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Dream Catchers & the Tree of Good vs. Evil

Today, I read an article online about Dream Catchers. HERE

Quote from opening of article: "Dream catchers have made a comeback. No longer an exclusive Native American icon, dreamcatchers can be seen on phone covers, necklaces, clothes, tattoos and a number of other products. Aesthetically it’s understandable; they’re attractive, they involve dreams and have beautiful beads or feathers attached to a round intricate woven net. But what is the real meaning behind dream catchers and should consumerist culture be profiting from Native American culture?"

This was my response:

This actually makes me mad, comments in the article as well as reader comments below. Why? GOD created ALL. Native Americans do not have a monopoly on GOD'S WORK. HE created ALL so that we could understand his system, his doctrine, his rules. ALL reflect Christ in some way or another. I believe there is a good, heavenly, Christ concept based on righteousness. That does not give me or my white Irish American heirs the exclusive ownership and use of MY thoughts and ideas. MY thoughts and ideas are based on my intensive study and devotion to GOD.

This is God's design, that those who SEEK knowledge of his laws and doctrine FIND his laws and doctrine and if they are good, holy, righteous, based on KEEPING HIS laws within his designed system then he gives them added understanding based on their thoughts, actions, and intent. I do not now own MY thought. God does.

Native American Indians do NOT own "THEIR" culture. GOD owns every idea, right or wrong, IN their culture and it is a gift to ALL. GOD OWNS the very concept OF "Culture" itself. Therefore, YES I CAN make a Dream Catcher or anything else I want to AND yes I can profit off it if I want to. The "exclusivity" expressed by the writer of this article is based on greed, misplaced pride and idolatry. This article was written by someone who is expressing a new concept being promoted by those who desire to create, shape, our CULTURE and create their own laws. "That's Native American! YOU can't USE it. YOU can't PROFIT from it. That's OUR new law. WE are writing articles to guide you!" That's what that article is saying and what several of the comments are expressing. THAT is what God calls "Idolatry."

I am proud of my Father GOD and HIS Creation and ALL the ideas. I also do not think anyone should be fussing at the lady who TESTED the ideas and removed the Dream Catcher because she saw it was attracting orbs. It is NOT proven that orbs are good or desirable to have. It is not proven they are our ancestors. I forbid ANYTHING, orbs included, from crossing the threshold of my home. I put it all in God's hands and let HIM decide. I study and learn what HE wants.

God's laws, which I understand based on my obedience and study, allow me to forbid access to my inner sanctum. God's laws allow me to grasp what IS evil and what DOES rebel against his laws and design. I am not only allowed to forbid access to crossing MY threshold of MY home, my physical home AND my inner sanctum, mind, heart, body home, to ANY idea or being I choose - I am REQUIRED to do so. "Thou Shalt have No Other gods Before Me." King James version

Also, NO Grandmother Spider does NOT have the sweet and cuddly interpretation of her and her actions. There is an opposite belief that she is the beginning of just the opposite to that, the web of false beliefs we see here in this article and in the comments. My Native American friend talks about this all the time. The World Wide WEB is BASED on this and we know they do not have our best interests at heart. They have their own interests in mind. It is a WEB to catch the unwary and DEVOUR them. Quit thinking everything is soft and cuddly, people, and wake up to reality. Learn to TRANSFORM evil into good. God our Father created BOTH and he had reasons for doing it.

The desire to protect our children is no greater than God's idea in creating our children in the first place. He knows what he is doing and has a system in place to train us. There is something called "idolatry" and I see it here in spades. Idolatry is strictly forbidden in God's laws and design of His Creation. Why? Because false ideas draw our spirits away from our Father and on our reliance on him and trust in him. Dream Catchers, improperly understood, are displaying disbelief in our Father as much as they display hope in our Mothers and Grandmothers. Yes, Mothers and Grandmothers are allowed to hope for good dreams for their children and grandchildren. That comes from trust in God.

I had googled "Dream Catchers" in the first place because I had noticed that one of my new "Angel Creek" photos, taken yesterday, had lots of transparent whatever-they-are beings peeking though the webbing of the tree tops. "That looks like a Dream Catcher," I thought to myself. So I started googling it to try to see the purpose of a Dream Catcher. I found the article I link to and responded to above. THEN I needed a picture and when I googled images of Dream Catchers I noticed SEVERAL were created with the shape of the TREE branches and TREE roots as their theme.

Well, how about that. It turns out that THAT DESIGN is a concept that belongs to GOD our Father. It even opens the Holy Bible in Genesis. The "tree of knowledge of good and evil" does not mean what it has been translated to mean. It is talking about GOD"S DESIGN of EVERYTHING. His CREATION and HOW it is designed. God designed the EARTH to TEACH US about Christ and about his Design. The physical design leads us to the spiritual design because he designed them to MATCH like mirror images. "As Above So Below," but in it's real meaning, meaning that Heaven - the spiritual based on righteousness, based on keeping God's LAWS - is OVER Earth - the physical laws of nature and the laws that lead mankind to the ability to grasp God our Father as the Designer of Creation.

The story in Genesis about the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" ACTUALLY is talking about how the physical Earth masters figured out that it is GOOD to attach Evil to everything. Think the Elite and how they have set up the majority of the Corporate system to decieve common man and funnel money to themSELVES. The laws of the Earth are based on SELF. The laws of the Heavens are based on OTHERS. "Do unto OTHERS as you would have OTHERS do unto you."

Those in the pursuit of the Heavenly laws and understanding God's system know that the path Jesus walked was based on FIRST loving, honoring, obeying GOD Yahweh YHWH and Second on loving others, based on deep study of the laws of righteousness, righteous goals and insights obtained by FIRST honoring and obeying God our Father. That is the FIRST and most important step of the 10 Commandments because it is the FOUNDATION that everything else is based on.

SO a Dream Catcher in the shape of a TREE, especially the heavenly intertwined branches and the earthly intertwined roots (a combined, integrated NET) DOES protect our children and grandchildren BECAUSE it symbolizes God's Creation DESIGN aand teaches that. We protect our loved ones by following Jesus who was pointing us towards God our Father.

God our Father OWNS EVERYTHING including the Dream Catcher concept because it is HIS concept for the entire outline of all of Creation. When we point our children in the proper direction they are safe, bad dreams or not. Believing that everything has to be good and only good dreams are good for our children is actually rebellion against LAW NUMBER ONE - God our Father is our foundation stone. All else is built on that foundation stone.

Everything God created points us to Christ, meaning Christ, the righteous, holy, master of the Heavenly Realm. I believe that the Native Americans deserve credit and praise for anything they did that is in accordance with honoring God our Father first, Dream Catchers included. Thank you, faithful ones, whoever you are, wherever you are, for finding God's paths and leaving hints behind for your brothers and sisters. This protects us and all children. Thank you.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written December 7, 2023 at 12:05 pm

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