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Laileigh to Albuquerque

Laileigh and I are going on an adventure this weekend so she can take Mark DeAlessandro's stunt/action acting workshop at Comic Con Albuquerque. She is SO excited! Gigi is going to come too! "Laileigh, Gigi is a stunt woman too, she does all her stunts in her own movies, just like Mark," I just explained a minute ago. I went by myself last year and have an album in my photos. I took Lai to Mark's Oklahoma workshop and Austin workshop this year and now this one. "Can I dress up in my princess outfit?" "No, everyone will have on super hero costumes. I'll buy you one to wear while we are there. Who do you want to be?" I start naming some off and she lights up with "Supergirl!!!" So we'll see what we wind up with. Anyway, Laileigh is a full fledged, paid, participant and I'll get a lot of good pictures. This is awesome! xoxo Angel


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