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Bigfoot & Dogman Spiritworld: orbs

Well, now I've gone from being a Moderator of a Bigfoot group of 20,000 people, to quitting because they wouldn't let me "moderate," just babysit and tattle-tale on the unruly, to going "back to my books," to changing the name of a Bigfoot page I started a couple of years ago, to starting my very own group that I'm now allowed to moderate to match that page. I'll just say I owe a bit more respect to the guy who was trying to handle his group of 20,000.

Anyway, I started the new group with one member, me. Now I have 25. But within that 25 (and growing) are some sheer experts, several in fact. because I had already met them in earlier Bigfoot groups and we had already become friends. I renamed my original Bigfoot page which was, "Adventures in Swan," to "Bigfoot & Dogman Spiritworld." I named my new group the same thing, to match.

Why did I rename it? Well, I had originally created the first Facebook page to find people who wanted to pay to camp in tents on my Ozarks property, "Angel Creek." I had bought my van, "Swan," to do just that, myself. I was envisioning that. I had put it on a BnB website for unusual rentals. I had said, "it might have Bigfoot there." I was still a bit foggy on Bigfoot and pictured him/them staying quietly and nicely on the back of my property if they were actually there. I had 800 people who liked that idea and joined my page.

It is a gorgeous property with huge old oaks and a dry creek running right down the middle. I put my new blue shed/cabin I bought last May there. Then in August I figured out for sure that I have Bigfoot there. Plus other stuff like Dogman and hybrids. I had found a man, "The Bigfoot Expert," who tracked it for me. My stories are here on my website. After he and his partner tracked it, I knew I had them for sure, and had photos of their structures, and a footprint. He documented that they had started coming to the front of my property where my cabin was. In between May and August they had built blinds on each side of my cabin to observe the front door. In Sept/Oct they built a huge X cross beside it. Huge. It scared me. The stories are all here, just look for them, with photos. So I took it off the BnB. I wanted to use my "Adventures in Swan" name for my adventures in my van, "Swan." So I took the name back, I changed it. Now, the name is, "Bigfoot & Dogman Spiritworld."

I've been studying this a lot. I want to figure it out. Then maybe I won't be so scared to go sleep in my off-grid Ozarks little blue cabin that is just waiting there, brand-new, for me. I'm thinking about it, I'm thinking about it...

Meanwhile, I've noticed there are very few people in the Bigfoot World who understand these things are both physical and spiritual. Well, I study the spiritual, that's what I do. So I say they are both. My new Facebook page and group match, and my plan is for us to advance the state of the art and insight into what in the world is going on here? Today, just a little bit ago, I was thrilled because my girlfriend I had met in another group had posted her beautiful, beautiful photos of orbs. I'll go get a photo of orbs that I can use, but if you go to my Facebook group you can see hers for yourself. Then I just cut-and-pasted what I said on my group page after she posted her orb photos, to make this story. Here:

I posted this on my Facebook group, "Bigfoot & Dogman Spiritworld," today...


My friend just posted a series of photos, she took herself, of orbs. I have other friends here who spiritually cleanse houses and purposefully sweep orbs out of houses. Friends, we are what you call “leading edge” in grasping some very important areas of virgin territory. I know for a fact we have differing opinions here on the subject of orbs. So I have one rule: be kind. We can do this! Here’s what I said in her comments:


Ok a lot of your orbs match what I’m currently reading. There’s a guy who devoted himself to studying and photographing orbs. He has a lot of insight.

Once again, like with Bigfoot, I find myself back at the question, “Are these things good or evil?” I’m only half-way through his book but he has photos of what he thinks are the evil variety of orbs. They look like this but they are dark, smoky. I’m starting to think these may be living “thoughts” or thought-forms. He has a pic of a holy man thinking, focusing, and he captured an orb coming out of his temple. There are SO many! Each like a snowflake. But there are SO many “thoughts” in the world.

The most interesting thing so far that I’ve read is he captured photos of two holes, tunnels, side by side. Orbs were changing form and going INTO the holes (in the air). When I saw two that were side-by-side my mind immediately thought "parallel" as in good/evil or as in beginning/end. I write about this idea a lot in my stories about what I've figured out about God's doctrine, his Word. He likened it (the orbs changing shapes and going into the tunnels) to a torsion vortex. Well, that struck me because Stan Tenen discovered the basic structure of ancient Biblical Hebrew WORDS and LETTERS of the alphabet were formed from a torsion vortex. God created with his WORD. Words form thoughts. Thoughts contain spirits. So yes orbs are spirits. I'm pretty sure...

WE have enough variety and expert knowledge in this group right now to figure a bunch of stuff out that has never been grasped before. Letters/thought forms. Good/Evil?

Bigfoot turns into an orb and sleeps inside trees according to Dr. Matthew Johnson (I've written stories about this). I watched a video of a man witnessing Dogman repeatedly emerging from a tree.

We got this. Thank you! Gorgeous and important photography! Thanks!

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written March 23, 2023 at 12:30 am


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