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Proof Bigfoot are Invisible (and Visible)

I posted this in one of my Bigfoot groups today. It is proof of Bigfoot. I'm about to go turn it into one of my stories. xo Angel


Angel: "Ok, so here's the answer to "Your picture is blurry, get a better camera!" and "I don't SEE ANYTHING," and "No, they don't exist."

Yes they do. The reason WHY the picture is blurry is because they dwell on a higher level/frequency than humans. We aren't SUPPOSED to see them. If ordinary humans could SEE everything they'd feel SO intimidated and insecure. You don't take a 3 month old baby and put them in college classes. They aren't ready. I believe very strongly in God and in his Creation of EVERYTHING. I write about this all the time, you can't shut me up, I LOVE it. So that's all I'll say here but for deeper ideas go read my stories on my website. They are true. They are about Bigfoot and my off-grid property "Angel Creek." They are day by day by month by month figuring this stuff out and comparing it with the Holy Bible, NOT as Christians have been taught, but as the scriptures actually say because I retranslate the King James Bible English back into the ancient Biblical Hebrew and Greek. Sorry folks, but it is different and much deeper than we have been taught. I spent a lifetime studying this. Ok so...

THIS is a video of a Bigfoot. This one is using his translucent cloaking abilities. He is SO unconcerned about being seen that he walks right in front of the phone video without a care. I have a BA in Radio/TV and I produce an Austin television series. So I have professional editing software at my fingertips. I bought this land and THEN started suspecting Bigfoot is real and researching it. I naturally try to understand from a Bible point of view because I have a Master of Divinity. That's how I think. So that's what I write about.

I have hired a local lady to clear my land around the little blue shed/cabin I bought and had delivered there last year. I pay her to ALSO take photos and videos every single time she works on clearing my land. It is off-grid and so dense that I couldn't even park my van there at first. She is making me a yard because trackers I contacted documented the Bigfoot were there and had built two structures one on each side of my cabin door to observe me from. That scared me to death. So I've had her clearing, she's a hard-working independent Ozarks lady who is aware of what I think and doesn't care, she just wants to work. We have now cleared (she works, I pay) a 200 foot by 70 foot long yard for me and she has been documenting it as she goes. She thinks she is proving she worked. I'm checking the photos for Bigfoot to try to make sure she's safe. On this day she was clearing my land and taking her photos and videos like she always does.

THIS TIME I thought, "Put the video in Final Cut Pro X" and slow it down. I did that because I've now trained a Tennessee Country girl Christian girlfriend to think like I do and when I posted the day's clearing photos/videos on my Facebook page she said, "Something moves from the cabin to the brush pile." So I checked and yes, she was right. It is a Bigfoot with an entirely human face, hippy hair, and fur covering the rest of his body. He has a baby on his left shoulder. He comes up OUT of the GROUND like a ghost in front of the white door of my cabin, walks right in front of my lady videotaping the burn pile of debris she has going and the work she's just done, and he DIVES into a pile of brush where several toddler Bigfoots are.

YOU CAN'T SEE THIS. It is not only "blurry" but it is invisible. The ONLY thing you can see is pixelization moving across the screen. Here's the video. If any of you do what I did MAYBE you can SEE it, maybe not. It ALSO depends on your OWN depth of insight and ability to see, fine tuned to your spirit and I'm guessing your spirit has to be pretty good morality wise. They normally hide from bad guys, just sayin'. Pretty smart.

I was able to take a screenshot of my video in the editor and I outlined it in red. He is full body length, profile, walking from the right to the left. It's only about the first few seconds of this video. I'm guessing the smoke had something to do with my ability to see him at all with my editing software.

To PROVE it I will put ANOTHER photo of this same guy, Bigfoot, with his children and his wife attached to him, (they are totally covered in fur) 600 miles away from my Ozarks farm, where I've barely ever been cause I was scared. He manifests JUST for me to take a photo of him. IN TEXAS. I didn't even realize I had photographed him until 2 months later. He is way in the background of the photo, in the front were my friends. I wasn't even at my own property. He knew where to find me and he appeared in my photo at just the precise moment to be in my picture.

My best guess is that he was telling me he is safe, I am safe, he has a family he cares about, just like I do. I had my family, he has never seen, with me the day he let me take his photo. I have a lot of theories about all this and I've captured them all in my various stories beginning from the first day I realized a couple of my trees on my land I had just bought were weirdly bent. From there to now, my stories go one by one until I can write this and SHOW you. Check my page for my website link. Go to: www dot ChapelgateAngel dot com

Yes Bigfoot is real. Yes he can cloak and become invisible/translucent. No, you can't usually see them and no the pictures are rarely clear. Here's a clear one. xo Angel

PS If you want to go deeper and theorize about his weird looking ARM in the Texas photo then notice the same shape that is a LOG in the Ozarks picture. I think he was shapeshifting, reading my memory and had access to the photo I'm talking about and used it to demonstrate, as his arm. Yes...I know, I know..."

When I write this much I just turn it into a story, lol.

The screenshot from the video I posted, he's the same one, same face and body, outlined in red and barely visible.

The photo of him in Texas, where I live:

I also finally figured out that the long shiny strip is his long hair from his human head. Think of it the way you would a low ponytail thrown over the shoulder. I also can't quite see the "wife" on his back that my friend suggested but I do see other possible Bigfoot children on him. Look at the picture, again, just above this. I see a sinister big face in the center bottom, semi-visible. It is staring right at the camera. One other possibility is what someone said in a group about the big X cross they make. HE said they design it so you can "pick your own interpretation" and it keeps those out who think it means "Keep Out." I definitely think the Big X means "This is MY property, KEEP OUT."

He's way in the back by the chicken coop:

In Conclusion:

A lady friend in a different group said she thinks the Bigfoot are nice and we humans are more of a danger to each other than they are to us. So I'm going to also add what I just told her (and then go put all of this into a new story on my website). I said: "I think you are right. But I have been studying this from several angles. There are more sinister theories. I got a sense of peace the first time I watched him (my Bigfoot) walk across from my cabin to the brush pile with his babies. I finally relaxed because I was afraid to take my family to the land I bought. I got the sense he was completely immersed in babysitting. Ok there’s a sinister viewpoint, which I am still entertaining because I have tracker friends who believe Bigfoot are pure apex predators. I believe them too. I especially believe them after watching a video interview with a guy who happily researched Bigfoot for 6 years for his You Tube channel until he had an experience that stays in my brain. He said they turned on him, used their psychic powers to tie him to a chair he was sitting in outside in his yard and a group of them toyed with him in a form of mind rape with the intention of killing him. He was unable to move out of his chair, they had him secured with a mind force. They told him they had a Master(s) above THEM and the goal was deep, unsuspecting treachery to a chosen innocent victim before sacrifice/murder and they got bonus points for their genius and patience. He managed to break away from them and got back in his house. When you listen to his story you can see his PTSD. So that’s the alternate viewpoint."

Here's the video of the Bigfoot Researcher with the bad experience:

I also have several earlier "Angel Creek" stories where I ponder this same question and link to other examples of this alternate viewpoint.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved Written October 30, 2023 at 5:23 pm


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