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Extraordinary Conversations

Angel: (texts Mark and Gigi) "Tomorrow at 1:22 there's going to be a test on every phone, TV, and radio in the US. Fyi I'll be putting my phone in my van and unplugging all my electronics."

Mark and Gigi text back. Gigi sends a picture of her walk so I know she's free to talk. I message both, "Calling Gigi." Mark knows that's a signal he is welcome to join in if he's free, if not, why we aren't texting anymore.

Gigi: "I almost called you a couple of days ago but I didn't want to get annoying with my questions. I was in John...where Jesus is telling them to eat his flesh and drink his blood. The Catholics say that it is real flesh and blood. It's hard to grasp. I think it is talking about the spirit."

Angel: "It is but you also have to remember that the two realms I keep talking about are mirror images of each other, heaven and earth. Jesus is speaking from the spiritual realm, heaven, but you are referencing the Catholic church and that's the physical realm... There ARE people who actually drink blood and eat other people, cannibals. That would be the evil, in the physical. Jesus is portraying symbolism in doing the same thing but opposite. Heaven is over Earth. The spiritual is over the physical. So that's all a part of it. HEY!!! The Feast of Tabernacles just happened a few minutes you want to know what it MEANS??? This is the middle of the week of Sukkot."

Gigi already knows that in my life, ever since 1998, when I began retranslating the King James Bible from English back into ancient Biblical Hebrew, that every single ancient Hebrew holiday has actually HAPPENED to me ON that holiday. What I mean is that the ESSENCE of each and every holiday has been symbolized by whatever event was actually occurring in my own personal life ON that day. I've joked that I can tell when they've got the days of the holiday a bit off on their calendars because the essence will happen to me a day or two before or after the holidays sometimes. My own life is the calendar. My own life is the correct timing. I can adjust the Hebrew calendar by matching it up with the events occurring in my own life on the days dedicated to the different concepts each holiday is communicating. God designed it to work like that. No one gets it. Gigi does.

Gigi: "Sukkot, right? My girlfriend and I, a few years ago, actually built a shelter outside to celebrate the holiday. I loved that..."

Angel: "Well, do you want to KNOW what it just happened..."

Gigi: "Yes, of course, you KNOW I do."

Angel: "Ok, well, it's like you and I, WE are dwelling IN the tabernacle, IN the temple, IN the temple itself and the holy of holies. But the people we love aren't TO where we are yet, it's a path. We are ahead of them. THEY, the ones, our family, the Christians in general seeking God faithfully, THEY are in the courtyard. You know, how both of us TOLD our families NOT to get the V but they did anyway? (Gigi makes an understanding, huffing noise, aggravated at the thought of how we both tried SO hard to warn the ones we loved to no avail.) Well, THEY love Jesus, they just don't have our insight because THEY aren't dwelling IN the temple yet, they are just in the courtyard. Well, a minute ago I called my Mom to tell her about what's going to happen tomorrow with the phones. I couldn't go deeply into the real reasons it is happening because she doesn't get what we get, SO, I WOVE what she DOES understand together with what I understand, in such a way that she is protected, a shelter. I WOVE the branches together, to protect her. THAT's what the essence of the holy day is communicating. We are ALL on a path and it leads to Christ Consciousness and dwelling in the temple. The Christians don't have the doctrine right. That's what you and I are always doing, like right now, we are ALWAYS trying to grasp and work out what God's TRUE DOCTRINE IS. And THAT is what the Feast of Tabernacles is talking about. It's talking about God's true doctrine and the hierarchy of how it is designed. WE are priests, WE dwell in God's Word, and are IN the temple. THEY aren't where WE are yet, they are in the courtyard."

Gigi: "That makes perfect sense, I get it." Gigi LOVES talking with me about God. I LOVE having a friend who is sincerely interested in my thoughts and who can also actually grasp the concepts because she is following Jesus and has done so to the point where her insight is developed.

Angel: "I used to get SO aggravated because as I was figuring this stuff out, I'd try to tell other Christians, and they just didn't get it. You know, like how Christianity is so focused on reaching each and every person in the entire world? Like that. I thought it worked like that but it doesn't. THEY don't HAVE to grasp what we grasp. You know when Jesus told that woman caught in adultery to "go her way and sin no more" - she was deep in her sin and she was not repentant. So he was telling her just to keep on doing exactly what she was doing, sinning, and God's SYSTEM that he has the earth set up in would ITSELF teach her until she grasped the law." Gigi is quiet, she's mulling that over. She brings up John again and she brings up the Phoenicians. I run with the Phoenicians thought...

