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Joining Forces: Heaven & Earth

I started noticing ideas in the ancient Hebrew our King James Bible was translated from around 1998. I studied that for 6 months in my Austin, Texas apartment. I had just finished my first Master's degree in Religion and just barely had enough ancient Hebrew and Greek (the New Testament ancient language) under my belt to give me the tools and concepts I needed. I describe this in my main book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." HERE I felt that it was important enough for me to devote the next two years of my life to. So I packed up my young children, this was after my late husband, Robin, had died, and put all we needed into my beautiful white van. I'd later spend the next twelve years devoted to this same endeavor and I'd go through 4 vans (until now). I started naming my vans "Swan," and my stories "Adventures."

I moved to Orlando. I had thought to myself, "If I could live anywhere I wanted, where would I go?" I picked Daytona Beach for the ocean but decided to first spend a year in Orlando because I didn't yet know how bad hurricanes could get and wanted to keep my family safe. Twelve years later, a second Master's degree in Theology, later, and 15,000 hours handwritten on my apartment wall annual calendars later, I had my answer. I moved back to Texas from Orlando, after living there for 12 years - 1998 to 2010. Now, I've been in the Austin area since 2010 and it is February 27, 2024. I stopped counting the daily hours I was retranslating our King James Bible after I moved from Orlando. I didn't, however, stop studying and if I were to guess I'd say I've now taken the ancient Hebrew and Greek of our Bible and retranslated word by word back into English for another 30,000 hours. The other day I overheard a Kung Fu master instructing his class and he kept saying things like, "After you've done this exercise for 10,000 hours, ..."

It takes work. It takes LOTS of work, dedicated, to achieve mastery of any subject. It takes making that subject your habitual life practice, day after day after day, in order to excel in anything. When my late husband, a master, THE Master, of world-wide utilization of computer technology to monitor the drilling of oil wells died, I had been given his life's work, by him. I had all his papers, all his software, all his books, and a decade of working side by side with him, lovingly, as he taught me, under my belt. At that juncture, and after the $690M lawsuit I describe in my main book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," wherein I solidified my rights to his life work, I stopped to ask myself a question. The question was, "Which road do I take now?" I had everything I needed to follow in his footsteps and it would have been extremely lucrative. However, I no longer had my genius, him, Robin. The Drilling Data Center I now owned, and still own all the intellectual property rights to and have his lifework for, became and would continue to become the bedrock of the Oil well Drilling Industry world-wide. I could have picked that direction to focus my energies on.

However, from birth I had been trained to love, obey, and cherish God and the Holy Bible. At the age of 2 weeks, I write, my father would hold me in his arms and whisper, "I love you, God loves you, and when you grow up you are going to go to Abilene Christian University." My mother taught me all the children's Bible stories and taught my Sunday School classes frequently. Later, I'd help teach the little ones about our wonderful God and Jesus and Bible. Even later, I'd teach my own little ones the same stories, and create the same environment for them. At the age of 12, well 11, right before 12, I was baptized by the late President of Lipscomb University who had just eaten supper at our house, which looked exactly like "Tara" in "Gone with the Wind," and who had driven down from Nashville to Lewisburg, Tennessee for a Summer Vacation Bible School week at our Church of Christ congregation, or maybe it was for a Revival. I remember we also had a lot of those, but I also remember it was a Wednesday night and Willard Collins had been there all week. Mom took pictures on our front lawn of me standing next to this famous preacher, who was about to baptize me that night. Dad was a Deacon and then an Elder in our congregation. We loved Abilene Christian College, which had become Abilene Christian University while I was there, later, after I turned 18 and drove myself back to Abilene from Lewisburg to start college at ACC/ACU. Lipscomb and ACU were both our church's universities.

My entire life had already been devoted to God, from birth. I had studied Mass Communications under the late Dr. Lowell Perry at ACU. He had taught me to combine my Bible studies with Mass Communication, his passion was Religious Broadcasting, and he had personal stories of co-founding a radio station in Alaska to be able to reach Russia, while I was under his instruction. I sang, with my guitar, singing my original Christian songs I had written, beginning as a teenager in Tennessee, next to Holly Dunn as she performed her song, "Daddy's Hands." We let our film class film us for a project. I'd later write 230 plus Christian songs and create "Chapelgate," from "Evins Mill," the property my late husband, Robin and I bought in 1986 (and I used for Christian songwriters). HERE I designed our beautiful property as our home where I envisioned raising our young children to love God, in privacy and beauty, as my husband busily continued his creation of his Drilling Data Center technology from our log mansion on the cliff overlooking our 200 year old Grist Mill, on a creek leading 1000 feet to fall into our gorge with our 3 waterfalls, some of the most beautiful, and largest in the State of Tennessee. One waterfall was 15 stories high, one was 6 stories high and my baby waterfall was 30 feet high. Amy Grant filmed the waterfall scenes at my property, "Chapelgate." HERE I have had quite a walk with God. All of this is documented in my books, stories, songs, and in "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir."

