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Monsters are Real, take a look

If you will look in the "Angel Creek" section of my website short-stories you will find every story I've written over the past 6 years or so that have to do with my buying off-grid land in the Arkansas Ozarks and then figuring out I had Bigfoot, Dogmen/Werewolves, and lots of other supernatural creatures there. The whole journey is there, along with pictures of all of them. Monsters are real.

Here, take a look...

The people I write about that I found to track my Ozarks land are Jerry Williams and Lead Tracker E. Jerry is a Choctaw Native American Indian who lives in Oklahoma. I found him because I kept joining Bigfoot groups on Facebook (and watching hundreds of You Tube videos and Bigfoot movies/shows). My whole story is documented as it happened, in my "Angel Creek" stories here on my website. I think God did this on purpose with me so that I would realize ideas about the supernatural that have been hidden from us. Current culture and science based reasoning tend to shun the supernatural, especially if it has anything to do with faith in God, Jesus, Heaven, the Afterlife, or how the supernatural actually exists and interacts with day to day life on earth. That's a no-no. So God led me to buy my Ozarks property, knowing what I now know, to lead my thinking into this area.

Last night I watched a couple of videos that my friends Jerry and Lead Tracker E posted including their going into the woods at a friends home and tracking the signs all the way back to where what they call "blinds" had been built. They called this one a "nest." They have written a book and have been training friends to become "Trackers." HERE I found them, originally, because in one of my Bigfoot groups on Facebook, I noticed a lady was posting intelligent comments that linked God, faith, and the Bible to Bigfoot. I followed her interests and wound up tracing it back to Jerry. I sent Jerry a picture from a video that my real estate man had taken of my property when he was trying to sell it. He was, I'm sure, unaware of what he was selling, lol, as was I at the time. I just saw beautiful, secluded woods, where I was allowed to put my rv (I haven't yet) and a cabin (I bought a little, pretty blue she-shed and had it delivered, just before I asked Jerry to track it). Jerry graciously looked at my photo, that I had taken from the video, or else maybe it was on the real estate guys website when he was trying to sell the land, I don't remember. I pointed out a potential black blob that I had noticed way AFTER buying the land. It may have also been pointed out to me in one of my Bigfoot groups. Jerry looked at it and said it was a Dogman hybrid. He said, "By the way, there is a Bigfoot by the tree." He taught me to be able to recognize them when they are using their cloaking abilities. Think of the movie, "Predator," and the part where the Predator goes translucent. It works like that. I then saw the Bigfoot standing in front of the tree in my picture. I then also saw even more cloaked translucent ones standing on each side of it. Since that day I have hundreds of photos of my land, many discussions about it in my various Bigfoot groups, many more books and videos and movies watched, and these are all in my "Angel Creek" short-stories.

I always read the Comments viewers post when I've found and watched a video I like. So I did that last night with Jerry and Lead Tracker E (she is Jerry's companion and he trains trackers and gives them alphabet letters; she also prefers to keep her personal name personal) when I watched one of their latest videos. I read the Comments. The more experienced people will post the time stamp when they see one in the videos, not just Jerry's videos, I've watched hundreds. So a lady had. She said she saw one at :20 seconds. However, she phrased it, "I see a Forest Friend at :20." Jerry commented back, "Have you read our book?" I knew that "Forest Friend" comment was going to irritate him. I was also sure he was going to ignore her because of it. So I went and looked at :20 and found what she was talking about. I found 3 and think it is possible there are more. Remember Jerry and Lead Tracker E were LOOKING for Bigfoot structures/blinds in a LOCATION one of their FRIENDS (they tend to attract Bigfoot knowledgeable friends) told them had Bigfoot. So it isn't that far of a stretch that when I looked at :20 I actually found Bigfoot.

Here is the screenshot I took to show Jerry and Lead Tracker E. Jerry wrote back, "GREAT CATCHES!" I wrote back, "I learned from the experts. Thank you!"

Angel (In a message on Facebook to Jerry and Lead Tracker E) "Three Bigfoot wow! 2 behind the tin on left, human face, other half translucent, hairy skinny one standing right behind on left in field xo"

The video this screenshot was taken from is HERE and this screenshot of 3 or even more Bigfoot is from around :20 seconds.

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Written May 29, 2024 at 10:19 am


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