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Facebook Ghosts

I'm in a couple of Facebook groups that study both Cryptids and unknown entities, ghosts, etc. So I've made a friend or two who don't have my type of background which is a blend of Christianity and deep ancient Biblical Hebrew knowledge and study. One of my new girlfriends sent me three pictures and "hoped I could see the ghosts/entities in them" which were like transparent mist. I saw them all right. I wrote back that they looked MEAN. She then assured me the poor things were just lost and needed help finding their way to the next level. Nope. They're not poor little lost things. They are MEAN, just like they look. So here's what I wrote to her:

" As far as the pictures... I know what you are saying because I've recently read a couple of books on the Occult. However I have a Master of Divinity and study God's laws. I believe after reading the books that the Occult is just seeing a piece of the puzzle. They are telling us how to interpret levels of Hell. That's ALL they can see. They know something is way higher but they don't realize it is Heaven and the levels of Heaven. So their perspective is way wrong. They leave out God entirely. So those afterlife entities that look mean ARE mean. They aren't just normal dead people, they are bad people sent to hell. So that makes it even scarier to interact with them. If God himself wanted us to treat them with kindness and helpfulness he wouldn't have created levels of hell to contain them. They will eventually work their way through their karma like the Occult believes because we have a gracious God. But their earth choices resulted in the evil and meanness I can easily see on their faces. So don't pity them. They are exactly where they belong and we turn it over to God our Father. He said leave them alone. Ok gotta run. xo"

After I finished my story I received another message from my new friend. She said she had seen ghost children and they weren't mean. She wanted to understand that. So here is that answer:

"I think the question is how far do we trust God? They are fine. The children are fine. There was nothing that made God madder than the Israelites' hesitation to follow God because they were worried about the children. God created the afterlife. God created the children. He knows what he is doing. We simply trust that. I think part of the answer is in something we overlook and that is genealogy. The levels of heaven require a long genealogy, in living day by day in obedience to God and his Word, in order to arrive at the gates of heaven and enter in to the city of heavenly Jerusalem. The physical realm and the spiritual realm are mirror images of each other. So if that is true in the spiritual realm then it becomes even more important than anyone realizes that we pass down our physical genealogy of love for God and obedience to his Word to our children, here, right now, and we do it for generations. Christians have something important wrong. It isn't "trust in Jesus" that gets you to where Jesus dwelt, in the heavenly kingdom. It is having enough trust in Jesus to obey him, study God's Word, figure out what Jesus was talking about and DO it. Today I'm studying Ezekiel 48 and it is describing the gates and dimensions of the heavenly city, where Yahweh dwells. I simply do not know about the children. I simply do not know about everything in the afterlife. But I know that I understand on a pretty high level about how heaven works. I can read and understand about the gates and dimensions of the city. It is talking about the results of holiness and righteousness after the development of the "tribes" of Israel inside our spirit. So maybe God lets the children visit. Maybe they aren't really children. Maybe they ... I don't know and I don't need to know. What I need is to have trust in God, Yahweh, and that whatever he is doing is good and right and generous. God will handle the children. I can trust that."

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Written November 7, 2023 at 6:49 am


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