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Just a Hanukkah Ph.D. Coincidence

I'm now interacting with new friends in my Ph.D. program (specializing in Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible). Here's my comment to a new friend, fellow student:

"That’s exactly what I had hoped to find here! My Christian family and friends have almost disowned me for doing this. I get here and find people studying witchcraft so I’m sure they plan to disown me. You can’t win. BUT I’ve seen something REAL that exists in combining ancient Biblical Hebrew scripture and New Age/Thought. Personally I see a bunch of nonsense both directions (Christianity/New Age; NOT ancient Biblical Hebrew holy scripture). It’s my goal to sort that out and get to the pure truth of the matter! I don’t know if anyone can even imagine what gold exists for whoever CAN do this - get to the pure truth (physical & spiritual gold). But I plan to TRY. It doesn’t help much that my Father God YHWH decided to humorously put a big plot twist in my journey 4 years ago by putting Bigfoot, Werewolves, translucent beings, and tiny people on the remote Ozarks land I bought online sight unseen. That really makes me sound nuts. BUT these beings are existing on another plane, turning into orbs, and going through portals. If that’s not metaphysical then nothing is. So glad to have found a friend! Thank you!! First module now downloaded!"

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By the way, this is Hanukkah - when the temple was rededicated. Just sayin'....

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Written 11:37 pm December 20, 2022


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