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Bigfoot are People ...or maybe bears

I rewrote yesterday's short-story due to a good friend of mine leaving a comment that no, Bigfoot are not people. There is no one I have more respect for so I deleted that story. I do know his beliefs. I do know his expertise. He knows way more than me. The reason why I am persisting with this line of thought is because first and foremost I have as my foundation my own life experiences and work following God and interpreting his Word to us in both the Bible, where I retranslate back to the original ancient Hebrew and Greek as God taught me through decades (see my stories and books), and in my lessons he has taught me from my walk. That is all any of us can do. If you truly do obey Jesus' instructions to us that the first foundational commandment is to have God the Father, Yahweh, as your sole step one foundation, and you live that way, then that is the bottom line of which path you follow. I see overlapping areas with Bigfoot and what I've learned from my ancient Biblical Hebrew Bible deep devotion and work. So that is the direction I choose, I must choose. God is the expert of experts. That way. I bow before my friend's expertise and do listen to his ideas. If you read my stories you will see that. These are the best thoughts I'm capable of at this time, regarding what I believe this phenomenon of Bigfoot truly is. Here is the updated version of my story I wrote yesterday:

Yesterday's title was "Bigfoot are People." Here is the updated version, "Bigfoot are People ...or maybe bears"


Conversation at the beauty salon today…

Hairdresser: “Isn’t rent outrageous right now!”

Angel: “Yes. I had an idea… I bought 3 acres of forest…Beautiful land… and put a pretty blue shed there, thinking that would be a good backup plan… But it was a disaster!!”

Hairdresser: “Why? What happened??”

Angel: “My real estate man had a 10 minute video of him walking around in the pretty, huge, trees. I thought I had seen it enough so I bought it online. it wasn't that expensive and soon I had it paid off. I really shouldn’t tell you the next part…”

Hairdresser: “You should buy this purple shampoo we sell, it will make your hair shine.”

Angel: “After I bought the land I noticed a couple of strangely bent trees in his video. I googled “Ozarks bent trees.” It said they were Indian marker trees. But then it said, “Bigfoot also bend trees.” So I’ve now spent five years trying to figure out if Bigfoot is real. He is. They don’t tell us. They put on TV shows and make us think they are monkeys or make fun of people who think they exist. But they do. Anyway, my land is 600 miles away and I’ve barely been there. I thought it was a good idea to have some land and a little cabin.”

Hairdresser: “It IS a good idea… Maybe the govt. doesn’t want to scare us.”

Angel: “Yes. Plus people would try to catch them or kill them. I figured out what they are. They are people. A hundred years ago they were called “Wildmen” and “Wildwomen.” Then around 1958 they started calling them “Bigfoot.” But they are people who live in the forest. They were a type of Indian tribe. They are born without shoes or clothes and their hair grows long. They get real strong. They can do unusual stuff because they are so intuned with nature. Our govt. studied them and now we have invisible soldiers and tanks.” HERE and HERE

Hairdresser: (Pauses…)

Angel: “I have pictures of them. You can see through them. They studied how they camoflage and don’t want us to know.”

Hairdresser: “There! Do you like it?”

Angel: “I LOVE it! Thank you!”

Hairdresser: “Here’s that purple shampoo…”

(End of original story)

I posted this on my Facebook page and my friend, who knows more than me, said, "No they aren't people." He tracks them. Back to the drawing board.

Later, still researching..

Quote: HERE "The name “Sasquatch” derives from the Salish word se’sxac, which means “wild men.” The creature is also commonly called Bigfoot."


Quote: HERE "They saw no one on the way up; but on the way down a man perhaps 60 years old, wearing nothing and "hairy as a King Kong ape," came along...p.46"


Quote: HERE "1869...the discovery of a wild man or a gorilla, or "What is It?" It has so near a resemblance to the human form that the men are unwilling to shoot it. It is difficult to give a description of this wild man or animal. It has a stooping gait, very long arms with immense hands or claws; it has a hairy face, and those who have been near it describe it as having a most ferocious expression of countenance; generally walks on its hind legs, but sometimes on all fours. The beast or "what is it?" is as cowardly as it is ugly, and it is next thing to impossible to get near enough to obtain a good view of it. The settlers, not knowing what to call it, have christened it Old Sheff."