In 1998, in Orlando, living on what my late husband had left me, just enough to survive at a basic level while raising 3 of my 4 children (my oldest was already safe and secure studying in Abilene Christian University), I had to decide what road to take. I had chosen God. I had ALL the rights to Robin's Drilling Data Center, and ALL the mountains of documentation gleaned from my lawsuit from his death in 1990 until my Appeal in 1996. But the legal system had not turned out the way most of the Christians in our country envision it, it was, in my opinion, maybe "legal," but absolutely not "truthful or fair." They had taken everything they could possibly get their hands on from me and had denied me any damages after benefitting to the tune of at least $100M - yes that means 100 million - for a decade from my late husband's, and mine at that point, work. My husband had personally trained me to be his Documentation Specialist at the Fortune 100 companies involved, and later I had founded, with his oversight, our corporation, him and me, to own and double secure his and my intellectual property rights.

I owned everything multiple ways, he had physically given me his actual software programs, he had bought Chapelgate for me/us and I had all his computers and books and work physically, he had left everything to me in his will, and I was owner through his and my corporation. So there hadn't been a lot the major oil companies could disprove or take from me. However, I had knelt on the bathroom floor, in Austin, in 1995 and GIVEN EVERYTHING to my beloved Father God. I had sacrificed $690M - yes, that means $690,000,000 million dollars. EVERY PENNY. And God had taken it fifteen minutes later in the Judge's ruling, remember I described the system as unfair and untruthful. They had just taken the money, the dollars. They hadn't taken my knowledge and expertise and training that my late husband had given me. I have that now.

God, our Father, Yahweh, YHWH, USED my sacrifice, my heart, my story, to retranslate his precious Word, our King James Bible, in my MIND and heart and passion. I didn't know it at the time. It would take me over a decade to figure out. But that's what happened. The story, my life, my story, had then led me, penniless except for the basics and except for the protection my late husband had provided for me financially, a basic amount but just enough to survive, to a DESIRE to understand the BIBLE, to REALLY understand the Bible. That had led me back to Willard Collins, the President of Lipscomb University, the Christian leader who had baptized me at the age of 11/12 in Lewisburg, Tennessee.

I enrolled online in their low-residency Master of Religion, finished the degree, STILL didn't really grasp the Bible, had opened my King James Bible and my Hebrew/Greek Bibles and research books, and started diagramming everything, every single letter and word from Genesis to Revelation, retranslating, thinking, grasping, living it. THAT had led me to Orlando. I had made my decision. I did not go the Drilling Data Center technology route to the future. I picked God and the Bible and living the stories as I could grasp them, as I had always done, from birth.

My choice led me to an empty apartment I rented online from Austin in Orlando - I packed all I could into my first van, "Swan," and drove 1200 miles with 3 of my 4 little children to our new home. With a pallet of blankets on the floor, kid's toys, my Lipscomb Master of Religion books beside me, and a cup of coffee, I would lay there and draw diagrams of Genesis 1:1 etc. looking every word up, using a 3 letter root system, excluding non-original vowels, looking up every possible combination of overlapping letters, one word at a time. I'd do this until our apartment had furniture and I had a second Masters, a Master of Divinity, gained by driving up to Lipscomb for two weeks each semester combined with online class work and research papers.

After 6 months on my belly with my diagrams God led me to Logos Bible software and I started doing the same thing, in my mind, on the computer, then logging my hours on our wall calendar. I'd also take the kids to Disney, or Universal, or Daytona Beach, or our favorite, Typhoon Lagoon Disney waterpark, which was 20 miles from our apartment. I just stayed this way for 12 years until I had two Masters and halves of several more, Creative Writing, Non-Profit Management, Film, every class that could help me to know what to do with my knowledge - write and create stories and films and eventually finance my work. I created "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," over a twenty plus year period, documenting my life, ideas, stories, poems, songs, videos, etc.

Then I moved back to Austin, our family territory/home, became a Producer at the Austin Public television station and created, "Texas Tales from a Lone Star." I still wrote my County/Christian songs, had done so non-stop, even in Orlando, and documented exploring the local Austin music scene with an Orlando friend who would fly out to help me. I also combined forces with an Outlaw Cowboy guy who loved Texas ways and adventures. Later, I'd combine forces - through God's constant leading me, through my life choices - with a guy who had been Sylvester Stallone's stunt double for 23 years and all his knowledge and contacts. Media. Bible. Choices. God. It's all jumbled together, but that's pretty much my story.

