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Loretta Lynn & Mark's Sam

One of Mark's friends, Sam, just sent me a video of a tiny boy standing at a ranch fence. He is happily and eagerly calling out to three horses grazing in the far end of the pasture. The horse's see him and immediately, joyfully, gallop to the fence to say hello to the child, their child.

Mark: "Hey Angel, just a sec, let me put Sam on the other line. You remember Sam, right? You talked to him last year..." and now Sam's on the phone. ... (Website: The Loretta Lynn media organization later placed Sam Durrence in the position of creative director for Coal Miners Music publishing.)

So Mark, Sam, and I talked for an hour a couple of weeks ago. Mark's friends are... just wow. Anyway, he's a terrific man of God. Mark finds those types... Sam sent me this. I said, "the power of purity." Amazing video. Amazing people. Thank you God. xo

Sam's Website: HERE

Little Boy Calls Horses video:


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