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Gifts of Ancient Knowledge & Wisdom

My "Angel Creek" stories are all true, about property I bought in the Ozarks and how I figured out Bigfoot and other Cryptids were there. HERE When I initially grasped that this was a possibility I contacted two people I had unearthed during my search for the truth. My goal was to see whether or not what I suspected was true, that I had Bigfoot on my property. It was true. I made arrangements with these two wonderful warriors of tracking, Cryptids, and serving God, who drove from Oklahoma to Arkansas to track and document my land. My "Angel Creek" stories are what happened day by day, step by step. I have included links to their resources in my stories. They just finished writing and publishing their first book and asked me for a review. This is my Book Review, both publicly and privately, given here for my readers and for the completion of my personal story:


“ I finished reading your amazing book. You have given a gift to the entire world.” (You can use that as a quote)


Now, just between us… What interests me personally the most is of course the "Legend of Time" plus the other work you’ve mentioned, the Aztec sun stone, the Fibonacci sequence, etc. As you know I was raised with our Christian interpretation of the Bible. That began to change specifically in 1985 when I prayed a vow to obey God better. Step by step my insight changed as I made choices based on morality. Then deep study and sacrifice opened the scriptures to the underlying doctrine. I describe this in "The Chapelgate Adventure Series." It traces and documents my story from 1985, that prayer, to 2009 when I had arrived at my perception. HERE My unpublished book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate," (many stories are included here on my website), traces 2009 to the present. HERE

The similarities I’ve been able to see in "The Legend of Time" and the original ancient Biblical Hebrew and Greek scriptures of the King James Bible require you to do the same steps to grasp. It was possible for me to get to the root of the matter and unveil the true Bible doctrine by discarding the fabricated interpretation built up over centuries. The same is true for "The Legend of Time." What lies underneath the symbolism is the same concept.

Our history is not millions of years old. That is disinformation designed to distance us from our Father. I suspect our earth IS flat with a dome over the top. My article, "Flat Earth Judgment on Rosh Hashanah" delves more deeply into that. HERE

Outer space and planets don’t exist. Again, disinformation. What does exist is a spiritual realm separated by holiness from the physical realm. The concepts of planets and space symbolize bodies of spiritual knowledge and universal principles. (So far, the book, "Other Planets," by Emanuel Swedenborg gives the best insight I've found in this direction.) HERE

Yes God created Bigfoot. Yes God created evil. No there was not a time of perfection (outside of the Eden, Heaven, and Christ concepts). All that is Catholic disinformation. Bigfoot was created by God - YHWH not Jesus - to be a symbol of Jesus, of Christ in reverse, mirror image. Christ is a Predator. His personality will track down every spec of untruth and destroy it using the same techniques you’ve revealed, but in reverse spiritual symbolism.

Genesis is describing this - yes the spider symbolism is true (the "Theory of Everything" "Unified Field Theory" and yes it is actually true both on a corporate scale and a matching (quantum physics) individual scale, all is linked, regardless of modern science and the internet's goal to discredit it) as is the ONE original predator concept (Christ/Anti-Christ), as is the DNA concept (we become what we eat; by the way the unusual part of DNA found in Cryptids/Christ holy men is being generated by "holiness" and "un-holiness"). Everything in existence is a symbol of Christ - grass, stars, water, all animals, and Cryptids. I found these same patterns repeated throughout both the Old Testament and the New Testament. My other writings delve into this more deeply. Oh, and the Nephilim and Anunnaki ideas are being interpreted wrong - those concepts are ALSO describing this - as is most mythology, worldwide, for centuries. Genesis 6 is discussing how elite holy men who have mastered Torah can/have mate(d) with elite physical experts, scientists, and in doing so they create a blend of both physical/spiritual - "giants." Think leading edge. Elohim are the leading edge elite of heaven and earth (spiritual/physical), Genesis 1:1. All creation comes from this location. This is how Jesus did it. Jesus was an elohim, the leading edge. There is only one God, God our Father, Yahweh, Jehovah, same word YHWH. I found this to be foundational and standard in my retranslating of the entire Old Testament and New Testament. Jesus was/is "Christ" and WE are to walk in his teachings and footsteps. When we do and go all the way to the end we reach Christ Consciousness - what God designed the entire Creation to communicate. Those who would chose to reach this point must go through Righteousness to do so. The New Testament is advanced concepts of Torah. Torah is our foundation to get us to Jesus, who gets us to Christ Consciousness. The entire Creation - Heaven and Earth - the Spiritual and Physical realms - are designed around the concept of Christ Consciousness. Jesus saved us from our "sin" of not understanding this. Sin causes the mind, body, and spirit to lose the ability to grasp these insights. Therefore, the 10 Commandments are our beginners map.

Your friendship and help was crucial in my being able to finish the deepest retranslations of our King James Bible. I thank you. Heaven is the spiritual realm and it is separated from the physical realm in ways that prevent evil from having access to it’s treasures. Holiness is required to pass through the gates.

Ok, that is my interpretation I give you due to our friendship. I would have died without your help. My family would have died. I owe you a debt of deep gratitude. My insight here is my gift back. Believe it or don’t, that’s fine. But that’s my best. I love you both. Thank you.

I just added more to your page. I'll put it there:

Thank you for your book. It is priceless. Last night someone said, "I've been watching Bigfoot shows on TV." I said, "My friends just published their book. The TV shows are all about whether or not Bigfoot exists. My friends' book is based on "Yes, they exist." Then it is chapter after chapter after chapter about "here is where they live, this is what they look like, this is where they came from, this is how to protect yourself, this is what they eat, these are the structures they build and why...etc. etc. etc." Yes, you have both given a priceless gift to the world. Thank you! xoxo

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written October 7, 2023 at 10:21 am

You can learn more, including how to buy their book HERE


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