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Today's interest...Leviathan... After 2 Masters degrees in Bible, after 15,000 hours retranslating the English Bible from the ancient Hebrew and Greek, after studying God and Jesus and Christianity from birth, my entire life of decades and decades, I find it annoying beyond being bearable that Christians are being taught that it is faith in Jesus that saves them. No it is not. It is faith in DOING what Jesus TELLS US TO DO that saves us from the error of not understanding that we are to OBEY God, YHWH's, instructions to us from birth, our entire lives, through sacrifice, study, and perfecting each and every virtue until we have BECOME like Jesus and are EQUIPPED with RIGHTEOUSNESS in our every breath and in our very being to THEN be ready to grasp the meaning of LEVIATHAN and successfully wrestle with the monsters of the deep. THIS is what Ephesians 6 is referring to. You are going to get squashed like a knat, like a bug, if you try to claim the mere name of Jesus to "save" you and make you successful in fighting the powers of darkness if you listen to Christianity as it is being currently presented in our churches and read the Bible the way it is currently translated into English in order to strip it of it's very essence and power. Try it. Sacrifice. Obey. See what happens. You will be lead and trained. It is the work of YHWH and if you can't read it in your Bibles or learn it in your churches, which you can't at this time, then learn it by God alone teaching you. Just find one single thing you are ashamed of and repent of it and determine to set your life straight in that one thing. That opens the door to your learning about how God has the ability to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know and it opens up the sheer HUNGER to follow him and study his word, his Bible, to the depths that you will be able to discern what it actually says. Angel.


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