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Jesus Light...Scalar Light

I suspect this actually works. Why? My writings are all about how the spiritual realm is a mirror of the physical realm and that God created every single thing in the physical realm to symbolize some aspect of Christ. All is communicating Christ. Jesus was Christ. So the SUN and it's ability to HEAL is what Jesus was. The symbolism in Scalar Light is matching aspects of Christ that I recognize. What is the first commandment? What did Jesus teach us? He said the FIRST commandment was for us to put everything else on the foundation of God our Father, Yahweh. Jesus did. Jesus prayed to Yahweh. So when we get the very basics wrong, and when scalar light is correcting dna that has gone wrong, and if everything is communicating to us what Jesus taught us, then by putting what Jesus said was the FIRST COMMANDMENT back into the proper position we correct what has caused us to need healing in the first place. That is what Scalar Light is doing. And since the physical realm mirrors the spiritual realm it is telling us to get God's commandments right, Jesus' teachings right, and we will be healed. Jesus HEALED. xo Angel

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Written May 4, 2024 at 4:12 pm

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