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Choosing tomorrow, Now

Mark: (text; sends me a flyer, I read it, think, respond)

Angel: “That’s absolutely fabulous! Sorry, I can’t do it!”

Mark: (my phone rings, I answer) “You know it is perfect!”

Angel: “It is absolutely perfect! But here’s why I can’t do it… I just spent a lot of money on my trip to Dallas. Yesterday, I paid all my bills for this month. Now I just have enough to make it till next month. Plus, I’m babysitting Laileigh for the next 3 days. I’d just hop in Swan and bring her but I can’t take her to Nefarious (it is a Christian movie Mark was just in, and is the Stunt Coordinator for; it opens with him, but it is about the demon possession of a man on death row). But I DO realize it is absolutely perfect.” The flyer Mark has just sent me says that the Writers/Directors/Producers of Nefarious are going to be AT a Dallas private movie showing Sunday night, tomorrow. If I went I would meet them.

Mark: “You’re the one who has been setting this all up!” Mark is referring to his and my step-by-step initiation of his now being a featured guest, the FIRST unveiled featured guest, of a cruise to the Caribbean next March. Someone that he and I both perceive as being the dynamic engine force behind an elite group of the most creative visionaries in media has put Mark in this position. My last short-stories available for you to simply go read are here on my website. They describe all this.

He and I both want these two cream of the crop Producers featured on Kyle Saylor's "Dinner with Dreamer's" first ever cruise as well. To that end I just traveled to Dallas to one of Kyle's dinners, told my life story again (I told it in 2017 & Mark heard) to a room full of media visionaries," and Mark set up a meeting, the day before, with Kyle and the two Producers, Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman. They are the Producers of "God is Not Dead" and other premiere hard-hitting Christian major feature films. During that same Dallas trip Mark had called Sammy Maloof, a stunt car driver in films like "Fast and Furious," and "Mission Impossible." I had sat across the table at the dinner from Sylvester Stallone's current body double/stunt double and had asked him about his work in Tulsa King. I had told him, "I've driven with Mark before. He watches two miles ahead on the road. He sees EVERYTHING physical that is happening at every moment in time. Just like you, probably. Did you notice they had to tap me on my shoulder to know to look at the camera when Kyle was taking our group photo just now? That's because I'm always in my head, oblivious to the physical world, I'm always in the spiritual. I barely notice the physical.” Mark is the master of the physical, Hollywood Stuntmen Hall of Fame.

That is the foundation for what God showed me on my journey I write about, "The Chapelgate Adventure Series." I started one day in 1985 by praying, "Dear God, if there is something more to Christianity than I understand, would you please show me?" God had. At the dinner I used my allotted 60 seconds to describe my entire story, finishing with how we proved in Federal Court my late husband, Robin's, Drilling Data Center software and hardware technology was saving/benefitting the major oil companies alongside Exxon-Mobil (whom I had brought the lawsuit against for intellectual property losses) a hundred million dollars per year. The lawsuit was for $678 million dollars. We had sued both Dresser and Mobil so I believed that to be over a billion dollars. At the dinner I described how I went into the courthouse bathroom in the middle of the trial, knelt down, and sacrificed every single penny to God, my Father. I had said, "If there is any way you can use it for your glory." 30 seconds later I'd gone back in the courtroom, sat down by my group of attorneys, another huge group of lawyers and top oil executives at the other table, and the judge had dismissed the jury, then taken every penny, in essence, and the trial was over.

