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The Holy Shofar Sounds of True Christianity & Judaism (that Bigfoot hears)

My goal in writing this short-story was to cut and paste a couple of comments I made yesterday on the Facebook page of someone I am aware of who does Bigfoot research. When I came here to write this story I noticed my beautiful 80 plus going on 90 year old Aunt, who was there at my birth, had just sent me a "Friend Request." She is aware of my writings and beliefs because I've been sending her many of my short-stories over the years. However, she is not aware of the depth of my research and beliefs I now have in both Bigfoot/Werewolves/ Cryptids and the Bible/Christianity. I am very proud of the family I come from and appreciate the training in following God, Christianity, and the Bible they have provided from my birth. So, at the same time that I cut and pasted my two comments I also expanded the idea of the original story (of just the two comments) to explain in a way that my beautiful Aunt could comprehend. At least, the best I could, lol. xo Angel

Dear Friend (I'm leaving names out so I can use this true message I wrote to one of our current Bigfoot/Cryptid leaders, regarding a recent video he made on his You Tube channel interviewing his fellow Cryptid research friend who has used a Shofar to successfully summon Bigfoot; I reference another leader in the current Cryptid field of study who was associated with his friend and also began using the Shofar in his own research; otherwise this is my true message I posted in a comment on his Facebook page. In the video he states that this is being done but the reason why Bigfoot is responding is unknown. He also states he believes using the Shofar to call Bigfoot is a mistake. His friend and/or the 2nd researcher describe how several "tribes" of Bigfoot responded immediately from various directions in the woods and then sat down at a distance to observe the persons using the Shofar. The researcher(s) - I don't remember which of the two said this or if both did at the moment - said that the Bigfoot acted as if they were waiting for what came next (after they had responded to the call of the Shofar). Then, when nothing else happened (because neither Cryptid researcher understood what they were doing and only blew the Shofar) the Bigfoot simply left, walking back into the surrounding forests;

By the way I have figured out that when the concept of "trees" is used in the original ancient Hebrew of the Bible it is symbolism for study of the Torah/Word of God. Therefore "forests" and "ancient trees of enormous size" would represent the long, deep study of Torah/God's Word/the Bible/God's Word in his design of Creation. In other articles/stories I've written I go deeper into the symbolism of Bigfoot and Dogman/Werewolves. I believe every single thing God YHWH Yahweh has created is symbolism for Christ and teaches us some aspect of Jesus'/Christ's nature.

After intensive study I've stated that I believe Bigfoot and Dogman/Werewolves were designed by God to symbolize the aspect of Jesus' (Christ's) nature that they are a mirror image of. Earth (the physical realm God has created, it's design and laws) and Heaven (the spiritual realm God has created, it's design and laws) MIRROR each other. This would be the true meaning of "as above so below" being used by the occult. I do not accept the beliefs of the occult. I do, however, believe their beliefs were designed by our Father, God, to help those who reject his law and belief in Him to eventually be able to see him (like an opposite mirror). The mirror image (inside the way they think, designed by God) creates a physical path they are familiar with and that they simply have to repeat on a spiritual level when they get to the Passover (concept). The path flips. Instead of going "away" from God they then are flipped (Pole flip concept in nature) have a map, and go "towards" God. Jesus' followers were instructed by him to just forget about all that - simply go "towards" God in the first place. The path then flips, and the spiritual followers have a mirror image path, inside the way they think, flipped, that lets them continue to go "towards" God, on a path they are already familiar with, on a higher level (deeper insight). Then they walk through the understanding of the "physical" law/principals/instructions. They match. They are mirror images.

I use the letters YHWH to get as close to possible as I can to the transliteration of those 4 letters used for Yahweh, Jehovah, in our Bible. I believe YHWH is the ONLY word for God in the entire Bible. The business about all the "names of God" being used by Theologians is just a cover for faulty doctrine. God, Yahweh/Jehovah, YHWH is the ONLY name for God (our Father, Jesus' Father). Period.

