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Going to the Castle

Mark (on phone): What’s the plan? Are you doing ok?

Angel: Lai and I will get to Dallas on Monday. Gigi rented a whole house because she doesn’t want to leave her dog behind. She has another lady staying with her who is also friends with Gigi’s OTHER best friend - I mean a REAL best friend, like me - who is the daughter of Clint Eastwood.

Mark: Wow.

Angel: So this is how I’m looking at it… Laileigh is looking at it as if this is HER vacation. So my focus is Laileigh. That meeting lasts for 3 HOURS. I’m not staying for 3 hours. Plus you already introduced me to them last summer at the Dreamer’s weekend in Tennessee. It’s not going to be small like that. The guy has on his page that he’s reserved 600 seats.

Mark: You made a reservation for me didn’t you?

Angel: Yes, and for Gigi, me, and Lai. So it’s not like anyone is going to get a chance to actually talk to them (Christian movie Producers). Well, YOU can, of course, and Gigi already knows them so she’s texting them she’s coming. Anyway, MY focus is going to be on Spa Castle and swimming with Lai. We’ll probably go for a while then leave. We’re meeting Gigi for lunch the day after. What’s your plans?

Mark: This weather here is rainy and windy, awful. But I’ll be there.


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