What I left out, because I only had my 60 seconds, was how God then told me about how I had thereby qualified to enter into the beginning of understanding the "kingdom of heaven,” just like Jesus had told the “rich, young ruler” in the Bible who had “gone away sorrowful because he had great riches.” I hadn’t. I had thought of the Bible story and followed Jesus. It is all in my book. I told my girlfriend, Gigi, the other day, that the first 70 pages of my main book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," is my family genealogy. She said, "I couldn't really get into your book." I said, "That's because it is pure documentation. I documented every single thing I say. Then I prove it with my day by day poems, songs, and stories." They evolve as I walk. I documented 20 years day by day, 1985-2009. I have all my copyrights to Robin's software in my book. I have the letters from my attorneys to Exxon-Mobil's attorneys stating the damages are $678 million dollars and why. I have the first songs and stories I wrote on my journey following God that resulted in an entire book, “The Songs of Chapelgate,” of over 200 Contemporary Christian Music songs I wrote step by step, miracle by miracle, from 1985 to 2009. I was Robin's personally trained Documentation Specialist who documented 7,000 pages of computer code HE wrote creating the first real-time major integrated computer monitoring system for the drilling of oil wells in history. His system was set up at Mobil in Irving/Dallas and on the rows and rows of computer screens, monitored 24/7 by the highest engineers, were up to 40 wells (he said it was unlimited) being drilled all over the world at that precise instant, and the data they were creating was being monitored by his computer programs and stored in his data base. He could warn them an oil well in the North Sea or Gulf of Mexico or Oklahoma, anywhere, was running into a problem with enough time that the engineers could solve the problem before it happened. That's just the tip of the iceberg. It's documented in my book, “Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir.” Now, I'm writing the sequel, what happened next, 2009-2024 “The Harvest of Chapelgate.” I finished my Dreamer's 60 seconds with a rushed, "and then I retranslated the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, twice, ...I went and got a Master of Divinity from Lipscomb first, ...I already had a BA in Radio/TV/Film from Abilene Christian University, ...I'm a writer and write short-stories about what the Bible really says. It doesn't say anything like they've told us. I write about what it really says, ...and I'm matching it up with physics." Mark, sitting next to Kyle, had commented to the room at large as I sat back down, "NO ONE can top that." What I didn't have time to say was what I later expressed in a short paragraph to my girlfriend Gigi, and then later to Mark, see my stories. "The Bible says that there are physical laws that govern the Earth, the physical realm, and there are spiritual laws that govern the Heavens, the spiritual realm. Heaven is over Earth, superior to it. The spiritual laws are over/superior to the physical laws. The entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is saying that. It explains in detail how it works." Later, I would clarify to Mark, "I didn't SAY, "I'm going to retranslate the Bible." I did just exactly what YOU are doing, I followed the Holy Spirit, day by day, step by step and THAT's where GOD led me - to the retranslation of the Bible. I examined every single ancient Biblical Hebrew letter and series of letters one at a time and compared it to the translated English King James Bible. Then I did the Greek. 15,000 hours. It does NOT say the same thing current Christian doctrine says. My 250 books I’ve chosen and bought over the last two years are going to show me how the spiritual realm links with the physical realm. It is through righteousness. Holiness. Jesus has to exist INSIDE us in a holy spiritual temple built in accordance with following the good, spiritual laws of morality and purity. We basically DO have to be good to get to heaven. Actually, the first law is we have to put God, our Father, first, as our foundation. We have to love him above ALL else. Then we have to obey him. Then we put the commandments and Golden Rule into our actions. We learn to walk with him, repent as needed, wash as needed, maintain the relationship, and respect and obey God. We STUDY. We put into practice what we learn. We grow. It’s fun. My latest short-story is "Galilee and Cern." This is going to change Christianity." What I left out was that it was my SACRIFICE done in the pure spirit of a child following their father, trusting, that had created the DESIRE to then go try to really understand what the Bible said, which led to my two Masters, which led to my retranslating the original scriptures for a decade and 15,000 hours. That's where my ideas are coming from.

Back to... Angel to Mark: “Every single day I wake up and choose which direction I want to walk next. Do I want to work on my “Texas Tales from a Lone Star” series? Do I want to focus on taking care of Laileigh? Do I want to write another story about YOU? I’m surrounded by $10,000. worth of books in my room right now. When I master what they say it will set Christianity 1000 years ahead of the opposing forces. I’m choosing to stay home and read my books. But it IS absolutely perfect.”