When the doctrine we currently follow in Christianity was designed by theologians who were attempting to separate Hebrew Judaism from modern English Christianity our current Bibles were designed to use the word God for Jesus and the word Lord for God, Yahweh. This was to elevate Jesus to the exact same status as God our Father. It is my belief this is a mistake. I believe Jesus was a human who was born to Hebrew parents who had a long family genealogy of true obedience to God our Father YHWH existing inside of them. This is why it is so important that we have families (Bigfoot does & Dogmen have packs). It is also important that we follow the roles of the husband being over the wife the way we are taught in the Bible, New Testament. Jesus' mother and father obeyed this law as did his entire family for many, many generations. God designed important/critical symbolism into his laws about our roles and our families. Bigfoot do this. We no longer do. The symbolism is like nature: Heaven (male) is OVER Earth (female). The Spiritual realm is OVER the physical realm. They are mirrors. Our "hell" rulers have used their tremendous "magic/sorcery" to create the illusion that our earth is a spinning ball with planets, outer space, and millions of miles all around us. It is an illusion. Our earth is flat with a dome over it (they can't pierce). Heaven is over Earth.

Likewise, the law in our Bible is that we are to "train up our children in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it." Mary symbolizes the final step/stage in the perfection of natural physical law and Joseph symbolizes the final step/stage in the perfection of Torah/spiritual law, just before the Christ final stage.

The final stage is when a Master of the Spiritual Law mates with a Master of the Physical Law. (Physical/Spiritual are mirrors.) When you combine the two you get Christ.

Jesus was the Son of God, the son of Mary (perfection of the physical laws) and Joseph (perfection of the spiritual laws). Christ is God's son. God designed ALL to symbolize Christ.

Jesus is a form of Joshua, who led the children of God, the Israelites (God's "chosen" people meaning those who obey his laws) after Moses (Messiah/Torah) led them out of Egypt (a physical/symbolic/spiritual) phase in the journey) through the wilderness (physical/symbolic spiritual) to the edge of the Promised Land (physical/symbolic/spiritual). Joshua (Jesus) lead the children of God, the Israelites, who had left the stage of Egypt and had gone through the stage of the wilderness to Canaan INTO the Promised Land.

Jesus means SALVATION. Not salvation from sin. Salvation from what happens when you DO sin, it separates you from the ability to enter in to the Promised Land. Sin was designed by God to lead all of humanity and all of Creation to Christ. Jesus, Christ, SAVES us from the SIN of not obeying God which causes our spirit to change (frequencies) and which then prevents us from entering the Promised Land.

Jesus had MASTERED the Promised Land stage to the point where the symbolized meaning of the City of God, Jerusalem, EXISTED INSIDE his spirit and his flesh. Not only that, Jesus had mastered the true meaning of the Torah, God's law, to the point where the Holy Temple EXISTED inside of him, both in his flesh and his spirit.

Since the children of God had lost the true meaning, {{{as is also true today of BOTH Judaism AND Christianity}}} of God's Law he was teaching them and demonstrating how it was designed to work. The genealogy of Jesus is tracing the steps that are required in our obedience to the true meanings explained in the Torah to arrive at the goal God our Father designed which is Christ.

Jesus was Christ. Christ is what the end result is of obeying God, sincerely from your heart, the pursuit of righteousness. It exists in nature because God designed nature to communicate the concept of perfection, Christ. Jesus was teaching us not only the correct meaning of the Torah and what we now call the Old Testament but God's Word, which God our Father designed in Creation, which existed inside of him as the true concept of Christ (in particular Israelites who had lost their own doctrine, and sometimes extending to Gentiles, who would represent those in the "courtyard" of the temple, in other words, the next levels out but the closest of the non-Hebrews).

This theory of mine is as close to completion at this time as a lifetime of following Jesus and studying the Bible has allowed me to grasp. I do not think it is perfect yet and I am constantly studying/walking with God, which fine tunes our insight/frequency. But it is definitely on the right path.

