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Chainsaws, David Thoreau, and Giants

Ok, so I've bought a new chainsaw. There are two short-stories about that. Why am I clearing my Ozarks land around my cabin? Well, go read them. Maybe I'll have to put my Bigfoot short-stories (all completely 100% true from my Ozarks land experiences) back up, here on my website. I had decided to take them down. I'm tired of these creatures. I just want my Walden.

So, the lady with a chainsaw (I name people like that, just deal with it) I've hired to clear around my new blue cabin started clearing with my new chainsaw yesterday. I pay her to take before and after photos so I can see my land and what needs to be done next. I also pay her for the photos so I can use them in my stories. I always do that. She sent me photos.

I started looking at the photos and I noticed there were lots of transparent beings in my woods, watching her. This is normal. She told my off grid neighbor, Ed, that long ago she had camped in a tent right across the little dirt trail, can't hardly call it a road, from my cabin. This was long before I bought it. She said she saw shimmering ghosts. She told Ed, "There are ghosts out here." So she is aware. She actually lives a mile from my land so my ghosts are already her ghosts, truthfully. (I believe she actually saw shimmering, cloaked, transparent Bigfoot, like Ed has described he sees from his porch at night; he's a hundred feet from my cabin on his land). But I also thought hard about whether or not to TELL the people I was hiring to work on my land about the Bigfoot and other things there. I decided it was only fair. I told every single one, so far, about a half dozen, with varying reactions. I told her. She said she believes in Bigfoot too. She said she needs the work and the money and doesn't care. So that's where we are. Meanwhile, there are invisible creatures in the photos that she sends me. Often I will message the photos to friends I've now made in Bigfoot groups who can see them too. I've made some really good friends now, all who are educated and experienced with Cryptids (creatures that exist that science hasn't acknowledged, like Bigfoot and Werewolves, and Dogmen, and Skinwalkers, and tiny people).

We're getting to the good part, the part about David Thoreau and Giants.

So, I sent one of my photos to a couple of Bigfoot friends, privately. Immediately, my new girl friend, who also has strange things on her Georgia farm, circled a few of the dozens of beings and sent it back to me. "I knew you could see them too," I wrote and thanked her. Confirmation. I've also just joined a new Cryptid group (we're talking Facebook groups) and met the guy who created it. We've chatted and sent photos back and forth. He's good, I mean he's REALLY good at seeing these things. I can see them now too. If you try, so can you. But HE sees stuff that even I, nor my other friends, see. He circled my photo and pointed out a couple of things and sent it back to me. But not until we had a revealing conversation ...about David Thoreau, Walden, and WHY I said, "this is really weird," when I sent him my photo to look at.

Cryptid Group leader: "What's so strange about it?" (before he sends the photo back with his circles) "They know that you know about them, so now they're showing themselves more to you. Once you open that door you can't close it."

Angel: "When David Thoreau decided to go to Walden it was not to socialize. He wasn't looking for a thousand new friendly strange beings. I bought off grid land. That means no people. I don't want stacked invisible weird looking creatures looking at me from every direction. It's a zoo. No I specifically have not invited them in, not opened the door. I've not only closed the door, I'm cutting down all their hiding places. They can go away. LOL that's just me. I bought a paradise secluded in the woods where I could create beauty. They can watch and I'll keep them safe if they are good. If not, I will ask God to remove them. I wasn't looking for new buddies. Just me. But what I was referring to as weird is the way there are SO many of them of all kinds and shapes and sizes STACKED in layers."

Cryptid Group leader: "Those are in sub-dimensions."

Angel: "Ok. ...I'm just trying to grasp what is going on."

Cryptid Group leader: "Same thing that's happening around the world. God spoke of the 7 Seals. I think this is one of the broken seals."

Angel: "Ahhhhhh, very, very good insight. That helps alot, thanks!"

Cryptid Group leader: "The world will see worse. We must be ready to manage it all."

Angel: "Ok well I guess we are the chosen ones, lol, no for real. We get to lead the way by figuring this stuff out, because I certainly didn't seek it, it just found me."

Cryptid Group leader: "Exactly. That's why I started the group."

Angel: "Ok, good job. Thank you!"

AND THEN he sent me my photo back. He had circled something I had missed. He just said, "Big guy." He found a GIANT, right there in my photo.

Angel: "OH MY GOODNESS, YES, I SEE HIM!!! WOW!" then, "...Here's a thought: the smaller ones seem to be INSIDE him. That fits with the shared energy and we are ONE idea. If not right inside him then associated all around him. That makes sense."

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written at 12:18 pm December 5, 2022


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