Quote: HERE "Bigfoot was born in the Cherokee Indian Nation, the son of a squaw man and a woman who was part Indian and part Black. ...He left home at the age of sixteen because of the number of fights he had been in and his enormous size had the towns people plotting against him. ...He met with some outcasts of Indian tribes and they formed their own tribe. At this time Starr left seventeen inch footprints, had a chest measurement of over five feet, was well over seven feet tall, and had a lung capacity which enabled him to breath in a manner to allow him to outrun a horse. In the searches for him he easily left his band and any followers behind by outrunning them. He was made chief of the tribe because of his size and strength..."

(Note: I haven't located the source yet for my saying, "they were a form of an Indian tribe." I read it recently but I have a lot of books I'm reading. It was discussing the early US explorers of the Rocky Mountains extending all the way up into Canada over a period of 8 years, if I recall correctly. They kept a journal of the Indian tribes they encountered. One of the Indian tribes was described as being exceptionally hairy and large. I did find the previous quotes while trying to locate this one. I also will try to locate the book I was reading that was just a compilation of very old newspaper articles describing Wildmen and Wildwomen, very similar to what we now call "Bigfoot.")

My expert friend, whom I respect, objected to my posting the first shorter version of this story on my Facebook page so I deleted it and then changed the ending. It previously ended when I left the hair salon. He tracks Bigfoot and is a very good friend. What I actually believe to be the truth is more similar to his own beliefs than what I wrote in the hair salon story.

What I believe is different from what science says but I base it on my ancient Biblical Hebrew studies retranslating the Holy Bible. I believe that our moral choices influence our physical being. Therefore, someone who is excessively wolfish turns into a wolf, bearish turns into a bear, humans dwelling in nature to the extent of Bigfoot turn into Bigfoot. I've read of Indian legends that describe a man turning into a bear. HERE, for example. HERE, as well. My friend believes Bigfoot become what they eat the most of. If you turn that into symbolism it applies likewise to our spirits. We become what we eat.

I have seen this happen in the personalities of people in my life. A group of people I know are very much like Dogmen/Werewolves. I see Bigfoot in myself, the characteristics. I think the spirit manifests into the flesh but over a long period of time. I believe there are Indian tribes who know how to speed up the process and have humans who can become Skinwalkers. I also see multiple animal personalities inside my own personality.

The Bigfoot I have on video on my Arkansas land, who also appeared in Texas (see my stories HERE and HERE) has a human face. I also, however, have 2 Bigfoot in my photos on my land who look more like walking black bear people. The hair, I've noticed many times in the videos I've watched, books I've read, is described as flowing hair, like human hair only several inches long, not fur.

I still believe Bigfoot is human or started off as human and I do believe in the mirror image Christ Consciousness I write about and believe they are displaying these qualities as well. My friend thinks of Bigfoot as a Predator. I do too. I was particularly struck by the Mark Barton story of how the ones he had been happily following in his You Tube channel for 6 years set him up and turned on him. HERE

So, yes, they are cleverly evil, predators. The problem is that I also understand that God designed heaven and earth in mirror images. "As above, so below." So, take the same qualities evil, predator qualities and look at them from a good angle instead of an evil angle, a mirror. God uses the Christ Consciousness spirit that I write about to mirror evil but in the opposite light. This is one of the concepts I've learned from my ancient Biblical Hebrew retranslation of the Holy Bible. I also see it in myself.

The setting for the mirror is in how Christ Consciousness jealously and passionately safeguards the truths found in God's Word. God's Word is also in nature and Bigfoot and Dogmen are both associated with being caretakers of the forests. In my studies "trees" are symbolic of God's laws, both physically in nature and spiritual in the Bible, and in ourselves. Therefore, it fits.

So, basically, I still don't know. It can go both ways, good/evil. Bigfoot are People ...or maybe bears.

PS As of yesterday, while researching, I see an all-out synchronization of the propaganda has occured in the internet searches. There are now an overabundance of similar, coordinated, planted stories that Bigfoot is a hoax. This is different from what my other Google searches have found, in years earlier. This is a tool of mind-control. Bigfoot is not a hoax regardless of what Google leads us to conclude. Bigfoot are People ...or maybe bears ...definitely Predators. But Heaven and Earth are mirror images.

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Written May 17, 2024 at 6:03 pm


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