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"Legion" - a Bigfoot/Dogman Theory

I joined a Cryptid group a couple of months ago. We post different photos and videos we've either found on You Tube or elsewhere. Many post actual photos they have taken themselves. Today, a photo was published that was being discussed. One person had seen a Cryptid in the photo, and a second person had seen a different Cryptid. They seemed to be overlapping each other. This is what I said about it: that it could be both.


Angel Isaacs:

"Sometimes you have to adjust your eyes in different ways. From one view those look like two white teeth. Adjust your eyes. Now the two white spots look like an eyeball with a black center. This happens on purpose. Jerry says they will stack and overlap for camouflage. You might look at a Cryptid and be seeing one eye from one and a second eye from another. I was watching a You Tube video last night, something random, and I always read all the comments. I read a comment that said something terrifying that could be true. I've asked WHY you see SO MANY different Cryptids all in the same picture. One answer is they hunt together, another is family. But THIS comment said that demons, devils, wicked spirits of various kinds follow Dogman and Bigfoot and the major Cryptids around waiting for a kill. Jerry says Bigfoot and Dogman are evil, period. So if they are, and devils, demons, wicked spirits DO congregate waiting for a kill, for blood, then this comment I read said that they feed off the negative energy that is being released at the moment of death. Somehow the negative energy benefits them. Blend that idea together with what I've pieced together from my ancient Hebrew studies, (15,000 hours) and the concept of "Joseph." "Joseph" is one of the 12 tribes of Israel. It is a concept of "addition." It says that each of the 12 tribes of Israel have spiritual counterparts that when combined make up the character of God's child who is striving for completion, for the Christ Consciousness, to become like Jesus in that person's essence. Those 12 tribes, characteristics, spirits, are inside a child of God. They are inside EVERY creature, and even in a mirror image fashion, in the devils and demons and wicked ones. SO it could be "Joseph" - that characteristic of the spirit - that is feeding off the energy. My ancient Biblical Hebrew studies say that, for example, the tribe of "Simeon" means "to hear," and "Reuben" means "to see." What it is talking about is that we are on a sliding scale with our perception. Some people can "hear" or "see" better than others because those "tribes" those "characteristics" are more developed in them due to their place in the physical/spiritual genealogy they were born into, their training, their life choices and their direction (towards God/away from God). If going towards God in obedience to his Word and his laws the characteristics gradually get stronger, "Joseph - addition, adding to the overall spirit until the end goal is reached, perfection." This exists inside every creature. SO if that comment I read is actually true and these devils, these demons, wicked spirits ARE all congregating in one location, because they are following a major Cryptid around, waiting for the kill, for the moment of blood and death, for murder to occur so they can feed off the negative energy, then that makes sense. They cannot reach wherever God has designed for them to wind up, perfection of their wickedness, (at which point I think other things occur) until "Joseph" has kicked in, addition, enough times to drive them there. This is the type of thing I am studying and hoping to find out. There was a man who was possessed by so many evil spirits that Jesus cast out, in the New Testament of the Bible, that his name was Legion. Thousands of evil spirits were in him. This theory I just proposed also fits with that. Just my thoughts and theory. xo"

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Written September 17, 2022 at 9:49 am


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