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Dad is rich…I want an EarthRoamer…

I want one of these… small problem: $600,000. Thinking…. Ok I prayed then wrote them:

Hi, I have a Public Access TV series I created in 2014, “Texas Tales from a Lone Star.” I create stories and videos revolving around my personal adventures. When I explore outside of Texas I just call them, “Texas Tales from a Lone Star: Afar.” My next adventure, next week, is about my hero, Outlaw Cowboy Andy Armendariz, my main focus since 2014, and the Saloon he built on his own ranch this year for Cowboy camps and live music. Like this: (sent the video)

After that, my next adventure is to Nashville to attend the 3 day Dinner with Dreamers private film festival at the Johnny Cash Hideaway Farm. I’m a member of their private group of media visionaries out changing the world. I’m also going to the East Caribbean next March with them.

Bottom line: I can’t afford your EarthRoamer, but want to and love them. Benefit for you: I create Adventures and have a system in place to easily, at the touch of a button, submit the stories/videos I create to 500,000 families in Central Texas. I can also easily bring my adventures to the attention of major media visionaries. Let’s come up with a plan on how to make this happen.


Angel Isaacs

(sent my website)

So I emailed that to Earthroamer along with a link to my website, Andy's documentary, and the Dreamer's flyers. Then I sent what I did to Andy, Gabriel, and Mark. Mark's God's kid. He gets it. Take a look:


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