here. So I wrote this today in response to a post I read by a guy/stranger I actually like. I don't know him, it's just one of those "influencers" we all find on Facebook. He said (quote): "BREAKING: Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hits western Japan. Interesting. Solar eclipses tend to be a warning from God of war and earthquakes. I'm not saying that this earthquake has anything to do with the solar eclipse, but I do find it interesting that there has been a recent increase in earthquakes around the world as of April. And also an increase in the war that could escalate into World War III very easily. Only time will tell, this significance of the ancient Hebrew letter that went over the United States in the form of two solar eclipses." (end quote)


To which I said:

"The A T aleph tav do not mean what it has been decided by theological scholarship that they mean. They are not "markers of the direct object and therefore should be left out in translation." They do not mean "Jesus and Christianity" has their mark all over the entire Bible. They do not mean the eclipse was inspired. The eclipse was preplanned and orchestrated. It was carried out by people who think the translation of the Bible is correct and Christian judgment day just occured in the form of an A T aleph tav written across the US. At least that's what they have decided to preach to us. Wrong. A T aleph tav/ Alpha Omega mean "COMPREHENSION" of God's Word. Yes, the Bible. Yes, theology. Christianity does NOT comprehend what the Bible is saying. So God let the fake eclipse makers demonstrate their fake knowledge of God's Bible. Judgment. Yes, it did just occur in spite of everyone.

A T Aleph Tav are like A to Z but the subject is the knowledge of God and his Word. The true meaning of the Bible hidden by our English translation. THAT says WE are expected to keep the 10 Commandments. Yes, really. God's design. Not only that but when we translate what Jesus was saying, correctly, instead of through a false paradigm, HE was saying to put the spirit, the true 10 Commandments, INTERNALLY INSIDE US. DWELL truthfully and honestly in goodness, righteousness. So there. Judgment DID just happen. I block laughing emoji idiots. I also erase what I write so read quickly, before I reach my laughing emoji idiot limit. xo PS God designed EVERYTHING to be a symbol of Christ. Of course earthquakes follow eclipses. They represent aspects of Christ. He also gets upset at fakeness and idiots. Earthquake mad. That is also the meaning of leprosy pointing to the Messiah, in scripture. The USA's "leprosy" has now reached inside the people's minds, clothing, and has even saturated the very walls of their houses, where they dwell."

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Written April 17, 2024 at 1:27 pm


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