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Egyptian Sorcerers or God's Northern Lights?

Today’s interest… one of my friends posted an interesting question ("Were the recent Northern Lights seen in unusual places natural or caused by Haarp/Project Blue Beam?"). Here’s my thoughts: “Tough one. Our northern lights are symbolic of Jesus/Christ, as designed by God our Father, Yahweh. The entire creation symbolizes him, stars, movements, etc. I do believe these are the End Times. I don’t believe we grasp what that means. I think they are part of an eternal cycle & the Pole Shift occurs probably every 200 years. We live on a plane. Evil is not allowed in Heaven. God keeps it out. Therefore, the firmament is a barrier the flesh/physical realm can’t grasp or go past. The entire design has been taught to us fraudulently, for centuries. The Bible has the correct concept but you have to grasp it a different way than Christianity grasps it. The color pink was wrong. The Elite do have a vested interest in our believing what they want us to think about Climate Change, their future profits depend on it. Therefore their ability to manipulate weather, ALL weather, is a jealously protected secret they employ mind control, media, and communication/education/laws to conceal. The recent eclipse was manufactured. They use deep numerology to use events to satanically rebel against God. They grasp esoteric laws that exist that most of us have no idea actually work. The power to use Haarp etc. on this scale may be beyond them. But their ability to create psyops to steer our comprehension is very powerful. We ARE in a Pole Shift. The physical realm mirrors the spiritual realm. The End of the Age has great signs & wonders, designed by God. The heavens are flipped. God’s design is that Heaven is OVER Earth symbolic of the Spiritual realm being OVER the Physical realm. Male is over Female. Everything we are taught from birth, see on media, or have as our laws is designed to prevent us from seeing God’s design. It truly is a war. But during every Pole Shift everything is flipped back to the original design. I’m like you and don’t tolerate idiots well. So don’t be surprised when I delete this when the idiots start attacking what I’ve said. Sometimes I see something, like this post, and answer but then regret it due to comments. Good question. Haarp is much more extensive than we realize, many countries are using it and companion technologies.”

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written May 16, 2024 at 8:11 am


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