I know the spirit half, Heaven, is true as far as I have explored it and compared it to the Bible in the original ancient Hebrew and Greek scriptures after a Master of Arts in Religion and a Master of Divinity from two of our remnant leading universities that still believed in the inspiration of the Holy Bible as I was growing up. This took 15,000 hours from 1985-2009. I kept studying just as passionately from 2009-2023, today. I am now at the point where I am reading a collection of physics books (and related books) that are allowing me to find the parallels in the teachings of the true Bible with God's true design of Nature. Spiritual/Physical. I have been released, in my opinion from some of the LAWS that exist to protect our spiritual development BECAUSE I already obeyed them to the point where they served the purpose they were designed for. Therefore, I am now studying books and concepts that I vehemently rejected in my earlier years. If I had disobeyed, back then, I would not have arrived at this insight.

I'm 67 years old, was born into faithful, multi-generational, fundamental Christianity, and went through life-changing and spirit-changing choices which I documented in my "Chapelgate Adventure Series." The main book is "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir."

Five years ago, aprox. 2018, I decided to purchase off-grid land in the Ozarks that I had found on the internet. I did not go there before I bought it. I didn't know anything about the area. I just knew it was beautiful woods and I liked Arkansas, "The Natural State," and couldn't afford anything as beautiful in Texas or Tennessee. I bought it. A bit later I found a similar off-grid property in Florida an hour south of Orlando. I lived in Orlando 12 years and loved it. So I also bought it. I also bought the Florida off-grid property sight-unseen on the internet. I still have not visited my Florida property or even seen it. I just own it, love it, and use online research and Google Earth to explore it. I intend to visit, clear, and use it eventually. I named it "The Limberlost" camp. It is just a 1/3rd acre off-grid camping lot in 44,000 acres of mostly swamp.

I named the Ozarks property I bought "Angel Creek." This was the name I had chosen for Evins Mill, in Smithville, Tennessee When I bought Evins Mill at first I called it "Angel Creek." Then I decided to dedicate the entire property to God and renamed it "Chapelgate." I have written an entire series about those experiences which led me to today, now. Look in my website "Store" tab.

I decided to focus on my Ozarks property, "Angel Creek," because it had more freedom in the laws, it was unrestricted off-grid land in Arkansas, and because it was larger and more independent than my Limberlost camp. So for the past 3-5 years I have owned both properties. I have focused all my available attention on the Ozarks property, "Angel Creek."

As I eagerly bought and paid off "Angel Creek," and then bought a new very nice, $6,000. shed/blue cabin and had it delivered to my property I studied. I had not yet finalized my beliefs of today. That was accomplished one hint at a time. My first hint of Bigfoot was my noticing in my video I had that had been made by the guy who owned and was selling the property, that there were a couple of strangely bent trees in the video, one small and one large. The real estate man knew nothing and I don't blame him for anything except my going blindly into this situation due to his enthusiasm over the beauty and independence of the off-grid property. I shared his feelings and bought it. I only began to notice hints of Bigfoot after I had purchased it, when I noticed the unusual bent branches on two trees. I didn't confirm these hints until AFTER I had already purchased my little blue cabin and had it delivered. This has been a journey. As I have walked it I have written my short-stories about it. My stories are in my website section for "Angel Creek." I also call the book I have now created from these stories, which is complete but not yet edited or self-published as I intend to do, "Angel Creek."

Angel Creek came AFTER my Chapelgate life experiences and passionate study of ancient Biblical Hebrew and Greek, 15,000+ hours retranslating the English King James Bible books and scriptures BACK into their original languages. That required God to teach me concepts that are not currently being taught in either Christianity OR Judaism. I do believe, however, that my studies have been led by the Holy Spirit, by God YHWH, Yahweh, and that the methods I have used to translate and the concepts I have been led to grasp are true and are as complete as I have been able to grasp up to this point. I believe they are what Jesus was teaching us. I believe I am reading the Bible the way God designed for it to be read and understood. I am now studying nature and the physical laws. Jesus told us to "Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and THEN all these things (the Self/Natural/Physical laws) would be added unto us." I did.

