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Cara’s Books

I’m reading 2 books right now. One is a children’s book which I love. I’ve always loved reading. I passed that down to my 4 kids and granddaughter. My four kids all came for Christmas this year. We did it the first week in December though. For a surprise I brought 2 old chests out of storage. They were filled with the kid’s old toys they hadn’t seen since the 1990’s. They LOVED that, seeing them again. Cara rejoiced over her toys but she immediately grabbed every book in both chests to take home with her. My son Tristan said, “Cara wrote her name in every one of my books when we lived in Orlando, growing up.” I said, “She wrote her name in every single one of MY books too, and kept them.” She had. She was doing it as we spoke. I eyed her pile of claimed books and thought “that one’s mine, that one’s Tris and Sidney’s, those two are mine…” but we all just let her happily claim them. She suddenly surprised me. “This one is yours, mom.” She handed me the one I kept, the one I’m reading now, “Tunnel Through Time,” a children’s book. She was right, that WAS mine. My heart leaped for joy and I quietly kissed it and tucked it close to me. As I read it I’m seeing ideas that made it into my own children’s book I wrote, “Willie Worm & the Apple Tree.” My book is set at Chapelgate. It isn’t about time travel but it does have a rainbow that appears that you go through to get to another world. That WAS my book. Cara remembered. Today is her birthday, New Year’s Eve. Happy Birthday my darling girl. xo Mom


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