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Ancient Biblical Hebrew, the underlying content and structure of our English King James Bible, is my passion. How does that tie into UFO's? It didn't until I read something today in my Tesla book. There was a diagram of a UFO, something I'd normally scoff at and ignore, but this one was different. It contained a caduceus. Immediate attention. I couldn't buy the books fast enough.

Laileigh: "What are you doing?"

Angel: "Buying books." (which she knows good and well is something I said I wouldn't do anymore at this point because I now have 250 unread ones waiting on me)

A bit later...

Laileigh: "Can we order crab?"

Angel: "No, I don't have that much money right now, next week we can."

Laileigh: (putting two and two together) "WHY? Because you BOUGHT BOOKS??!!!"

Yeah, pretty much. Anyway, the diagram of the UFO had a caduceus on it. I'm not Christian anymore, I think you may realize that. What I am is an ancient Biblical Hebrew Israelite priest. I followed Jesus and this is where he led. If you truly follow the heart of Christianity - it goes here.

Often when I post about my Death Metal friend of the past 20 years I also post a yin yang symbol OR a caduceus. Why? Because when you study the Bible on the level I'm on your comprehension shifts into new territory. It is because of that friendship that I can grasp the meaning of the caduceus. I never would have without it. But because of my day to day life choices and matching up what I was choosing with my current, up to that point, comprehension of God's Word, I entered a yin yang friendship and THAT taught me about WHY that diagram of a caduceus was SO interesting that I immediately spent all the "crab money." The yin yang concept is all over our King James Bible. You don't see it because it isn't translated through Christian eyes. Yes, you heard that right. I just said the King James Bible is not for Christians - not today's. It is an English translation of ancient Biblical Hebrew concepts and that just isn't done. Not if you are reading it correctly. When you read it correctly you begin to see Tesla, and electromagnetism, and once you grasp THAT you also grasp the real meaning of the caduceus and when you grasp THAT and you then see it on a decades old book about UFO's you know you are hot on the trail of grasping God's Word. Boy, this is fun!

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Written July 27, 2023 at 10:54 pm

Quote: "In this volume author and researcher Kenneth W. Behrendt presents readers with what he believes will be the main concepts of the next major paradigm in the world of science that will slowly gain increasing acceptance in the coming decades as more and more experimental and observational evidence is accumulated to verify their reality. As a result, many of the currently reigning theories of modern science will be fully replaced by equally valid ones based on a common sense friendly “alternative science” that finally eliminates our current Einsteinian and quantum physics based paradigm’s counter intuitive paradoxes and overly complex and unnecessary mathematics.

To introduce readers to the basics of this coming new paradigm, the author presents surprisingly simple explanations for gravity and inertia based upon the properties of subatomic particles known as gravitons. This new knowledge will eventually lead to revolutionary technologies that can be used to artificially negate both the gravitational and inertial properties of matter and allow faster than light space travel to be achieved. Remarkable new and simple models for electric and magnetic fields, atoms, neutrons, and even photons of electromagnetic radiation are also described and then successfully used to refute the currently unquestioned validity of Einsteinian relativity. With the knowledge of the coming alternative science based paradigm, the true nature and destiny of our cosmos as well as humanity’s place in it will finally become apparent to readers for the first time.

This volume is for critical thinkers everywhere who have always suspected that what we are currently being taught about the cosmos does not quite make sense and, thus, most likely does not represent its ultimate physical reality. It is for those who dare to remove the blinders that have been put on their minds by today’s science “education” so that they can discover revolutionary new concepts whose future technological fruits promise to enrich every aspect of human existence."

Quote: "George Adamski's Lost Book!For years rumors spread across the Internet about a lost book written by George Adamski,a book which outlined his initial contacts and philosophies of the various aliens he met. Recently copies started to appear around the Internet and this is your chance to own your own copy. Were Adamski’s claims fact or ficction?Did Adamski really ride a UFO to the moon, mars and venus?Adamski claims, he said, were based upon a firsthand encounter with an extraterrestrial in the California desert circa 1953which he described in The Flying Saucers Have Landed and it became an international bestseller. Over the years, Adamski claims to have held meetings with notables such as the Pope and the Queen of the Netherlands, discussing with them his supposed flights into space long before the first Russian cosmonaut. He also provided a set of flying saucer photos taken at his home only a few scant miles away from the base of the world famous Mount Palomar Observatory."

