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Israel at War...and Eden Roc Miami

Mark (text to Gigi and me): "I'm going to have a Zoom broadcast out of Nashville with a Casting Director friend of mine on Action/Acting in November. Spread it.

Gigi: (nothing because she is always doing Gigi stuff; she'll catch up later)

Angel: (I go and check out his Casting Director friend's page. She's pretty elite, and doing elite stuff.) "Well, if SHE is handling it then it will be a success." (But I'm more interested in overwater bungalows and my latest Bigfoot post at the moment, and the book I'm reading. So I take a screenshot of THAT and send it to Gigi and Mark. I also send a screenshot of a fancy hotel I found for our Miami Dreamer's Cruise, that I've now fallen in love with, Eden Roc.)

Mark: (He ignores my screenshots): "Pray for Israel." Then, knowing Gigi and I are both WAY into Hebrew, adds, "That they will become CHRISTIANS."

Angel: (I'm feeling a bit contrary and my own viewpoint is that the Christians need to become ancient Biblical Hebrew Israelites. Plus I feel like messing with Mark...) "I'm praying Israel will start actually following GOD." Then I add the little words that make him stop and call me, "I'm figuring out how to travel without my body" (my current book).

5 minutes pass. The phone rings. It's Mark.

Mark: "You need to be REALLY CAREFUL with astral projection. When I was in LA a LOT of my friends were into that. I've been around them a lot. It's really NEW AGE. It is witchcraft."

Angel: "I know it is and I AM being really, really careful. I KNOW it is dangerous."

Mark: "Once I was with one of them and we were at a big music festival. The guy I was with looked at me and said, "Watch this...I can turn off their sound system with my phone." AND HE DID. A lot of them do the astral projection stuff and actually DO it. You have to be CAREFUL."

What Mark is warning me about is that I have to be careful with this subject based on the foundation that I am a Christian and Christianity itself. We are instructed in the Bible NOT to mess around with Witchcraft. God means it. Ask Saul.

Angel: "I was accepted into that PhD program awhile back, remember? And it took me a week to figure out it was New Age and going the wrong direction. I immediately dropped out." I'm reassuring him. He remembers.

Angel: "This is what I pray, "Dear Father please show me what you want me to know and please BLOCK anything you DON'T want me to know from my perception. Only show me what you want me to know."

Mark, considering: "Well it sounds good."

Then I add, "think about all the things Jesus was doing and his disciples. I think they were doing some of the New Age stuff. I think OUR TOOLS have been STOLEN from us and we NEED them back. Christians are afraid of looking in the New Age and Witchcraft direction because all of this area has been TAKEN OVER by THEM. JUST LIKE OUR RAINBOW. That is OUR rainbow. So I think THEY have a LOT of OUR tools. Right now, with everything that is going on WE NEED our TOOLS and I'm going to go get them for us."

Mark (says some things about miracles and timing; he brings up how he was recently saved in a ferocious dog attack by divine intervention, that's a story he's told me to write but I haven't until now. When my 5 year old granddaughter, Laileigh, (who has known Mark since he taught her her first stunt when she was 4 months old) heard me tell the dog attack story to my mother her response was fast and hard, "I have to call Mark RIGHT NOW and make sure HE'S OK" and she did. Here's the story:

Mark rescued a stray dog last year. He named her "Sophie" and gives her lots of love and attention. A couple of months ago he was on a morning run, with Sophie. They passed a house with a chain link fence holding 3 worse than Rottweiler big attack dogs. Somehow the 3 monstrous dogs escaped their yard and began viciously chasing and attacking Mark and Sophie. Sophie threw herself into the battle to protect Mark. Mark threw himself into the battle to protect Sophie. A man in a truck saw what was happening and quickly drove into the fight and protected them with the door of his truck. Sophie was so torn up her vet bill was something like $7,000 and Mark was afraid she would die, for a long time. He took care of her. He said she was worth it, she had saved his life and he saved her life, even at that big cost.

Mark is a legendary Hollywood Hall of Fame Stuntman. He has seen the supernatural time and again and he has experienced God's divine intervention and miracles. He has strong Christian friends who are leaders in this area. Mark is part of the reason why Sylvester Stallone included prayer scenes in the Rocky movies. So he's listening to my reasoning with interest and wisdom.

Once, I asked him what he was thinking when he jumped out of a helicopter, in the dark, and fell with a bungee cord to a concrete war zone set on Sylvester Stallone's "Daybreak" set. It was either "Daybreak" or "Batman Beyond," or "Mission Impossible," or something big like that. The scene is in his stunt reel and it is breathtaking. HERE He told me he just prays to God, puts it into God's hands, and jumps, or whatever the stunt requires. On that particular stunt he said the wind caught the helicopter and jerked it down as he was falling. He said he landed with his face 15 inches from the pavement. Mark has learned heroics in his walk with God and has stunt after stunt and story after story that show God's intervention in his life. My own stories I've been writing about him for "Texas Tales from a Lone Star," and for my book, "The Harvest of Chapelgate," are filled with this same type of divine grace under fire.