This message is based on all of the above and brings us up to date, to today. I still have not visited my Angel Creek property except for just a few short visits. I have, however, figured out everything I have up to this point and documented my stories about the Bigfoot that exist on my land. It was never my intention to go this direction. GOD the Father, YHWH, Yahweh, LED me this direction. I believe He knew this study would complete my understanding of the Bible, Christ, and his design of the Spiritual and Physical realms, Creation. That is the basis for my writing what follows:

Angel (a message in the comments of a page of one of the leading Bigfoot/Cryptid leaders/researchers):

"I watched your interview with (So-and-so), then part of a (2nd So-and-so) interview about the Shofar. I know why the Bigfoot are responding to those notes. It represents “Hope” that the Messiah is arriving now. Our Christian doctrine is missing the concept of Holiness and Righteousness as being the goal Jesus was instructing us (Spiritual Israel) to pursue. Not everyone has to. God has separate laws for the general masses which require just basic decency. But the Spiritual Israel Leaders do have to follow God's holiness laws.

Holiness is understood by Bigfoot as is God YHWH’s physical natural law. They have mastered both the physical natural laws God has created and the spiritual laws of holiness Jesus was actually demonstrating and teaching. My passion is retranslating the King James Bible back into the original ancient Biblical Hebrew (and Greek - which I believe is using Hebrew concepts; I never saw anything Aramaic when I retranslated the Bible and believe those teachings were designed by theologians to take away the truth that Jesus was a Hebrew High Priest, King, and Prophet and was teaching the culmination/perfection of Hebrew Torah).

I bought off-grid land 4-5 years ago and figured out Bigfoot was there. I was afraid to go explore my land until I grasped what Bigfoot is. Now I almost have. Mine left me the Sign/Seal of Melchizadek made from branches (which is one of my short-stories you can read on my website with the picture). It means Christ/Righteousness/Holiness. They have mastered the spiritual law (frequencies/electro-magnetism) principles Jesus was teaching us and have mastered the physical nature laws God designed as well. The Shofar is making notes/sounds/frequencies that they understand as Jesus/Christ/Messiah has arrived. It represents hope our world will change and that goodness will triumph (Heaven) over (Hell) and the balance of Heaven/Earth laws as God YHWH Yahweh designed them have now reached a tipping point in the cycle. Whenever I try to post links to my stories/insights/experiences with my off-grid land I usually get blocked by the algorithms. But several are on my page right now and my website link with my true stories is there too. Thanks for your work and fearless exploration." Angel


Angel (added 4 hours later to the same comment):

"I’ve been thinking about this since my comment and would like to add that it is my opinion that your instinct that the Shofar should not be used to call Bigfoot is 100% correct. I believe so far nothing has happened because they are able to read people’s spirit/frequency and responded to (1st so-and-so and 2nd so-and-so) as if they were dealing with curious children. If I am correct, and I’ve studied this from an angle no one else is considering, ancient Biblical Hebrew, then if they are responding to the Shofar that indicates to me that they know how to read the spirit/frequencies of whoever is blowing it as well. In other words if instead of curiosity being the motive it were to change to someone disrespecting them and hoping to trick them they could read that spirit and would respond like the apex predator they are. They tracked me through my frequency and showed up 600 miles away where I live just to appear in my photo I took on a friend’s ranch (photo in one of my stories). I know the one I took the photo of was shapeshifting and made itself appear to be just like one I had taken a picture of on my land in another state. They also work in tandem with Dogmen (hybrids). I think they did this just to communicate with me because I had followed an excellent tracker’s instruction to block them from trying to mind speak with me. So whoever disrespected them with the Shofar could be tracked and located by them easily and they wouldn’t even have to attack that person but could have a Dogman do it. In (3rd so-and-so's) story, which I believe 100%, I believe they were doing this and were using their predator nature. I wrote a short-story that said I believed it was his spirit/(frequency) in his reciting Psalm 23 that effected the Dogmen (and saved his life). So your thinking that using a Shofar to call them could be dangerous is 100% correct. A Shofar is holy and the frequencies are holy. Yahweh instructed the Hebrew priests NOT to touch the Ark of the Covenant. Once, it started to fall and a priest reached out to touch it to save it from falling and was immediately killed. That was because of holiness and the laws Bigfoot seem, to me, to not only understand but are the guardians of. That’s the best insight I have but I believe I am correct. Thanks!" Angel

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written October 24 2023 at 11:31 am


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