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I bought my first chainsaw today...

Today I bought my first chainsaw. Seriously, lol. No, what happened is that I advertised for a couple of months on local pages where my Ozarks land is for someone to clear my land. I went through a half dozen people one at a time until I found this local lady with a chainsaw who lives about a mile from my land. She has been going out to my property for the last month clearing it. She is doing a good enough job that I quit advertising and haven't hired anyone else lately. She started complaining about her chainsaw. So I started looking at Amazon for chainsaws. I don't know that much about them. Yesterday she texted me that she was cutting down trees by hand because her chainsaw broke. I told her to go to Amazon and pick out a chainsaw she liked. I told her to get one that wasn't too heavy for her and that was powerful enough to be able to cut down all the small and medium size trees I've had her cutting down. She did and I did. Now I own a chainsaw. What I'm actually doing is clearing the land around my new blue cabin and between the cabin and road frontage, about 200 feet, 50 feet deep. Jerry told me the Bigfoot are crossing the small dirt road (trail really) there. He also showed me the two blinds they built (yes Bigfoot, you really need to keep up, lol) mere feet away from my cabin so they could see my front door from both directions. THEN they built a huge X cross mere feet from my cabin. SO I told her (when she responded to my ad) that I believed there were Bigfoot there. She said she didn't care, she needed the work $. SO for the last month I've been posting photos she sends me of the progress we are making. God bless chainsaws and hard working Ozark women and stubborn Texas women who just wanted a little cabin in the woods like Walden (and got Cryptids instead, yes there are Dogmen there too). I took down all my Bigfoot short-stories from my website for now because I'm sort of tired of them and ignoring them while I clear my land the way I want it. There are a lot of photos in my photos section. Just look for "Angel Creek." xo

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Written November 27, 2022 at 9:57 pm


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