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Meriwether Lewis, Lewisburg, & a Sophomore President

My comment that I just wrote to my High School Class of 1975 Lewisburg, Marshall County, Tennessee:

"Thank you! My website has 100 true stories I've written. Presidents lead. So here is your path I've blazed for you, my dearest, into the spiritual realm as well. I spent 15,000 hours after a Master of Arts in Religion and a Master of Divinity RE-translating our holy Bible King James version BACK into the ancient Hebrew and Greek. All of my insights have been documented for you in my stories and books. Consider it to be my gift to you, my classmates, my hometown, Lewisburg. I am related to Meriwether Lewis, our namesake. He blazed a trail into the wild and opened up a new land. Here's my trail I blazed for you, it opens up a new land. Love Debbie Davis / Angel Isaacs MCHS Class of 1975 Senior Class Poet and Sophomore Class President"


That's the comment that I just wrote to my High School Class of 1975 Lewisburg, Marshall County, Tennessee. A couple of hours ago they approved a post I had written on their MCHS Class of 1975 Facebook page, that I submitted a half-year ago. I had forgotten I had submitted it. So I re-read it, and thought to myself, "That matches what I just RE-translated from the New Testament book of Jude." Yesterday, I RE-translated the Old Testament book of Esther. It is the day, today, after Purim. I figured out what Purim really is, what the book of Esther is actually talking about. It is talking about a little star, a guiding star, that leads God's people, in our case our Southern USA Christians in the Bible Belt, Tennessee, back to God. It can describe that because it is eternal. God's Word, our holy Bible, is eternal. We used to be taught, growing up in Lewisburg, Tennessee at Church Street Church of Christ, that the holy Bible is supernaturally inspired. I was taught that. I grew up believing it. Faith is rewarded. Our holy Bible IS supernaturally inspired. I found it. I'm showing you how it works.

So here is the post that I submitted to my class on their Facebook page just after Jerry Williams, the "Bigfoot Expert," tracked my Ozarks land (yes, they are also in Middle Tennessee) looking for Bigfoot. He found them. Some of my hometown people, a few, will already know they exist. A lot of us grew up hunting and playing in the woods of Middle Tennessee, fishing in the Duck river, going to Henry Horton State Park, visiting Fall Creek Falls. These creatures, perhaps people of the woods, have been seen by our grandparents or great grandparents or by some of us. Someone will KNOW, besides me. I'm just the one who documented their existence and came back home to tell you. I did the same with our holy Bible. There's a new land that our Father, God, has given to us. Go explore it and start building your cabins there and learning the land. Lewisburg was named for Meriwether Lewis. I'm his relation, through his sister's line, he didn't have children. My genealogy is in my book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," documented. YOU are the town that was named for him. It is appropriate that WE lead both the physical knowledge of our woods, our land AND the spiritual knowledge of our holy Bible, our land. To do that you have to explore and learn. I blazed the trail. Now it's your turn. Read my stories.


Well, I was posting this on some of the groups I'm in and going down my list of groups. I saw my old High School group and thought, "Oh, why not, lol." I am Debbie Davis MCHS Class of 1975. I was the Class Poet and the Sophomore Class President. Here's a bit of leading therefore, into a glimpse of an unseen world. xo I write and many of my short-stories are on my website, the link is provided. xo Angel Isaacs Austin, Texas formerly of Lewisburg, Tennessee.


2 months ago I asked Jerry Williams and Ella, Lead Tracker E, to scout my Ozarks property. I bought it sight unseen on the internet 4 years ago. I don't live there. I've rarely visited since it is 600 miles from me. But I had photos and a video and was soon noticing bent trees and researching. I found nearby eye-witness accounts in the area in research bases online. Pretty quickly I started learning about Bigfoot until I was almost positive I had some there. I do. Here is their video of tracking my land, "Angel Creek." My website has a lot of my short-stories about it, so far. Still a work in progress, to be continued...

My stories are here:

Copyright 2023 Angel Isaacs All Rights Reserved

Written March 8, 2023 at 9:52 am (the day after Purim, the book of Esther)

Here's one of my Middle Tennessee friends, Darrell, telling his story of seeing Bigfoot at his Grandad's farm in Middle Tennessee. HERE He has a lot of friends who understand this and they just came back from the Land Between the Lakes, looking for signs and finding them. Here's a story from one of his friends, Martin, a Tennessee career police officer, seeing another creature, a Werewolf/Dogman in Tennessee: HERE

Here's my Introduction I wrote for my main book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," HERE

Just read my website, ask me for my book, and listen to my songs, and read my books.

My songs are HERE

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My books are HERE

My Christian doctrine as it now stands is explained in my story, "A Small Southern Town," HERE

The Preface to my main book, "Chapelgate, a Spiritual Memoir," is HERE

Just watch, read, and then walk the trail...


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