Mark: “Tell Kyle about it.”

Angel: (Ok, I just did. I just sent him the flyer.)

Mark: “He needs to organize a movie showing just like this one, in Nashville.” I screenshot that and send it to Kyle too.

Angel: “I just talked with one of my oldest girlfriends yesterday. She knew Robin way back at Dresser, in Houston, even before Chapelgate. She wants us to go see Elvis’ Graceland in Memphis, then Chapelgate. If Kyle hosts a dinner for Nefarious in Nashville then she, you, and I will go to Nashville to that one. I’ll have more money after my birthday, coming up.” I’ve been wanting to show Mark my former home, “Chapelgate,” since we met in 2017. When I had sacrificed the lawsuit damages to God I had known at the time I was also sacrificing Chapelgate. I had lost it because of following God, staying obedient, good, while everything I loved was being taken from me. I had told the truth, every step of the way, even if it cost me. At the time, I had pictured David vs. Goliath in my mind, based on my fundamental Christianity from birth knowledge and walk. Now, two decades later, I finally fought the real Goliath just the other day. I finally grasped enough to see what the story was really talking about, and follow it. It is talking about doctrine. False doctrine and true doctrine. THAT is David and Goliath. See what I mean? It changes everything.

Back to the story... Mark tells me his theory about how we need to take actions “Now” that are “maybes” set in our minds somewhere in the future. "Write a story about it, Angel." I just did.

I agree with Mark, the master of the physical realm, the lover of God and Jesus who befriends maids to Producers, who is walking this path beside me, beside Gigi, beside us all who are on or simply just finding this path. I am. I’m choosing my books now, with a strong foundation for using what they will tell me, in the future. Read my stories. This is miraculous. As usual. “Thank you, Father.”

The next day, Sunday, having made my choice of "Now," as Mark had advised me I woke up, made a cup of coffee, and opened the book I was currently reading. Robin had given our oldest son a Tesla Coil for Christmas as a child. I opened my book on Tesla. It was talking about how "LOVE" is part of the Unified Field.

Angel (to myself, thinking): That's true but it is also the place where even those who grasp there is a physical world AND a spiritual world go wrong. Love is not the goal. Jesus taught us the FIRST and GREATEST commandment is to love God, our Father. We are to obey him, respect his laws, walk with Him. Love is part of the results of having first done this until the holy Temple exists inside of us. THEN our Father, God leads us from one mystery to the next. The Bible was not written for the masses. It is instructions to the holy priests who then lead the masses by what they create in the "Now" to become manifested in the future. The masses only have to keep basic rules of morality and decency. God has them covered. God teaches them. The Bible was written for Israel. In its' full power that means physical and spiritual Israel. But look at me. I am a spiritual Israelite. I was born into a generationally faithful line, my family, of a fundamental Christian church whose doctrine was faithful to steer their members towards respect for the holy, supernatural, inspiration of the Bible. God responded to that, in me. I am an Israelite who "sprang up naturally from the ground."

My coffee growing cold, I pause my reading to take photos of my book. I have chosen my studies, my walk with my Father, as my "Now" direction. I have sacrificed being able to meet two of the top Producers in Christian feature films. I've chosen to be in my own home caring for my own family instead. I have just seen another miracle. Look at the photos I just took of the book I was reading when Mark sent me the flyer. Look at the paragraph I'm on after sacrificing meeting the Producers. Look at how God, my Father, walks with me in the "Now" as he leads me into the unknown. This is how it works. Read the last paragraphs I just read before I stopped to type this ending.

PS And THEN I finished editing this short-story, went to Facebook for a sec and had a notice that Kyle had posted that time was running out for our group of Dreamers to reserve their cruise. So I told them about this short-story. I manifested tomorrow, my vision, this spiritual vision, just the way Mark taught me, physically, in the “Now.” The miracle is in the timing. That’s God, our Father. xo

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written July 15, 2023 at 8:14 am


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