Quote: "The Physics of the Paranormal is one of the few books in existence that actually explores, in depth, the physical mechanisms that may be in operation when various paranormal events occur. In order to provide these revolutionary insights, the author applied several concepts derived from his lifelong research into UFO propulsion and secondary effects. The application of these new physical principles to the paranormal reveals a fascinating unity in the mechanism in operation behind such apparently diverse phenomena as mental photography, psychokinesis, the Geller effects, bodily transfigurations, and miracle cures. Based on some of the author's own experiences with telepathy, the book also explores this phenomenon, as well as its role in the process of reincarnation. This book is not a compendium of case histories. It focuses on selected cases and seeks to provide the serious student of the subject with a conceptual framework that will guide future paranormal research well into the twenty-first century."

Quote: "Here's a little known fact: Every video screen on the planet – including the one you are looking at now – can trace its origins to a sketch that a 14-year-old farm boy drew for his high school science teacher in 1922.

His name was Philo T. Farnsworth.

The Boy Who Invented Television is the definitive account of the life and legacy of a once-in-a-century genius – and the epic breakthrough that produced the most ubiquitous appliance on the planet.

Compiled and written over several decades, this intimate biograpjy draws largely on the author's personal relationship with the Farnsworth family and surviving colleagues that began in the mid-1970s – just a few years after the inventor's untimely passing at the age of 64.

Schatzkin was the first to unearth this riveting story of one inventor's determination to resist the juggernaut of David Sarnoff's RCA to dominate video as it had radio. Schatzkin's diligent independent research corroborates a narrative that has been largely swept under the rug of 20th century corporate public relations.

With intimate insights into the technical challenges of developing his invention and Farnsworth's vision of building a sustainable, independent company, this book will change readers' perspective on the screen that dominates modern life. From its pages you'll learn... Philo Farnsworth distilled the fundamentals of electronic video when he was only 14 years old! the groundbreaking theories of Albert Einstein made television possible. the legal struggles Farnsworth endured resulted in his relatively obscurity today, and... the insights that made television possible led him a viable approach to the Holy Grail of modern science: nuclear fusion.

The Boy Who Invented Television is a 'must read' for anybody who watches television.

First published in 2002, this 2023 reissue includes a new Foreword that ties this book to the author's newest release, The Man Who Mastered Gravity (ASIN #B0BYQ41GM6), and an Afterword account of more recent events recognizing Farnworth's indispensible contribution – including his induction into the Television Academy's Hall of Fame in 2013.

Treat yourself to the incredible story that comes alive everytime you turn on your TeeVee - or look at your smartphone!"

Quote: "This is the biography of a man whose story cannot be told!

The Man Who Mastered Gravity is the true story of Thomas Townsend Brown - a little-known scientist whose discoveries in the realm of relativity and gravity control disappeared behind a veil of classified military research and UFO conspiracy theories.

It is a story of romance, espionage, hidden technologies and a secret society woven through pivotal events in the middle of the 20th century - all explored while carefully avoiding the temptations of pseudoscience and conspiracy theories.

Like Paul Schatzkin's first book,The Boy Who Invented Television, this long-awaited sequel takes the reader to the edge of modern science.Written in collaboration with the Townsend Brown estate - and with the aid of several covert sources - the two books together suggest a realm of advanced knowledge somehow kept tantalizingly out of the reach of humans.

The intrigues woven into this epic tale of lost science, hidden power, love and danger, could literally turn the world upside-down.


More info at


Pre-release reader reviews (based on an earlier edition):

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's extremely well written by a very talented author. I've always been intrigued about Brown's life and the possibility of propulsion by counteracting gravity. If you, too, have come across Brown's work and want to learn more, then this is the definitive book. If you're someone who enjoys 20th century history, secret societies, scientific intrigue and mystery, then this book is for you. – J. W. E.


Very interesting account of the life of this brilliant and enigmatic scientist and inventor. A Heroic Effort by author Paul Schatzkin! – Larry R.


This is quite literally the essential and most authoritative biography of T. Townsend Brown available. Through access to Brown's family and friends as well as hard-earned documents and dogged research, Schatzkin gives new insights to the life of Townsend Brown that seemed impossible a few years ago.