Gigi: I had a dream the other night, I'm always dreaming about purple or deep blues...

Angel: Those are Jesus' colors, they represent royalty, heaven...

Gigi: And in my dream my husband kissed me on the head and told me he was proud of me because of the Phoenicians.

Angel: "Where is a verse that has the word, "Phoenicians," in it - I need to see the word so I can see what it is talking about..." We both start googling stuff looking for a scripture. "I"ll type it in to my Truth Unity metaphysical commentary and see what it says." I do. Meanwhile I see the word, "Tyre." "Tyre, by the way, I know off the top of my head, immediately. Tyre means "straits and distress" and "Sidon" means "hunting." You know, like in how you and I are HUNTING right now, for the understanding of the word, Phoenicians, like that..." We both keep trying to find a Bible verse with the word "Phoenicians" in it.

Angel: "Palm tree...OH!!! Like Phoenix - like the bird that rises up from the ashes. Resurrection. THAT's what WE are doing right now. WE are purple, blue, priests in the temple, heaven, the spiritual realm. We're HUNTING, searching for God's true doctrine - that's what the entire Bible is about by the way - God's actual, true doctrine. WE are RESURRECTING Jesus' - Christ's - DOCTRINE. It is DESIGNED like that - that the doctrine will ALWAYS rise up from the ashes and be resurrected if it is lost. Right now, it has been lost. Christians don't grasp it. Sukkot. We're doing it right now, that's what Phoenicians represents.

Mark has typed a message, meanwhile, I read it. "How's Hallelujah Baby?" He is asking me about my granddaughter, whom he loves and whom we named "Hallelujah Baby" because when she was 4 months old Mark told her to say, "Hallelujah" and she actually DID. It's one of our precious cherished stories. I type in she's fine and just got her red belt in Kung Fu. I send him pics all the time, she's five. Back to Gigi...

Gigi has now gotten back to her home from her walk. She lives in Albuquerque and in Texas, both. She's in Albuquerque. I start blending in how there is a Cryptid called the Creeper, or Rake, just south of Albuquerque. She says, "I'm not moving." I say, "Well, it's not that close to you anyway." I, meanwhile, have googled it and I'm looking at the map and tell her, "in the Gila mountains. I just watched an episode on You Tube about this guy who was hiking really deep, 20 miles, into the Gila mountains when he saw Creepers, who are cave dwellers." We talk about Bigfoot and Dogman/Werewolves, and I describe the story I just wrote a week or so ago called, "Cowboys and Werewolves." Later, I send her the link to it, here on my website, and tell her that that episode is at the bottom of the page of that story.

We talk fast and excited and jump back to Phoenicia, I've found the word now and start breaking it down looking for the clues that will tell me what it means...palm trees...resurrection...Tyre and Sidon...

Gigi: "Jesus spoke Aramaic..." and I don't let her even finish that thought because it aggravates me intensely...

Angel: "Jesus did NOT speak Aramaic, that's disinformation designed to keep us from figuring out he was HEBREW. Everything in the Bible is based around HEBREW. Even when I read the Greek in the New Testament I figure out what the Hebrew concept is that they are using Greek words to describe. All those thousands and thousands of hours I spent retranslating the Bible - NOT ONCE did I EVER run into a section or a word and think, "Oh, that's Aramaic." NO!!! Jesus was HEBREW. He was a Hebrew Priest, a HIGH PRIEST, Prophet and King. He kept the ENTIRE LAW to PERFECTION and even to the point where he had the SPIRITUAL ESSENCE of the PHYSICAL LAW incorporated into himself. Like we are doing. The TEMPLE concept. Christ Consciousness. WE - Christians - are to BECOME like Jesus. WE are to incorporate the ESSENCE of the LAWS into ourselves to the point where the temple exists inside us."

And that is what Sukkot is, revealed and written here, during Sukkot.

Mark sends a scripture. I'll look it up later. We chat more and then have to go. There was more, this is a fraction, but I think I revealed the title. I'm calling it "Extraordinary Conversations." Now, I'll go post it on my Facebook page where one or maybe two or three people MIGHT actually read it. But it doesn't matter. Someday they will. And if not, it has been written now, lived now. It has been resurrected. God's Word. God's Doctrine. This is how it works. xo

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written October 4, 2023 at 3:18 am; written during Sukkot, 2023


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