That was my story until Bigfoot. In 2017 I found property online, off-grid, in Florida and then also in Arkansas and I bought both properties. One was a deep swamp property with access to 44,000 unspoiled Florida swamplands near Orlando. The other was a beautiful off-grid property with deep woods and hopefully the topography to let me create a creek and eventually replace my waterfalls I had lost through the lawsuit period after Robin died, at Chapelgate. The land had a dry creek that I hoped was a spring I could open, caves I hoped, and was slanted down, making a waterfall possible if I designed it right. Even if I had to bring in and pump the water I was going to have my creek and waterfalls and woods. I was going to have my Chapelgate back, in this way. Only God gave me Bigfoot instead. All those stories are called, "Angel Creek," and can be read here on my website for free. I also have my "Chapelgate" and "Texas Tales from a Lone Star" work here, or lots of it.

SO...that catches us up to what I intended to write when I opened up this page. Notice, it is called, "Joining Forces, Heaven & Earth." I met an Earth force yesterday/today and that is what prompted me to write this. In my studies it says that God designed the Earth in such a way that those who walk the natural "physical/Earth" paths in life are eventually led to the natural "Heaven" paths (I've been on the "spiritual/Heaven" paths.). Their life gives them all they need in order to crossover (Jesus' Passover/passover true concept) from the Earth system to the Heaven system. (It works the same with the passover from Heaven to Earth, spiritual to physical). It says that all they have to do is follow what they already know. It is like a mirror. Earth trains people. God created Earth to train people.

Yesterday, I noticed in my You Tube wanderings that a lady I am familiar with had interviewed a guy about Bigfoot. It looked interesting to me. So instead of watching her show, which I do plan to do, I found his channel and started looking at it to see what he was posting. I started watching some of the videos he had made. I noticed he had several on subjects I was already familiar with such as the structures they make and the footprints they leave. But as I watched I noticed his open honesty and enthusiasm to teach others what he was figuring out and experiencing. I loved that because I know enough now, after 5 years of this, to be able to recognize when someone is honestly posting the truth and their thoughts in a truthful way. He was. But then I noticed something that led me to write this story.

I watched about 6 of his videos and went back to the beginning ones he had created, then to some instructional ones, and he said he wanted to organize all of us - those who are figuring this stuff out about Bigfoot - and whether or not we wanted to he WAS going to organize us BECAUSE HE KNEW HOW. He knew how BECAUSE he had been a leader for decades - IN A GANG. That threw me for a minute. Did I really want to be associated with a GANG leader and all the contacts HE'd have? Uh, no, not really. So I stopped what I had been about to do, I had been about to send him a friend request on Facebook and join his Bigfoot group. I didn't do it. For that reason. But I kept thinking about his honesty, his true videos he was posting, his enthusiasm, and his describing how he knew how to lead because of his work with the Gang. But then I thought about Heaven and Earth.

My ancient Biblical Hebrew studies have shown me patterns God, Yahweh, has designed. I totally believe what I have uncovered. It SAYS that God's DESIGN is to take those who have walked the natural Earth path, the physical world, and TEACH them to then be able to walk the natural Heaven path, the spiritual world. They can do so BECAUSE they KNOW HOW. It is a mirror. God created a mirror for us. So when he started talking about how he knew how to lead the gang members and what they would do to be ONE across the nation, joining communities and working together I realized I was looking at something really special.

I had been led to, by my Father, an EARTH Master/King who was now "crossing over" (Passover) and using the knowledge he had to do something good and to walk the Heaven paths, the spiritual. He was ALREADY pointing people to the metaphysical teachers he had found and I knew he was correct. God had taken a Gang leader, trained him, and was now using him to help people find the Heaven paths. Through Bigfoot. SO, when I woke up this morning I had this urge to go find his Facebook page and his group and JOIN. I did.

Here's what I said to him:

Angel: " I have now watched about 6 of your You Tube videos after noticing you on Jessica's channel. I have them (Bigfoot) in the Arkansas Ozarks on off-grid land I bought 5 years ago (I live in Texas). I've been studying like you. I also write. My viewpoint is Christian but from way beyond most Christian's viewpoint. I spent 15,000 hours retranslating the King James Bible. I had started noticing after I finished my 2nd Master's degree in Theology that there was more in our Bible than had been translated into English. So my viewpoint is from what our ancient manuscripts actually say in the original languages. They say a lot that ties into the metaphysical realm. So that is the direction my stories I write about figuring out about my own Bigfoot take me.

I call my Ozarks land "Angel Creek" and the stories are in that section of my website. I have titles like "Galilee and Cern," "Bigfoot have Telepathy access to the Holographic Level," "Bigfoot's Pineal Gland," "These are Not Pareidolia: Thought-forms," "Why the lies," "Proof Bigfoot are Invisible (and Visible)," "Not Nephilim," "Cowboys and Werewolves," etc. I have other kinds of stories on my site as well. The "Chapelgate" stories are about what happened when I sacrificed all I had to follow God. The "Texas Tales" stories are about local Austin Music and my primarily Texas adventures. You are telling the straight truth in everything you say and teach. Thank you for that. I'll go put my website link on my profile. You are welcome to read my stories and I've joined your group. Thanks."

Copyright 2024 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written February 27, 2024 at 8:17 am


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