He fearlessly goes down the rabbit holes inevitably encountered in the world of black projects. He ably explores the technology and physics that Brown worked on and developed. He dispells many of the myths about Brown and corrects mis- and dis- information. He even drops a few bombshells that will certainly challenge some readers perceptions of what's going on in this world and how the Universe works.

Schatzkin is a sober, intelligent, and sensitive author writing about a man who mostly inhabits the risky world of the fringe and conspiracy theory. He does it with cajones and good sense. It is well worth the read. – 'Thorny'


The most complete account of the life of T. Townsend Brown to date. I found a great value in these pages. Considering the secrecy and disinformation arround this character, it is a really hard, deep, extensive and controversial investigation by the author. Above all, it is a respectfull text, full of valuable information, that lets the reader arrive her/his own conclusions. – Ernesto


Paul is a master. I have studied 😭. Brown since the beginning of the 1980's and thought I knew a lot. Paul brings you into the door of Brown's home and makes you feel as if you are tagging along with Brown himself! The technical concepts gleaned from these writings will give you insights into the mindset that created the inventions Brown is so noted for. I couldn't put it down and could not wait for the next chapter! – Ron H.


This is an enormously intriguing story. How much of it can you believe? Clearly any story about black operations is going to lack documentation. That goes with the territory. What of Schatzkin's more extravagant claims? Are they credible? He writes with a reluctant skepticism, as one who doesn't want to believe, but can't help wondering himself. – John A."

Quote: "What has happened to George Adamski since he wrote the famous incidents in Flying Saucers Have Landed? Since the memorable November 20, 1952, when he first made personal contact with a man from another world? Since December 13, 1952 when he was able to make photographs within 100 feet of the same saucer that had brought his original visitor? Inside The Space Ships is Adamski’s own story of what has happened to him since then. It begins with his first meeting, a few months later, with a second man from another world — his first meeting with one who speaks to him. This second visitor brings him to a Venusian Scout (flying saucer) and this, in turn, brings him to a mother ship. Later lie is conveyed in both a Saturnian Scout and a Saturnian mother ship. Adamski tells us what transpires in these space craft and what the men and women from other worlds have told him. Adamski’s photographs of flying saucers, originally published in Flying Saucers Have Landed, have since become world-famous as other witnesses in other parts of the world have succeeded in taking photographs identical with his. Now, however, in Inside The Space Ships, Adamski gives us 16 photographs and illustrations, no longer of Scouts (flying saucers) mostly, but of the great space ships from which they are launched. The main group of these photographs was taken in April, 1955, and neither the photographs nor a description of them has ever been published before."

Quote: "William D. Clendenon, pioneer UFO researcher, served in the U.S. Navy during World War II as an Aircraft Identification Instructor. His UFO research spans over 40 years of serious work including first-hand sightings and encounter of UFO's in the field followed up by international research of available recorded information on UFO-s from the ancient past ot the present. This book documents no more, no less that the author's real and and factual experiences while involved in his trailblazing research of th emysterious unidentified flying objects." HERE

Here is a hint. See that ball on the top? That's Christ. See the two entwined serpents? One of them is me, the other is my polar opposite. Heaven/Earth. They go together. Electromagnetism. Healing. Physics. Ancient Biblical Hebrew scriptures of our King James English Bible. That is what you are seeing.

Yin Yang

Also yin yang

Quote: "This book takes us beyond Childress's previous books This amazing book on an unusual voyage into the world ancient flying vehicles, ancient legends of flight and the mysterious power system of Atlantis. Taking us from ancient texts in a centuries old library in India (The Royal Baroda Library in Mysore India) to diagrams of mercury vortex engines and power broadcasting crystals of Atlantis, this will fascinate and amaze! Richly illustrated, and packed with evidence that Atlantis not only existed system more sophisticated than ours of today. Topics: The Ramayana and the amazing vimanas of ancient India; Atlantis and its crystal power towers that broadcast energy; Inventor Nikola Tesla's nearly identical system of power transmission; How gyros with electrified gas or liquids anti-gravity effect; Mercury Proton Gyros and mercury vortex propulsion; The Crystal Towers that broadcast energy to the lost continent of Atlantis; How these incredible power stations may still exist today; The Earth as a giant power plant."


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