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Bigfoot Fog & Technology

When I was studying for my two Masters in Theology I wrote up a storm. That's what happens when your mind shifts to good information. It sparks thoughts. Well, that's what is happening today and yesterday and, once again, I'm writing up a STORM. The posts on my new Facebook group page: "Bigfoot & Dogmen Spiritworld" HERE are just a goldmine of good information. So here's the thought, just now...

My girlfriend who posted the beautiful orbs (that I've now written about) just posted some more of her photos. She is a pro photographer. She posted an obvious Dogman. Go look. She actually posted a half dozen at the same time and one of those photos had what looked like a sheet of fog in it. That sparked me to say...

"Amazing Jennifer! I have two possible ideas. First, in that book on Orb research that I posted in your comments on the beautiful orbs you shared HE says that the orbs can turn themselves into VEILS. He has a photo of that and it looks similar to your photo that has a sheet of fog in it. Ok, that's a possibility. Second, Jerry Williams says that Bigfoot can manipulate the weather. THEY can CREATE a FOG like this. So that's also a possibility. Now I thought of a third idea. I watched a video where new technology was using a layer of vapor/mist/fog to PROJECT video on. They were using it like a screen to display images on. So I think that particular knowledge came from previously undisclosed research into what Cryptids like Bigfoot can do, then copying the concepts. That would explain, also, why they've kept such a tight lid on the existence of these creatures. They wanted to reap the rewards. It might tie into hologram technology as well. THANK YOU!!!"

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Written March 23, 2023 at 1:37 pm


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