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Bigfoot's Invisibility Cloak

Today, in my Cryptid group the leader posted a video one of our members had taken of a Dogman. It was standing in front of a tree, sort-of looked like a Christmas tree, with all the low spread out branches. I watched the video and saw a tree. Then towards the end a Dogman emerged from the midst of the tree, about the same size as that tree. It had been there all along. I commented that that was cool. The leader said lots of people just think it is a tree, period. So, here's what I said:


Angel: "My opinion is there is 100% a Dogman there. That's not even a question, to me. The questions come when I'm watching HOW it is managing to camouflage itself, watching what it does. I have heard the theory that it is Bigfoot's hair (maybe Dogmen too?) that allows it to camouflage, that the hair itself can bend light. I think these Cryptids are both natural and spiritual/supernatural. So the physical hair being able to bend light satisfies those researchers who only want to consider the physical. That's fine, once the physical properties are laid out it makes it easier to grasp how those same properties fit into the spiritual realm for those of us studying it from that vantage point. This is an amazing capture of Dogman on film. Thank you!"

Then I went to You Tube and started searching for "bending light" etc. I remembered seeing videos about the military's technology. That video showed a soldier running across a war zone with a big tank, in a city setting, and you could just BARELY see him. Most of the time he was just a blur or barely there. Ummm, like Bigfoot. Translucent. The bending of light (I'm guessing through electromagnetism.) I found this amazing video about sort-of recent technology that can act as an invisibility shield, you know, Harry Potter-like. Here it is:

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Written September 18, 2022 at 11:48 am

Here's the military invisible soldier I mentioned:

And here's another one, Starting to think Bigfoot can be translucent when he wants to yet? I am. Here:


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