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Judgment & Repentance Begin in the House of Israel

Like I said, my own family didn’t listen and watched the eclipse in spite of my complete instructions. Now it is the next day, and I see them starting to get sick.

I separated my judgment on my family into two categories: Heaven and Earth. Heaven represents when our spirits are innocent or obedient. Earth represents when our spirits are rebellious and need to learn from nature/the physical realm. Jesus separated the sheep (Heaven path) from the goats (Earth path).

I prayed, "Dear Father, they've taken my pure, innocent little granddaughter (Heaven/spiritual) outside to watch the eclipse. She doesn't understand what is happening. I pray that you place a bubble all around her, a shield. Protect her, she belongs to us, dear Father. I also pray for your law, your precious, righteous, beautiful law, to handle the members of my family who DO understand, who HAVE heard what I say, who I DID WARN and who rebelled against me and against you and went outside anyway to join in to watch the eclipse. (Earth/physical) On them, Father, I pray for your holy judgment. Let it be done according to your law."

One of my girlfriends wrote to me after reading my recent short-stories about the eclipse. She said something like, "I prayed to Jesus to protect us." Well, that's a start, I guess. But Jesus himself prayed to GOD our Father, Yahweh. So I answered her that I had prayed for God's holy, righteous LAW to JUDGE those who had rebelled against Him. I said, "It's like if I give you directions to drive to Walmart and I say to turn right at the stop sign. Instead, you turn left. Well, you aren't going to get to Walmart that way. You have to figure out that Walmart isn't that direction and TURN AROUND and go the right direction. THEN you will get to Walmart. That's what I prayed. I prayed for God's Law, his holy Judgment, to be enforced against those who rebel against him.''

That is what I Peter 4:17ff is talking about. Judgment and Repentance begin in the House of Israel.

So this morning I said, "I’m SO sorry…but it got on you. Drink this pure water.” They did. I had already given my granddaughter the pure water to drink and I had told her that I knew she didn't understand but when she grew up and remembered the eclipse to also remember that her grandmother had prayed to God to protect her.

A couple of hours later I heard rain. I went outside for the first time since the eclipse yesterday, to look, thinking, “Now they are going to wash the poisons down on us and into the ground.” The sky was dark. Raindrops were falling.

I looked down. There I saw my family had placed an act of faith & repentance to God. The beautiful stones I gave my family three years or so ago for protection plus several other crystals were there at our front door. An act of faith and repentance. It begins with the House of Israel. Us. Join us. It will spread. God’s true Word & Design. Christ has returned. xo Angel

PS Why stones, why crystals? Jesus, our High Priest of Israel, wore 12 STONES on his breastplate, (internally, spiritual stones.) They come from obedience to God's laws over a very long period of time. Stone. One for each aspect of Christ, of Israel, of the 12 Israelite tribes. Each tribe represents an aspect of God's Word, of Israel. Simeon is "to hear," Reuben is "to see," Levi is "attached and joined to," Asher, is "happiness, blessing," Judah is "praise," Benjamin is "son of my right hand, the right hand represents the heaven path as opposed to the left hand which represents the earth path," "Gad means "to thrust out," Issachar is "wages," Zebulon is “to dwell,” Dan is “Judgment,” Manasseh is “Forgetfulness,” “Joseph is “Addition,” Ephraim is “Fruitful bough,” etc. These are CONCEPTS. Each of them is a concept that is involved in what will become the Holy Temple INSIDE YOU. They work like a family. Each is a Tribe of Israel. The Tribes GROW as you walk the Heaven path in obedience to God our Father, Yahweh’s laws.

Jesus was the perfect SON - ISRAEL which means he had ALL the Tribes in full existence inside himself. He is our Prophet, High Priest, and King. That MEANS he had walked the spiritual Heaven path to completion. All the tribes were fully developed. When the tribes are fully developed you have a certain type of personality, character. That character is “Israel.” When you ARE Israel then you have the Holy Temple in existence inside of you, like Jesus told us. We haven’t understood what that means or how to use it. We use it when God sends us back down (Heaven to Earth) to THEN walk the physical Earth path which is SELF. But because we have been obedient we not only think differently - the physical reality submits to our will. We have magic powers to put it bluntly. We have insight. We know how things work. We can see what is coming before it happens. All KINDS of special abilities plus the Earth submits to our will because we are good, holy. God has it set up that way.

MOST of the world does this beginning with the Earth path, focused on Self. Jesus told us to put God Yahweh our Father FIRST and secondly to love/help Others. Backwards. Why? Because HE HAD and he had figured out God’s DESIGN. The spiritual realm Heaven matches the physical realm Earth. Mirror image opposites. BUT Heaven is OVER Earth. As above So below. It rules. How? Through the operation of the Holy Temple inside us when we have the character/thinking/being of Israel inside us. I've previously written about this and have written extensively about it in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir." Each of these aspects GROWS inside us as we learn to obey God, to walk the path of the right hand, the spiritual path, to the heaven frequencies, to the temple being built inside us. They grow to perfection until they have created the perfect child of God who is in total communion with God the Father, and has internalized his Word, his LAWS, holiness, righteousness, goodness to the point of a state of natural being. THEN you are a master of the heavenly realms, dwell in Heaven. Your spirit has the correct frequencies that allow other wonderful things to happen, to come into existence. I'm getting tired. I've written all of this before. Just find my writings and read. xo

What??? Stones, crystals, all of nature is symbolic. Physical represents spiritual. We learn naturally from our Mother Earth, first. That LEADS to us being able to grasp our Father, in HEAVEN. God designed a path for us. I've written that Jesus knew about this, used it. The story about the woman caught in adultry and the law saying to stone her to death is not told correctly by Christianity. Jesus kept the law. He stoned her to death. How? He told her to go her way and sin no more. That meant he understood God our Father has nature, the physical realm, set up in such a way that unrepentant sinners are led naturally to repentance and are naturally then forgiven for their sins. It is a process. It is a process represented by STONE. Stone is the foundation. Heaven's foundation is STONE. The Hebrew High Priests wore STONES on their breastplate which represented the 12 tribes of Israel. Yes, I gave my family stones and yes, my family trusted in the ritual of stone. It is a symbol for repentance and determination to follow God, our Father and his Word. xo

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Written April 9, 2024 at 10:31 am

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Notice the date when I bought these stones, Orgonite Pyramids, for my family. I gave every member of my immediate family these various beautiful stones Christmas 2020.

What I saw when I went outside to see the rain, the day after the eclipse:

Join us. xo Angel

What I saw when I went outside to see the rain, the day after the eclipse:

Join us. xo Angel

On April 10, 2024 at 5:00 pm I find this:


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