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Living Sacrifice & 1986

I first heard this song on KSBJ Houston in 1986. I loved it. It helped me dedicate my life and journey to God. Shortly after this Robin and I bought our forever home, Chapelgate, and moved from our beautiful townhome he had bought for me (and we were married in) to our new home, Evins Mill, east of Nashville. This song helped me decide to dedicate our new beautiful 39.5 acres home with historic buildings and 3 of the largest waterfalls in the State of Tennessee to God and to the writers of God's songs.

The guy who wrote this song I had loved in Houston became my friend and Producer. He and Robin produced my first two albums of songs I had written about God. My story is on my website. Here's the song and knowing Dwight, he is probably the one playing the piano as well. I'll put a couple of songs Dwight Liles produced for me in my recording studio my engineer husband built in our home, one of the very first home recording studios, but of unmatched quality. Just like Robin, Dwight, and this entire magical journey. Enjoy! xo

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Written June 23, 2023 at 10:34 am

Evins Mill/Chapelgate: HERE

Here's my song "Fear Not, My Child" with Dwight on Robin's grand piano at Chapelgate. Dwight and Robin Produced and recorded it for me in our home studio at Chapelgate.

Here is the same song being used by my friends who introduced me to Austin Public Television, using my song:

Here's another one of my songs from my first album that was Produced by Dwight Liles and Engineered by Robin Isaacs at Chapelgate, "Twinkling Stars."


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