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I Want to go SEE my Bigfoot Land!

I really want to go visit my land I bought in Arkansas and if I can swing it I think I’ll go in November. One problem. When I lost my old Facebook page a few weeks ago I also lost contact with the local lady there who I had been hiring to clear around my blue shed/cabin. The last project I paid her to do was to install a super-duper locking system on my cabin/shed. Boy, it’s a doozy! My final bit was I paid her to put my keys to my locks in a combination key lock gadget and hang it on my indestructible $200. chain I had her put through my hollow steel door bar (a 2x4 wasn’t good enough, I designed a hollow steel 2x4 we could put my non-cuttable chain through). Then she was to set the combination to the secret number I gave her. I paid her. She got sick and went to the hospital. I kept trying to ask if she’d done it yet, no, but she will, …not yet, …no, but she will, still in hospital… Then I lost contact and haven’t been able to ask her again.

SO, as far as my best guess she never did it, cause she got sick, and I have locked myself out of my own beautiful little blue cabin/shed because it has a super-duper locking system THAT I DON’T HAVE A KEY to!!! LOL Well, I’m positive NO ONE has managed to break in to steal my lawnmower, chainsaw, wagon, and measuring tape. There’s no possible way they could. That shed is SECURE. I even designed the door locking system so I could REVERSE it so I could SLEEP there in my shed/cabin securely once I got that far in my plans.

Not only have I never slept there, I’ve never explored past the first 50 feet, in the going-on-5-years that I’ve now owned it. THAT’S because I got scared once I suspected Bigfoot existed and was there. SO, I’ve spent 4 years figuring out whether or not THAT could possibly be true (it is), safely from my home 600 miles away. I WANT TO GO SEE MY PROPERTY!!! I want to open my shed and see all my land clearing tools I bought on Amazon and had shipped to my lady worker I found through a “Help Wanted” ad. I want to OPEN my shed and I want to park my van in my own driveway I paid her to clear last year. I want to SLEEP in my shed, behind my Bigfoot-proof locking system I designed just to keep them out so I was safe. THEN I REALLY want to explore past the first 50 feet, SEE my dry creek I paid her to clear, EXPLORE and figure out where I want my beautiful little blue shed/cabin moved to. I’m thinking about 100 feet deep overlooking the creek and a little gorge that drops down (in my pictures I paid for). I have 500 or more photos and videos of my property, “Angel Creek,” I’ve paid her and a half dozen other people to go film for me SO I could SEE my own land (and figure out this Cryptid stuff).

I’m cautious. LOL. I have now pretty much solved the “Is Bigfoot real?” question to my own satisfaction. I’ve now watched oh, say, 500 You Tube videos and read a dozen books I’ve bought. I’ve been in several Bigfoot groups and listened to every possible bit of any and everyone’s theories. I’ve taken everything I learned and have matched it up with my ancient Biblical Hebrew Bible concepts (amazing stuff). I’ve listened to and learned just about everything I can from the top experts in this field, and been advised. I have photos of the Cryptids themselves AND their structures on MY land. I know things you wouldn’t even dream of about them. The ones on my land have tracked me to Texas, yes true. They’ve built the Seal/Sign of Melchizedek for me out of tree branches WHILE my lady worker was there filming as she cleared around my cabin/front yard. I have a 70’ by 200’ front yard now cleared so nothing can get near me unseen. In the beginning I couldn’t even park there, the trees and brush were too thick/close to the little dirt road. It is off-grid but I’ve now bought and studied every off-grid tool/convenience, bit of advice, out there. I WANT TO GO SEE IT!!!

So, I’m thinking maybe I can swing it in November. And YES I DO go on my adventures ALONE. That’s how I GET my adventures. Just like this, lol!

My stories, from the beginning until now, are here on my website, free to read. I call them, “Angel Creek.”

I’m still working on the “Creek” part.

Maybe in November…

I have now bought a 42” Bolt Cutter so I can get my LOCKS off my door. I’m sleeping there! More stories on the way!!!

IF I survive.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved Written October 22, 2023 at 3:45 pm


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