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Bigfoot's Pineal Gland


"I mean, we're kind of like in a battle - we ARE in a Spiritual battle, you know."

The camera in the video pans around to show the Bigfoot structures on this man's private property in Tennessee. (Hey, Tennessee friends, pay attention! Especially my High School Church friends!) The video is called, "Bigfoot is Destroying our Trails." I'm now at the 9:01 minute mark. It is by "Ten I See Living 1984." He has just shown how the Bigfoot pushed down tremendously huge trees and scattered them all over his family's ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) path so they can't use their paths on their own land. He says they are in a War.

He says Bigfoot bury their dead under stone mounds (where are the bones? skeptics say). He has just shown one of the stone mounds on his land. He says that Bigfoot do not forget about their roots, their ancient ancestors, they protect their burial grounds. (Take note, Christians: Don't forget about our roots, our ancient ancestors described to us fully in our Bible. Protect our burial grounds. They didn't die in vain. Each has an important piece of our story to memorialize for us, to teach us through how God chose to use them: Moses, Levi, David, Adam, Jacob, Joseph, Esther, Cain, Isaiah, Job, Jonah, Eve; Mary, Joseph, Jesus, John, Peter, Martha, Nicodemus, Zacchaeus, Judas, Lazarus, etc. etc.)

"They've got you believing there ain't no such thing as Spirit (the Elite masters of the Earth). therefore there ain't no such thing as Jesus, therefore don't worry about it, people, you're all good to go. And it's a good way to get everybody killed, that's what that is."

I picked this particular segment of his video to highlight because of the Pine Nuts. It is at THIS particular point in their documentation of the destruction of their path that they notice the Pine Nuts empty seed shells. The Pine Cones are in the bed they've just discovered. Bigfoot's bed.

"I don't think deer eat pine cones. I do know Bigfoot like pine cones."

THEN they notice the pine cone SEED shells. They are everywhere. EATEN, leftover pine cone SEED shells.

"Well, you know, if you want to kick up your PINEAL GLAND, eat Pine Cone SEEDS. ...then you'll end up having all the powers these dudes have, they ain't stupid."

And that is the end of what I wanted to point out. It is the MISSING LINK between Bigfoot and the Rainbow, the fully activated chakras, the Christ Consciousness, that I talked about in an earlier short-story I wrote today, "Rainbow Consciousness." Right there. OUR PINEAL GLAND.

Right now, most of our Pineal Glands have been sabotaged. The Elite masters of the Earthly realm KNOW that they can't DARE let us discover God gave his children pineal glands in their minds, in their bodies. God designed us to be able to USE them. Jesus was instructing us based on the idea that we could USE them, as I believe he himself was. Our pineal gland lets us comprehend heaven, the Spiritual realm. Jesus was instructing us to "Seek the Kingdom of Heaven - the Spiritual realm - FIRST." Our teachers either don't know what he meant or they actually do and have hidden it from us through false prophets and false doctrine.

And THIS is WHY God gave me a "Plot Twist" in the story I was writing, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series." Look through my short-stories on my website and begin to grasp everything that has been stolen from us. Like Bigfoot. I even have a story called, "Bigfoot, a Plot Twist."

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved. Written September 11, 2022 at 2:53 pm.

The video I am referring to is HERE "Bigfoot is Destroying Our Trails" by Ten I See Living 1984.


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