Angel to Mark on the phone: "Do you remember how you told me, when Laileigh and I were with you in your stunt world environment, that we had to be aware we were royalty when we were with you and act accordingly? And rightly so, and we do... Well, you, Gigi, and I are royalty in the area of leading edge Christianity. Your personality goes to the extreme, the leading edge. You know my personal story of my walk with God. You know Gigi's story. WE are royalty. WE are leading edge in Christianity. I'm NOT rebelling against our Father or Jesus. I think there are TOOLS there that God and Jesus intended us to have and use and I'm going to go get them for us."

Mark agrees. He says he sees my reasoning and supports me. He suggests I talk to Gigi, who is every bit as involved in doing this as I am and as Mark is, so all I respond with is, duh. "I do."

Angel: "I didn't SEEK OUT Bigfoot. That is utterly RIDICULOUS. I would have NEVER sought out involving Bigfoot in my life story. I didn't. GOD brought BIGFOOT to ME. I've studied it SO much now that now I can see that THEY are using these New Age ideas. THEY are using Astral Projection, Portals, Ley Lines, and frequencies. That's how they travel. That's how they disappear. That's why no one sees them. God brought Bigfoot into my awareness because HE wanted me to link the two. Right now the book I'm reading was written by Robert Monroe, who is the leader in the entire field. HE created a foundation and studied this for 50 years. HE is the world's expert in this area. I'm reading HIS book. I want to see what HE has to say about it."

Mark (He is reassured and actually on board, I can just feel it, cause he and Gigi and I love God and have been walking together as close friends now since we all three met at a Dinner with Dreamers event in Austin in 2017. He changes the subject. So do I.)

Angel: "I've found a fancy hotel in Miami for us for the day we get back from the cruise. It's called "Eden Roc." It's the number 2 best motel in Miami. It's right on the beach with a Spa and swimming pools and restaurants. I'm going to reserve the use of their facility, you can do that, for the day we get back from the cruise. The ship gets in at 6 am and our planes don't leave till 3 in the afternoon, so it will give us a cool place to rest and enjoy while we wait. Mark loves that idea, that's why we get along so good. FANCY is FUN, lol! I double check the spelling of his name and tell him to make sure his passport and driver's license have the identically same spelling. I spell his name for him. He confirms. But then he adds a so-Mark comment...

Mark: "I've had my name spelled wrong before and it all worked out just fine." This throws me back into a state of uncertainty and fear of the results of arriving at the Cruise ship and being rejected from being able to actually GO due to technicalities. But if you will read my OTHER stories describing LIFE WITH MARK you will see God has stepped in time and time again and led him and us with Divine Protection. We know all about it. We do it. A lot.

Angel: "Dear God, please protect my spirit and mind as I go into this direction looking for the tools you have given your Christian children to use, especially in these last days, as we follow you and lead the way. Don't let any ideas infiltrate my mind that you don't think I should have. Show me the ideas you DO want me to grasp. Protect us and lead us dear Father. And please, we pray for our beloved Israel, take care of Israel and help THEM to listen to what their own ancestors showed them. In Jesus' name, Amen.

I told Mark, "I want OUR Temple Mount back." We are at war.

Conclusion: I wrote this short-story before reading the book. Now I have read the book. God, YHWH, DID answer me perfectly, just like I asked him to. He guided my perception on each and every page. This man, Monroe, DID discover how to use his "second body" and he DID explore outside of himself, connected to his sleeping physical body, by a long, elastic silver cord. That does me zero percent good for what I was envisioning using this for. I wanted to be able to figure out how to use a spiritual realm that would allow me to travel wherever I desired, such as Bora Bora or my Angel Creek farm or Paris or wherever, and stay in an invisible form wherever I chose, free of money requirements and above rules made by man such as passports and vaccines. It is ridiculously expensive to travel anymore, especially to beautiful and/or interesting places. The man-made rules are prohibitive. It is simply impossible to go to the best places for even a day or two. I had hoped to discover a spiritual realm I could use where earth-bound rule makers could not control what I chose to do. If I wanted a free Eden Roc oceanfront suite for two weeks then I wanted to be able to use the spiritual level, unknown to earth masters, and simply go there undetected and uncontrolled. That is not what this book is. This man, Monroe, spent his lifetime's work exploring Hell. He did do what he claims, the spiritual ability to leave your sleeping body does exist. But because his normal day-to-day self was focused on the Earth realm, not the Heaven realm, and was in rebellion against God, YHWH, Jehovah, Yahweh, and Torah, Jesus, Christ Consciousness he did not experience Heaven. He did not even realize it exists as a possible place he could have explored. He couldn't conceive of it or explore it because his Earth Anti-God ideas in his own personality prevented him from doing so. There is a WALL that God has created that keeps people like this out of Heaven. It does not work like Christianity or the World thinks it works. The only way to get there, Heaven, is to obey what the true original Bible describes. That is what I have been writing about since 1985 and exploring since birth. Heaven exists. Holiness is required to understand the Bible in the original languages and the concepts in the Old Testament and New Testament. Rebellion against Holiness and Righteousness prevents the mind and spirit from grasping the laws. God's Word is the ruling force of everything, Earth and Heaven, and under the earth realms, Hell. This man explored Hell. Not only that he also paved the way for today's thinkers and explorers to broaden Hell. This was a complete waste of my time. It was not what I hoped. Angel Isaacs October 13, 2023.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written October 10, 2023 at 3:59 pm; Israel just declared war.


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