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Joshua 6:1 "Shut the Door" ...the walls of Jericho

I just translated the first verse of Joshua 6. WOW.

6 Now Jericho was straitly shut up because of the children of Israel: none went out, and none came in.

It is talking about our doctrine. It has a double word being interpreted as "straitly" and as "shut up." They do that wrong. It is the SAME word twice. It is an ancient Hebrew technique.

Remember the pattern that I told you is in the entire Bible? I said that that same pattern solves the Grand Unification Theory Einstein was searching for, the one my late husband wanted to have enough money to retire, so he could have the time and resources in order to solve. Today, what Robin described to me as the Grand Unification Theory has changed definitions. That's a trick. That is a science trick developed by the sorcerers/masters of the Earth, of the physical realm. We are over them. Spiritual is over Physical.

I've been looking for the answer to ROBIN'S definition of the Grand Unification Theory, based on his growing up in a period of time where Einstein was constantly in the news. Einstein looked for the answer for 30 years, my recent Google search told me. It said he never found it. I also remember Tesla saying something about how Einstein was wrong a lot. That's more recent and no, no quotes, it's just in my mind.

In the last short-story I just wrote, "Moses Is the Burning Bush, yes you read that right," I said I had solved the problem. I said that the solution to Einstein's Grand Unification Theory is: God's Word. I said it was the TRUE Bible, God's Word, the one underneath the false English translation we have all been raised on. It also exists all around us. We are IN it. We are IN God's Word. It is a designed system. It is the system of: "how Everything works."

Jericho is talking about that. It is talking about "shut and close" / "shut and close." It is talking about our doctrine. One of the "shut and close" words is from the Spiritual point of view. The other "shut and close" is from the Physical point of view. As above, so below (true meaning not the sorcerers' meaning). Heaven and Earth are mirror image parallel identical systems. What you grasp in the Spiritual Realm holds true for the Physical Realm. Heaven is over Earth. The Spiritual is superior to, master of, the leader, over the Physical. Yes, mirror images but guess what. WE can read the physical meaning with our spiritual intuition and knowledge. The reverse does not hold true. THEY, the Earth's sorcerers of the physical realm can NOT read the spiritual meaning with their physical intuition. They get stuff wrong. We get stuff right. Heaven is over Earth. Cool, isn't it. Thanks God!

The reason why I wrote to such a length in my story, "Moses Is the Burning Bush, yes you read that right," is because of "shut and close." I knew that the moment I said what I intended to say when I began writing the story that every ear would slam shut. However, I wrote so deeply, to the extent I did, JUST to "shut and close" the possibility of ears being "shut and closed." See the double? That's how it works. That's why the ancients used that technique. It describes what I just said.

Here's the crunch: Jesus was a human man, not God. WHAM!!! " SHUT AND CLOSE." But sorry folks, I used my insight combined with my writing skills, combined with God's leading me to WHAM!!! "SHUT AND CLOSE" the ability of our FALSE DOCTRINE to prevent you from hearing BEFORE you had a chance to "SHUT and CLOSE" your ears. I got in. It was SO scary to write: "Jesus was a human man, not God. Only God is God. YHWH. Yahweh. Old Testament and New Testament. Only one God. God the Father. Yahweh/Jehovah."

THAT is how the retranslation of Joshua, which actually means "Jesus" Chapter 6 begins. WHAM!!! Jesus was not God. Jesus was human. What he DID was obey the law, incorporate the TORAH INTO his very being, his essence, to the extent that it formed a Holy Temple INSIDE of HIM. He reached and mastered the Kingdom of Heaven, the Spiritual realm. To DO that, I showed you in my story, COSTS EVERYTHING. WHAM!!! And that is WHY our doctrine has "SHUT AND CLOSED" the door. No one wants to pay the price.

Let's go back to the pattern: Individual/Corporate Spiritual/Physical Self/Others. The story of Joshua is set within that pattern. It is describing a point in that pattern.The point it is describing is the point where someone passes over from focusing on the SELF and on the PHYSICAL to focusing on OTHERS and on the SPIRITUAL. Heaven/Earth. Heaven is OVER Earth. Spiritual is SUPERIOR to Physical. THAT is the pattern that is IN the setting for the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho. The very first VERSE, Joshua 6:1 SAYS ALL OF THIS.

So what I did in the story I wrote just before this story, my retranslation of Moses and the Burning Bush, was to SHOW you HOW to figure this out yourself. Go back and read it. I said that if you will cleanse yourself, repent, get your life right FIRST that God will then walk with you and teach you.

Let's also set the Bible back where it belongs. The Bible does NOT belong to the Common Man, to the Masses. No. That was a wrong turn. The Bible was written for the holy priests of Israel both physical Israel and spiritual Israel. I said the only reason why I was allowed in to this exclusive group was because I had "sprung up naturally from the soil, from the ground." My life-story describes how. I AM spiritually Israel. I AM spiritually a holy priest of Israel. God let me in because of my life-story. The Bible was written for me and for people who are LIKE me. We are using it wrong. It is holy.

The Bible you now find in each and every pew in each and every church in the country, translated a hundred ways into hundreds of misunderstandings of scripture is false. Joshua Chapter 6 verse 1 says so. It also says that when I wrote what I did, that Jesus was a man, not God, that the FALSE DOCTRINE that had "shut and closed" the door was COUNTERED by me, by my interpretation and by the way I presented my case. I "shut and closed" the door to the false doctrine. And that, my friends, is what the story of Joshua and the Walls of Jericho says in verse one. First you get the doctrine right. Then the stories fall into place. As long as the chain and lock are firmly on the door preventing ANYONE of us from going past it THE PATH IS BLOCKED. No one can FIND the path because the false doctrine has a death grip on the door to the path. I just unlocked the door. I just "Shut and Closed" the false doctrine that had "Shut and Closed" our path and our ability to discover the Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven is over Earth.

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written July 19, 2023 at 12:36 am


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