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Jericho’s Wall has Fallen!!!

Gigi to Angel: “I love talking to you! It’s one of my 2 or 3 favorite things in the world. Especially when we talk about the Bible.”

Angel to Skye: “Gigi didn’t answer her phone just now! Can I tell you? It’s SO SO cool!!! I just figured out what the Joshua & the walls of Jericho story is talking about!!! You are the only other one who can grasp what I’m talking about!!!”

Skye (Half-curiously pausing cleaning the kitchen; listening)

Angel: “Ok, remember I keep saying that when I retranslate it is like I’m translating a gumbo recipe? God has me making gumbo at the same time? (Skye nods yes). Well, the story of Joshua is about how God had Israel march around the enemy city of Jericho once a day for 6 days. On the seventh day God had them walk around it seven times and had the priests blowing the trumpets. Then the wall fell.”

Skye: “What does six mean? (She knows me) Does it mean…”

Angel: “That’s good but, no, this time it is way WAY deeper. It is SO deep. It took me two whole days to figure it out. It is matching up with my reserving the suite at Chapelgate. Remember when we were going to go last year and I rented that fancy suite? I got that one again. SIX in this case means “wishy washy.” Like for days I’ve gone back and forth wanting to rent it but thinking, no, it’s too expensive. $600. for one night. That’s six. But then I decided to just get it anyway. That’s seven. Seven is an oath. I AM going to rent it regardless. I need it. I’m getting it. You DECIDE. Firmly. That’s when I went ahead and rented it. Once I had decided - 7 - I next starting inviting people. THAT’s “blowing the trumpet.” It’s a call to war. Christianity has their doctrine wrong. God led me through ALL of this just to restore the Bible. Remember the pattern I discovered: Individual/Corporate, Inner Spiritual/OuterPhysical, Self/Others, Heaven is OVER Earth? Well Joshua and the walls of Jericho is talking about Individual/Corporate. I’ve never had it discuss THAT before.”

(Then I go through the flat earth doctrine; you can find that in my previous stories on my website)

Angel: “Those running the Earth’s science systems try to make it as confusing as possible SO no one ever figures it out. That’s chaos, Babylon. They do that to protect their money and power. They don’t WANT anyone to figure it out. I figured it out anyway. I have several books on Leylines. The walls of Jericho story is using THAT - Leylines. My Tesla book said they thought it involved a standing wave. Electromagnetism. So I retranslated the story so I could figure out if they are right or not. They were basing their ideas on Bible stories but since the translation of our Bible stories is wrong THAT makes THEM wrong. I retranslated the story just so I’d know what IS right. Then I finished the Tesla book. Doing THAT gives me insight NO ONE has. It’s talking about high frequencies. ALL my retranslation boils down to the idea that we are to evolve our spirits to a Christ level. You told me yesterday you love my spirit. That’s because my spirit is the high level, heaven. I don’t know everything, there’s lots more to go, but I do have a very high level, in heaven, spirit. I’m an Individual. Evins Mill is a Corporate entity. When I made the reservation they gave me a discount just because it is me. I’ve been very careful all these years to protect that relationship so we can keep going there. In return I told them WHO I’m bringing and what we are doing (the event). I said I’ve always wanted the group I’m in to hold events there at Chapelgate. They know I could have a very different attitude. But I have a very high frequency attitude. The two connected: Individual/Corporate. The WALL has now been DESTROYED. It has fallen. Christians ARE going to hear what I keep saying and their doctrine IS going to change and advance like I’ve shown them. It is a Victory!!! Every Bible story is actually about DOCTRINE. Now, I can go back to my Tesla book and match up the true meaning of the story to physics because Heaven and Earth are mirror images of each other. But Heaven is Over Earth. Jesus is the leader. It’s ALL about Christ. Joshua is Jesus, same concept. It means Yahweh Salvation. God our Father Saves us." Hallelujah! Praise our Father!!!

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written July 21, 2023 at 11:42 pm


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