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Demon Doors

I joined a group called "Cryptid Alliance" this past month. It was recently founded by my friend, Roy Stubblefield. In 1981 Roy encountered a Werewolf in New Orleans.

Many of the group members go out into the areas around them, usually woods, to take photos. They then come back home and carefully enlarge and sharpen their images. They look for Cryptids. They find Cryptids. A Cryptid is a being who is not recognized by accepted science. They exist. LOTS of them exist. Other members of the group are there because they didn't know anything about Cryptids but they were surprised out-of-the-blue with seeing one or having an encounter with one. As a result they want to understand what happened.

Yesterday Roy posted in the group:

Roy Stubblefield Administer: "Everyone please read this Asap. If there are any members that have knowledge about demons please pm me. One of the members has a serious issue. This is not a joke. Please don't ask me to explain right now. I will when I can."

I saw that two members wrote they were sending him a pm (private message). I didn't. Instead, I brought this issue to the open view of the entire group. I posted the following...

Angel: "Demons are not what people think they are. God created with rules. When someone rebels against a spiritual law then an adversary spirit enters them. Like say the law is sexual purity. Someone who breaks that law hundreds of times has an adversary spirit in them. That spirit is a demon. Same with greed, lust, lying, coveting, etc., etc. So to actually cast it out all you have to do is figure out it’s name. Sometimes they are grouped. Once the demon is identified then repentance and a change of actions is required. That is the true meaning and solution. Anything else is Hollywood. Oh and by saying that I just cast out a demon."

A little bit later Roy posted pictures of what was occurring. A woman was sitting in a room in a house, probably her house. There were red marks on her skull. A partially translucent hand with claws, a really big and ugly hand, had been caught by the flash of a camera near her head. Another picture showed someone's back, I am assuming hers, It had red scratches on it and one scratch in particular looked like a hexagram.

Angel: "That (those) is (are) very strong one. Step One. Intent. The person needs to first sincerely pray to God our Father (not to Jesus; Jesus said pray to your Father). They need to examine their life and heart. They need to tell God they INTEND to follow him and repair anything wrong. Then ask for his help and guidance. Step Two: They need to say outloud their INTENTION that this thing leave their house, their body, their family, their life. STRONG spiritual INTENT is the key followed by STRONG physical words/actions. As we INTEND and WILL we clear the path. Third Step: Physically clean the house. Use this video. Fourth Step: Spiritually clean the house. Sacrifice any object not in alignment with God and holiness. If that means music cds, books, jewelry, etc then SACRIFICE it. Last Step: Bring in GOOD nourishment spiritually such as holy books, clothing, music etc. Keep repeating ALL steps with STRONG INTENT and sustain it."

I then put a link to Jerry Williams ("The Bigfoot Expert") and Lead Tracker E's You Tube video they created showing how they cleanse a home.

You can watch their video HERE

Another group member posted: "When dealing with demonic influences you have to close all open doors that let them in. All books, movies, friends, psychics every open door. That is the first step You can cleanse or plead the blood but nothing will work unless all doors are shut first. 2 repent of any association and divorce yourself from all soul ties."

I said I agreed with this.

Group member: "Prayers."

Angel: "Yes and believers joined together in prayer. Let’s ALL pray and tell God we are joined! I already did. More! (meaning more members needed to join together with us in a unified prayer.)"

Another member posted in response to me: "I kinda look at it like this… There are positive and negative energies in the universe, love, peace, kindness, are obviously examples of positiveness. Anger, hatred, meanness, are a few examples of negativity, I truly don’t believe a person has to be bad or do anything negative to be targeted by negative energies/entities in fact I know they don’t."

Angel: "The question is how to get rid of it. The first step is to understand WHY it is THERE. HOW did it get IN? Yes, you are right, there are positive and negative energies. But we can do nothing unless we are plugged in. You can have a wonderful gadget that operates on positive energy. But unless you plug it in it won't work. If a gadget is not working, then the first logical step is to see whether or not it is broken. If it is not broken then it has to be plugged in."

"And more than that. There are entire systems of philosophies that are demonic. Demons can appear to be clothed in light. They are still demonic. So an entire system that operates outside of God and God's Word, his laws, is demonic in and of itself. That is WHY the FOUNDATION LAW is to cast out ANY system that is not totally based on God the Father."

"Also, in the world of Cryptids we are entering realms that most of the world doesn't even know exists. If we enter in here without the proper understanding and protections then we open ourselves to powers that are greater than us and that can do great harm. SO another early step would be/Is to ask whether or not the demon has been invited in. They are not allowed access unless a door is open. You have to close the door."

And with that, God has now pitched us all into a previously unknown world. The picture Roy posted was of an ugly, clawed, monstrous hand. It was real, only blended with invisibility. The picture of scratches on someone's back was real. It seemed to contain a hexagram. We know these beings can shift in and out of our vision. We know they are seen in full manifestation just like a normal but unusual animal or maybe even a person/animal. We know we can spot their eyes, noses, faces, usually all mixed up with many other creatures like they overlap, and what we have photos of lets us trace their outlines but they appear to be see-through, translucent, to different degrees. I think they are using electromagnetism and frequencies to do this. There seems to be an entire WORLD, and entire REALM of these creatures almost as varied as a ZOO. There seems to be another DIMENSION.

And now there appears to be doors they can get through to get into our homes and stand beside us and mark our bodies.

So we need to learn how to close the doors.

This writing, this experience, is Step One.

Roy: "Thank all of you for your prayers and support."

Copyright 2022 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written October 1, 2022 at 8:27 am

Roy Stubblefield's Werewolf Encounter in New Orleans in 1981 can be watched HERE


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